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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 17, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes consumer May 1983 beware of phony Job list offers up High unemployment has provided a Market for companies Selling lists of Job openings but not All such firms Are says consumer educator Janet it goes Back to the old saying if it sounds too Good to be it usually said the University of Nebraska Extension consumer education Wilson said Job seekers should be especially wary of companies that sell Job lists by she said one person who answered such an and was Given a list taken from newspaper want another received a list of government Job which Wilson said is available free of she said Consumers should be suspicious if a firm demands payment before saying exactly what it will provide and if the advertisement says the Money should be sent to a Post office Box read All the Fine print of any contract that comes by she you have to go in with a realistic View that youre paying for a service in this youre Only paying for a list of possible Job you dont know if they will be filled by the time you or if they will match your Wilson met recently with employees Laid off from a food packing she said one Man told her he received a letter offering a list of Job openings anywhere in world if he mailed in she said Job Hunters fare better through reputable employment agencies that match workers with fees for this Type of service the employer pays in some cases and the worker in its Best to work facet face with a reputable employment such As the state before sending Money to a Post office Box in a Distant Wilson she said agencies sometimes charge a percent age of the new jobs this has some legitimacy they May be working harder to find a she be sure to know what an employment Agency is charging before you sign a she also suggested Job seekers investigate the Agency reputation by asking for the names of people it has placed and calling them to find out if they were satisfied with the Wilson said Consumers should Contact the better business Bureau before and after doing business with Job finding firms to find out if any complaints Are on file against them and to provide feedback about the Job seekers might be Able to create their own work tailored to specific Community Wilson but she warned people to be careful of advertisements offering work Thome envelope addressing is a popular scheme and i have yet to find a legitimate people tend to assume an advertisement that runs in a respectable publication is this is not necessarily but self designed work Thome jobs can be she for one woman Laid off from the Schuyler Plant bought a Large Quantity of cake mixes on Sale and began a successful cake decorating Many people Are saying if you need to earn More look at your talents and Community needs and create your own Wilson firm Batty Over business in Japan a River of ribbon a worker at the ambassador card Plant in checks the revolving spools As various thicknesses of ribbon Are created from a single 24 Inch More than 60 million feet of ribbon were created for mothers Day gifts and cards alone this according to an ambassador Apap Hill Erich bradsby and its major american competitors Are striking out in trying to sell bats to Japan but they think they May be getting closer to Trade restrictions have stood in the Way in recent its like peeling an said Maria layer by firms encounter a Maze of rules preventing them from entering the we Are hopeful the last layer has been said director of Washington operators for the sporting goods manufacturers the association is working to trans late new japanese regulations so that american manufacturers can com plete the paperwork to begin negotiations for Export the decision is important to Hill Eich the Louisville based firm that makes the famous Louisville while Revenue from bats is not As important to As it was 10 years ago 25 percent of total sales now compared with about 50 percent Japan represents a million or million Market the problem revolves around Alu Minum which began replacing wooden bats in popularity about 10 years can Export wooden bats to Japan but the demand is for alumni num which Are preferred for the spongy rubber baseballs used by an estimated million Amateur japanese there were few Trade barriers until about five years ago when accidents occurred involving aluminium even though the bats we rent Amer the manufacturers suddenly found themselves out of the three years the american manufacturers sought help from the sporting goods which asked the government to the private japanese association that sanctions the rubberized base Ball league said it had to certify All bats used in organized but its specifications ruled out the association later relented but it then told american manufacturers they had to obtain a government Seal of called an mean ing that a Bat had been tested for that requirement was replaced Early this year with another which certifies the bats Are covered with liability insurance in Case a defect causes an Dennison said her association is working on the so requirements by fall the manufacturers can Start some Energy saving tips for the summer season new York up Home Energy costs rank second Only to those of food As a consumer and Are More of a problem than the Price of a recent Survey even nearly half the americans who use Home air conditioning say it would be difficult to make further reductions in its use to save according to the National study by Honeywell Energy management in formation researchers found midwesterner with air conditioners the most Likely to be Able to make additional although the Northeast and West rank evenly As regions with fewest households using air conditioners four in More westerners said they would find it difficult to Cut Back More than they have Jody Honeywell director of Federal contract administration for information offers these tips for the millions who will be looking for ways to stretch their Energy dollars this the beginning of have a qualified air conditioning Serviceman put air conditioning equipment in top working air conditioner filters at least once a month during disposable filters should be replaced when they become and washable filters removed at the same stage and washed in soapy the local Gas company to Send a Serviceman to turn off the Furnace Pilot Light for the summer the temperature of your hot water Heater to or if there is a dishwasher in the deciduous Trees planted on the South and West sides of a House produce foliage that protects windows from direct sunlight during the in when the suns path is lower on the the Bare Trees will permit Sun rays to enter and help heat the awnings and roof Over hangs can Shade Southand West facing venetian blinds or drapes also Are effective in blocking direct Sun warm and cold water settings on the washing avoid Par tial loads whenever the lint screen clean on the clothes dryer and try to use the dryer for full loads the dry Cycle on the dish Washer to keep the Kitchen use a rinsing agent for dishes to air dry without

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