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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 17, 1983, Tokyo, JapanTuesday May 17, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes hints from Heloise = consumer 9 dear Heloise i think my idea will not Only get the fuzz balls out of your clothes but will avoid the serious problem of cutting tearing materials and fingers with a razor Blade. I borrowed a pair of new sweat pants Fromm sister and loved them so much i wore them several times before i decided to return them. When the time came i was embarrassed because of All the fuzzy balls that had accumulated. While filing my nails i got the idea of using my Metal Nail file. So i began. I had the pants on pulled them taut and brushed them lightly with the Metal Nail file. Bravo a solutions to the fuzzier. Sister in distress dear Heloise Here is a hint that should be seen to appreciate. I bought a wire pet Brush they come in Small and Large sizes when i Wash my throw rugs that end up with fur balls of packed Down Nap i Han them up on a line and Brush Over them lightly. The Brush picks up All the fuzz an stuff on the Rug. It can also be used on those fuzzy fake fur Oats. I even use it on my blankets the same Way. Mrs. . Culver dear Heloise do you Ever have the Forks knives or spoons almost Fly out of the silverware Basket and get caught in Bottom of the dishwasher i made a Little Bonnet out of Nylon to Slipcover the silverware Basket. No More trouble and since it is made of Nylon net the silverware dries just the same As if the Bonnet was t on it. You can put elastic around the Bottom of the Bonnet or use tape and tie it on. Frances Rike dear Heloise after years of fussing with newspapers i be found the perfect solution for saving them keep a Large grocery sack Handy and slip your used papers into it every Day until it s full. Then either tie a string around it or tape the open end with masking tape. Find this much easier than trying to tie them in grocery sack is exactly the right size and holds a lot of newspaper. Jan Cartwright dear Heloise discontinued wallpapers very inexpensive and i use it for both gift wrap and Matching gift times you will find double Rolls of wallpaper for a couple of dollars. Buy on with a Floral print and Cut out one or two Flowers. Glue them to a folded Index card tomake a Lovely Matching gift tag. Small Geometric prints work Well for wrapping too. I be had the same two Rolls of wallpaper for several years. People comment on How professional my gift wrapping looks. Kathie Mccarthy dear Heloise my daughter thought Igot this hint from you since she Felt it was so Good. I thought i would share it with i take permanent press clothes out of the dryer i hang them on hangers on a line i front of my dryer. To keep them from bunching up and getting wrinkled i place a Clothespin in front of each Hanger. I have an attachment on my dryer that vents the heat Back into the basement so by placing the clothes directly in front of the dryer if collars pockets Etc. Aren t quite dry they will dry while the next Load is Stahlhut dear Heloise today i discovered helpful hint that i d like to share with everyone. For a pretty decoration on you cakes for special occasions Don t discard those decorative greeting cards i Cut out the design on the front of the cards and put them away for use on of spending Money on store bought decorations i put the design on the Center of the cake using the Cut out card design As the Center piece and then put on All the pretty trim. Imagine the pleasure your relatives will get out of seeing that you treasure their greeting cards instead of throwing them away. V. Davenport Quality is watchword in clothing Purchase new York a education is the key for Consumers who want to be sure of obtaining Quality in clothing whether they buy designer labels or lower priced goods says a designer an manufacturer of men s and boys apparel. Quality does exist regardless of Price says Calvin Haddad of Calvin Charles apparel who advocates careful inspection of potential purchases keeping these suggestions in mind Quality the consumer must understand that there Are very High Quality Well made durable garments in contemporary styles at astonishingly Low prices. They must know that higher prices do not necessarily imply higher Quality. Without this sense of reality even a solid knowl Edge of what constitutes a Well made garment will be insufficient. Fabric feels Good to touch exudes color in Flimsy or rough and scratchy then it s probably a Quality fabric. Color Many garments today Are piece dyed meaning the color is put into the Woven cloth rather than the yarn. With flannel shirks piece dyeing has a More manufactured less natural look. Reverse the fabric. If the plaid or design in visible then it s piece dyed. Stitching seams Are Flimster today than decade ago because half the number of stitches per Inch Are used to save on thread and the stitching a tug. Does it threaten to tear apart or gape then it s no Good. Inside seams should also have an outer finished safety stitch to prevent unravelling and ripping. An open pressed and finished inner seams preferable to a Bulky single seam that has been treated to a safety stitch. Tipped or covered open pressed seams sometimes found in men s better Slacks Are an important Mark of Quality. Pockets Corners should t rip at first tug. The backpacking or extra seam on the pocket Corners should be secure or it has been improperly lined with sateen or firm Cotton Are preferable to those with Tricot or Gauze innards that easily rip and lose shape. Unlimited pockets Are appropriate for jeans not dress zippers should be hidden by an extra overlay of material. If not Corners were Cut in the manufacturing process. Hems the seams should not show through tothe front of the garment and should always be finished to prevent if the Waistband or cuff and the body of the garment look different the fabric has been poorly Cut on different biases or slants. Hidden elastic waistbands Are classier than those that show in dress pants a second sleeve or inner lining in the Waistband is essential to keep the shape of the garment. Jeans however do not require such a lining. Collars a Collar should be malleable not Collar stays Cost More to manufacture but Are More versatile. The Back of the Collar should also have an extra piece of cloth that serves As a lining and is a Mark of a shirt s Pearl Zed buttons Are More desirable than the usual polyester based buttons found inmost apparel today. Trimming Odd pieces of thread sticking out of buttons Button holes seams and pockets mean the garment has not been adequately trimmed. The Halston touch two Halston designed outfits Are shown off at a right is a boat neck dress in ribbed Chenille with new York fashion show. At left is a sequined Short fringed hem and Matching Scarf. Experts say the evening dress with Silver Chain Metal bodice. At collection is Halston s Best in years. A

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