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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 17, 1983, Tokyo, JapanTuesday May 17, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes business 7 Wall St s unusual analyst team by Kirk Johnson new York times new York Christopher c. Demisch and Wolfgang h. Demisch lean Back on their chairs which face each other across identical desks in their seventh floor office at the first Boston corp. The office is Large but windowless and the Pale Blue Walls Are lined with company annual reports Lockheed. General dynamics. Boeing. Their desks abutted by quo trons and computer terminals Are equally uncluttered. It s an ordered balanced environment. The fact that the dem inches Are very close Brothers does nothing to dispel the image. Close but not twins. I m the More volatile character Christopher Demisch says glancing across the desk. I m More oriented to the Short term than and i suspect i have a higher patience in terms of stocks than Chris does Wolfgang Demisch replies. They balance each other their combination has made for an unusual Wall Street Stock analyst team. The Brothers Demisch Call it a counterbalance. The idea is to merge different strengths and weaknesses and thereby come to what Christopher Demisch Calls the sensible their Forte is aerospace stocks and their accents German. Unlike most other research teams at competing firms which Are usually hierarchies a senior analyst who covers the big companies and an assistant who does the rest or a team Leader and a research staff the Demisch Brothers Are More of a partnership. Neither asserts leadership and they overlap in covering Many of the same companies. In Many families if not most such a relationship could prove disastrous but the Demi Sches who grew up in Germany and moved to Canada with their parents in the Early 1950s, say they be Learned each other s idiosyncrasies Over the years and have adapted although they socialize outside the office far less than in the tend to have Strong opinions and As such Aren t particularly fond of hearing someone else s truth said Wolfgang Demisch who is 38, the younger brother by three years. We have a Good enough relationship that we can hopefully bore a Hole through each other s biases to give us a slightly different perspective on being Brothers helps Christopher added. Hired from other firms in january they were both hired away from their respective firms by first Boston s research director James l. Freeman Wolfgang from Morgan Stanley and Christopher from Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb one of their demands to the Surprise of Freeman was the sharing of a single office. Separate offices would mean less interaction they said and less Exchange of ideas and opinions. And the Opportunity to interact was a major attraction. Their salaries Are said to be in the Range of $200,000 to $250,000 and there reportedly is generous profit Demisch puts his hands behind his head and his feet on the desk when he recalls growing up in France during world War ii and later in Germany after German civilians were forced out near the end of the War. His father s position As a salesmen for the German chemical giant . Farben had kept the family moving in German occupied Europe Christopher Demisch for example was born in Italy where his father worked for a time Selling dyes to the italian textile Industry. However it was not until the family resettled in Katzbach the town near Frankfurt where Wolf gang was born that the Demisch Brothers fascination with flight and aeronautics began. With amazing regularity recalled Christ opher who now lives with his wife and two children in upper Montclair n.j., care pack Ages would arrive from the United states contain food clothing and sometimes books enclosed by a teacher from Chicago. I remember one of the series of books she sent was an advanced Chil Dren s Book about air planes the air planes of world War ii. In 1948-49, we could Tell what kind of planes were flying although both Brothers received their Mas from Harvard University both had to borrow Money to finance their educations and have been in business for nearly the same length of time Wolfgang is More Well known than his brother. Unimpeachable source i got that from the horse s Mouth Wolfgang said recalling a casual meeting with Roy Ash then director of the office of management and budget. I asked him if it was True and he confirmed it. Opportunity an Industry analyst Wolfgang Demisch is considered something of a philosopher. Institutional investor Magazine for example in its annual review of Industry analysts several years ago said clients had praised Wolfgang for his thoughtful introspection and excellent political insight. The Magazine has named him the no. 2 aerospace analyst in the country for the past two years no. 1, both times was Cai von Rumohr of . Grumman Cohen co. 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