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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 17, 1983, Tokyo, Japan K 1 w k 10 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint May 1983 my poker Chip Mode president Reagan has begun to get what he wanted from the report of the scowcroft commission new movement toward develop ment of the my but the my still is a Long Way from being and Reagan had to give Congress several important pledges that May yet mean it never will be he promised that a review of his strategic arms reduction proposals would result in the modifications necessary to reflect the commis Sions approach that to seek arms control restraints on numbers of warheads rather than numbers of he gave about As Strong a commitment As a president can that he would undertake a major Effort to bring the proposal of a single warhead icbms to fruition on a High priority he recognized that the Overall level of my Tom Wicker deployment will be influenced by soviet strategic programs and arms reduction his letter containing these statements influenced a House subcommittee to Clear million in blocked funds for my testing and but the other aspects of the letter far outweigh this Advance for what Many arms control authorities consider an even dangerous missile particularly As Reagan Congress still has numerous future opportunities to kill or minimize the my eases demands on russians the modifications in his negotiating approach that the president promised Are he at the attainment of stability at the lowest level of that a far cry from his former insistence on deep cuts that demanded More sacrifice from the soviet Union than from the United the new language suggests that a More generalized stability Between the superpowers rather than specific numbers of missiles and warheads for As Reagan originally proposed has become his primary but a Multi warhead missile like the my Doest fit Well with that redefined the Mobile missile the scowcroft commission urged and the president promises to develop will be relatively and will not pose a first strike threat against soviet hard neither of these statements is True of the which with its 10 warheads would be both a tempting target for the russians and a perceived threat to that would make it doubly a shift to negotiated limits on warheads rather than launchers similarly outdated the because heavy mired with their Multi ple make sense Only when limits on launchers put a Premium on the number of independently targeted warheads each Side can deploy on a single reagans recognition that soviet a both in weapons development and strategic arms would affect my deployment May Well mean that that missile has become Little More than a bargaining if the soviet Union moves in the same direction As the United states toward less vulnerable and less threatening single warhead and to limited numbers of warheads Over All the my will almost have to be or its numbers reduced or the numbers of warheads on each missile Cut in the most useful role the my can play May be to pose a theoretical future threat to the soviet unions huge mired on which its nuclear forces primarily a recent study of soviet approaches to arms control prepared for the Carnegie endowment for International peace concluded that the russians May already have begun to worry about land based missile in Light of their huge investment in such soviets May see too it was those heavy soviet missiles and their possible threat to the United states land based deterrent that caused the scowcroft commission to recommend the shift to single warhead so if the United states appears to be going ahead with the the soviet Union too May see the necessity for a turn toward less vulnerable single warhead Reagan might even be Able to convert the scowcroft report into a modified arms control he could offer Only a limited my deployment perhaps even fewer than the 100 recommended by the commission in return for a balancing limitation on a soviet mired together with an agreement that any future icbms on either Side be a single warhead that approach could be coupled with any reductions in existing forces or limits on warheads that the two Powers could an arrangement of that kind would leave to the future the intricate questions of limits on sea cruise and intermediate Range As Well As the Overall nuclear but it would open the door to less threatening and less vulnerable land based deterrent forces on both a useful step that might also help dispel the atmosphere of acrimony and distrust that now Clouds the times the Farmer gets the Pik of the crop Farmer Hows business Al just got a Good crop of Grain this i dont see any Grain on your its right Here on this piece of the government is giving me this if i Promise not to raise Why would the government do that they got too much so in order to use up what they got stored there giving us this Art Buchwald payment in its called we get 95 percent of what we ordinarily from Uncle Sams what Are you going to do with the Grain that you get from the government sell it As fast As i lots of Farmers out there Are walking around with Pik paper so i got to unload mine before the Price what do you do All now that youre not farming ride around and make sure no one is planting anything on my got to keep it Clear if i want my Pik then i go Down to the Coffee shop and sit around with the other boys talking about what great crops we didst raise this you deserve a Farmer i Hope the government Doest get rid of its Grain for a that their seed fertilizer business suffers dealer Hows the seed and fertilizer business just Ever since the government started giving away free nobody wants to buy any seed or fertilizer from in about to go sorry to hear cant you get some of that Pik Money going around that Only for Farmers who dont raise any we should get some because if it want for us there be any surplus Grain in the government How would the government do that pay us for the seed and fertilizer the Farmers dont use to Plant that could get if they dont do something soon there wont be seed or fertilizer stores left when the Farmers have to go Back to planting there wont be any tractor dealers what do you do All Day Long without customers hang around the Coffee hoping some dumb Farmer Doest want a handout from the nobody borrowing banker whats going on with you i got Good news and bad the Good news is that All the Farmers in these Here parts Are paying Back their whats the bad news the Farmers dont want to borrow any Money from me this they say they dont need it because there not strapped for Cash to tide them Over until they Harvest a How can a Bank stay in business if nobody wants to borrow any Money from it what about loaning Money to the seed and fertilizer merchants and the tractor dealers they seem to be hard i cant loan Money to there All going belly up because the government dont want the Farmers to Plant Secretary of agriculture when do you think the american Farmers will go Back to work beats it All depends on How much Grain the russian Farmers dont Plant 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