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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 16, 1983, Tokyo, JapanMonday May 16, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes viewpoint 15 they meddle in foreign affairs Washington the House of represent for our system of checks and balances under in this administration who think morality Ives votes 278 to 149. For a Mutual and which a president can be restrained from actions for a thiner in world Plati Rushins tvs verifiable freeze on nuclear weapons by the United states and the soviet Union. Some opponents of the Resolution argue that the House is interfering unwisely in president Reagan s efforts in the Geneva arms control talks to achieve deep reduction in nuclear weapons. The democratic majority of the House Perma nent select committee on intelligence votes to Cut off funds for Covert . Aid to the right Wing guerrillas fighting the left Wing sandinista govern ment in Nicaragua. President Reagan Calls the the House banking subcommittee on International Trade investment and monetary policy votes to bar . Support in the International monetary fund for any Loans to South Africa because of that country s rigid policies of racial segregation and brutal police state of the Reagan administration try to prevent this vote by arguing that it would set a bad precedent of politicizing the if. Some people Are asking Why these uppity congressmen Don t Buzz off and Stop handicapping the president in his conduct of foreign affairs. I Fow hic that Are not in this nation s interest. The House vote on the nuclear freeze like the pastoral letter approved by the Catholic Bishops simply says to president Reagan we live in terrors we watch the escalation in numbers and destructive Power of these ghastly that committee voting to deny Covert military id to the guerrillas fighting Nicaragua is saying when you keep emphasizing guns As a solution tothe problems of Central America or. President it is you who is being irresponsible we Congress men owe it to our constituents to insist on Wiser House banking subcommittee was saying i count for nothing relationships that Only naked Power objections by More than 60 congressman the Reagan administration voted last fall in Favoron a $1.1 billion if loan to South Africa. Some congressmen argued that South Africa did no need the loan and was taking funds desperately needed by others. It cannot be that the Reagan administration do snot know what South Africa is and stands for. The newspapers carry Story after Story of White ministers and others who dare to speak up for racial Justice being arrested and or banned that is reduced to a non person by government Fiat with no due process of Law. Horror stories abound Congress cannot abdicate All responsibility in the of africans being imprisoned some to die in the face of a policy toward Africa that is devoid of custody of guards in what South Africa Cal smoral Content. We Don t want our children or suicides while other trouble makers just grandchildren to pay the ultimate heavy Cost of the administration s cozy Alliance with a South african minority regime that is unconscionably racist and that vote with regard to Loans to South Africa illustrates a glaring need for congressional involvement in foreign policy actions. For without congressional meddling this country would be even now in what the ruling White supremacist National party Calls advances along the Road to Reform South Africa talks of enlarging Parlia ment to three Chambers one representing 5 say that americans ought to thank god every Day burdened for generations by the actions of people the Kremlin Moscow dear Uttke i we Watt be the first to use nuclear a weapons. Carl t. Rowan million Whites who will retain dominance on representing 2.7 million coloured or people of mixed race which would have limited Power Andone for 850,000 asians also with limited Power. The Blacks who make up 70 percent of South Africa s populations would remain ineligible for citizenship a vote or any voice in parliament or the nation s political affairs. A . Administration that gives pennies to Ai the poor african nations makes no friends in supporting huge Loans to relatively wealthy South Africa. It is galling to have the Reagan administration use the excuse that to vote against South Africa s loan would politicize the if. This administration has worked hard to prevent countries it does t like such As Nicaragua and Grenada fro getting world Bank and if support. We need Congress to keep some semblance of amoral Content in . Foreign policy. Field enterprises president Reagan addressed cheering audience of gun enthusiasts at the National Rifle association convention in Phoenix ariz.,last week. Wearing a bulletproof Vest an surrounded by a Phalanx of secret service men and local police officers the president decried those who would take guns away from the american people. Signs All Over the Hall where spoke warned the audience not to bring their guns to the