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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 18, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 8 Pacific stars and stripes health May 1983 Jarvik honoured Robert who designed the plastic heart that kept Barney Clark alive for 72 receives the Sash emblematic of an honorary doctor of Medicine degree at Syracuse Jarvik received a zoology degree from the University in a an easy prenatal test for sickle cell Boston up a easy test of genetic material in the womb was 100 percent effective in detecting sickle cell anaemia and related blood doctors have the done Early in the preg gives parents the Chance to abort a fetus afflicted with sickle cell anaemia and life shorten ing blood disorders for which there is no researchers said 60 percent of the parents who were told their baby would have sickle cell anaemia and 90 percent of those with Thala Semia chose researchers at Johns Hopkins University school of Medicine tested the fluid in the mothers womb that cushions the fetus to determine whether the the cell part that dictates the blueprint of was carrying the prenatal diagnoses were proved Correct in All 78 cases that have been available for confirmation to they wrote in the new England journal of couples carrying the defective Gene have a 25 percent risk of having a child with sickle cell anaemia or sickle cell which strikes one in 400 Black is characterized by weakness and mus Cle and joint victims usually die before age Thala Semia is a less common but More deadly disorder prevalent in Mediterranean people requiring regular blood both disorders could be discovered by taking a blood Sample from the fetus in the a and sometimes this is giving us a safer this paper confirms that no mistakes were said Haig Kazazian head of the research he said the technique also could be applied to other genetic researchers took cell samples from both parents and from other children in the family or from the samples gave them the characteristics of the Gene that were then matched with cells in the womb Kazazian the fluid must be taken at 16 weeks to allow time for an abortion if the Parent so according to Kaza the test is less accurate if the family history is not available for both parents and if the father of the infant is incorrectly he sickle cell anaemia is so called be cause the genetic defect of oxygen carrying haemoglobin causes the cells to carry less oxygen and take on a sickle a offers prom ise in turning on the defective and thus treating the a journal article reported in Decem approved for experimental use it is extremely toxic and May cause article details painful recovery from rape Chicago up the fastest growing violent can happen to one of every six women and can Lead to a disorder called rape stress doctors How the victim recovers from this can be greatly influenced by the medical care she receives after the according to a recent article in the journal of the american medical the authors Are Catherine Martin and Richard Braen of the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and Mary Cabel Warfield of the rape crisis because of the accompanying severe emotional and physical the physician should be Able to be sensitive to the psychological needs of the rape the article if you dont treat them youre re traumatizing Martin added in an youre putting them through the same thing Treyve just been women Are vulnerable and its not something that happens because you have done something so were All Vulner Martin the first phase of rape trauma syndrome begins with fear and anger and lasts from a few Days to a few there afraid there going to be killed and then they become angry Treyve been a victim May immediately feel a wide Range of including disbelief and anxiety although she May appear composed or a victims outward behaviour May not reflect the degree or nature of the emotional crisis she is the authors rape victims want reassurance about their physical condition from emergency room phys the article they also need emotional support and physicians should involve the rape survivor in the examination talk to her about the proce allow her As much control As possible Over what is done to her and listen to her if she wishes to talk about the the authors Rushing a victim through an examination May represent forcefulness and May remind her of the they physicians should begin by introducing them by expressing regrets that the patient has been and by explaining what will be the patient should be reassured that she is she should not be left alone if at All the victim should be asked if she has Ever had a Pelvic a surprising number of rape victims have women often omit embarrassing the article victims May have been subjected to a variety of sexual since the rapists intent May have been to humiliate and degrade the humiliation can be lessened if the physician prefaces each question with a statement to the effect that these Are not uncommon acts by it the authors say a doctor can Aid recovery by telling the victim to expect common symptoms of tension exaggerated startle generalized soreness and vaginal irritation and Many victims have sleep including difficulty falling Awakening and not being Able to go Back to screaming during sleep if the victim was attacked during Awakening at the same hour As the Many also have a rape victim May complain of decreased food not tasting nausea when thinking of the or abdominal she experiences mood swings and the most frequent complication is an aversion to sexual the article women who do not develop this aversion May find less pleasure in sexual intimacy or have pain during symbols of the such As seeing a car similar to the rapists or a Man who looks like May evoke a Strong emotional the victim May try to Block out the thought of the but is unable she also tries to undo what has happened by explaining How she could have but eventually realizes she might have been killed if she haunt done what the assailant in the next the victim tries to deny and suppress the rape and return to Normal she goes through a Lon term reorganization process that could last months or the victim May have chronic vaginal problems or changes in depression May the victim begins to think More about the and functioning begins to nightmares continue through the Lon term the victim dreams that she is in the same situation and tries to escape but As time the victim May see herself killing As if to master the

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