rally. Asa further precaution All those enter ing the building had to pass through Metal Detector Booths to make sure they weren t armed. To want a gun that fits my pants pocket Art Buchwald the president said he would never disarm decent Law abiding citizens As plainclothes men kept a careful Eye on the audience in the convention alluded to John w. Hinckley and said it is a Nasty truth but those who seek to inflict harm Are not fazed by gun control Laws. I happen to know this from personal expert president failed to mention that Hinckley bought his gun from Texas pawnshop in a state that has no gun control Laws. Let us assume for or. Reagan Snake that or. Hinckley went into the Texas pawnshop and stiff Federal gun Laws were in effect. Can i help you sir yes i d like to buy a handgun that could fit in my pants May i ask you Why you want the gun i want to impress Jodie s a very Fine actress. Do you know her personally sort of. She knows me. Shell know me More in a couple of is nothing like a Nice Little handgun to impress the girl you really i want a couple of boxes of ammunition to go with certainly. Why would anyone Buya gun without ammunition Here s a Beauty. I just bought it from a Man who wanted to Trade up for some thing larger. It s Only been fired once at a ill take can t give it to you now. I have to take your particulars and then i everything checks out you can come Back in two weeks and i la gift wrap i for what do you mean checks out we have to know if you have a police record or have suffered from mental what do you think i m crazy or something of course not sir. You look perfectly sane to me. But unfortunately the Federal Law no longer permits the dealer to decide who should have a gun and who should a Law abiding citizen like yourself can wait two weeks before impressing your that s How much you know. Jodie in t the Type of girl who has All the time in the world to be impressed. I could lose her in the next i understand sir but if i sold youths gun without checking you out i could be fined and sent to jail. Believe me it in t easy for us dealers. I have Many customers who come in her and when i Tell them they have to be checked out before i can sell them a gun i never see them again. It Skilling my what do you want to know Why Are you purchasing this handgun i told you. I want to impress my t you give me a better reason i m going to Washington and i need it to protect myself against Al the nuts walking the that s better. Do you Promise Touse it Only in self defense do i have to it makes it easier to get a a the Heck with it. I m no going to answer a lot of Damn fool questions just because i need a m sorry sir but if you Don to i can t sell it to the gun. I la skip washing ton and think of another Way of impressing Jodie . Times an authorized unofficial publication of the . Forces overseas published daily except 1 january at 23-17, Roppo Ngi 7-chome, Minato Kun Tokyo 106 Japan Apo san Francisco 96503. This newspaper is an authorized unofficial publication of the department of defense for authorized persons overseas. Contents of ass Are not necessarily the official View of the . Government or the department of defense. The appearance of displays in this newspaper concerning commercial publications or advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the department of defense or the commander in chief Pacific. Available to authorized personnel for 25 cents daily subscriptions Are $6.50 monthly paid in Advance per a 230-1 afr 176-1. Mail subscriptions Are available for minimum six month periods for $39.00. Third class postage paid at Zabu Minato Kun Tokyo for local mailings second class postage paid at san Francisco calif., for Apo Fpo and official . Addresses. Copyright restrictions preclude acceptance of subscriptions for delivery to individual addresses within the Continental United states. Pacific stars and stripes col. Joseph e. Burlas. Usa commander editor in chief it. Col. Denis m. Mehi6an, Usa Deputy commander business a. John w. Higginbotham Usan Deputy commander marketing operations or. Timothy r. Hutchens executive editor. 2 9-3310.3140 Don Mccaffrey Pacific editor Tokyo 229-3152 Dwight trimmer Usan Washington Bureau chief Pentagon 227-6695 Steve Davis Usa Korea Bureau chief Yon san 7650, 7050, 7447 Helen Webb Usa Japan Bureau chief Tokyo 229-3374, 3153 Dave Ornauer Usan Pacific sports writer Tokyo 229-3153 Danny Layne usic Okinawa Bureau chief Mak Minato 637-1680 Pete Maher us Philippines Bureau chief Clark 31-55358, Subic 88-46381 Laura Neitz Guam Bureau chief Navy regional medical Center 671 342-2190 circulation Telephone numbers Japan military 225-4505, 4506, 4507 or commercial 404-9449 Singapore 2931422 Kuala Bumpur 237237 Hong Kong 3-025251 ext 20 Korea Yon san 7650 Okinawa Butler 635-2010 Philippines area manager Clark 25202, Clark distribution 43296, 25284, Subic Bay distribution 4-8123, Manila embassy 59-80-11 ext 2752 Guam Andersen 366-2187

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