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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 16, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific stars and stripes t i t Point May demos would rather be leftist whats the Wop of King commander chief if you cant even one secret wars Washington As it proved in 1972 with George the democratic party would rather be left than in the last democratic party leaders have Given the 1984 Republican nominee the greatest political Boon in their Power to bestow strip isolationist opposition to a presidential Call for the defense of our closest president Reagan had turned away from jingoistic rhetoric to use wilsonian cadences who among us would wish to Bear responsibility for failing to meet our shared obligation democrats promptly the party leadership chose Christopher Dodd of Connecticut to revile the presidents plea to Aid a beleaguered calling it an Assoc a William s afire Tion with criminals designed to let slip the dogs of by seeking to deny the president Power to Arm our allies to combat communist Dodd followed in the tradition of William Ful John Dick Clark and Frank whose dovish stands made them National Liberal heroes and local to drive Home the partisan nature of the democratic the House select intelligence com Mittee subsequently voted to bar Aid to the anticommunist fighters in Nicaragua on straight party the committee chairman is a demo Edward Boland of Mas who for 20 years was tip one ills Roommate and is his closest House before the the less dovish Jim Wright of who Hopes to succeed tip As speaker of the let it be known he was unhappy with the shrill Dodd speech and the proposed outright rejection of the but evidently the speaker got to him the go along Wright caved As a result of this the democratic party seems assured of carrying Massachusetts again in As it did for for the Happy Prospect looms of not Only maintaining occupancy of the White House but retaining the Senate and even making a run at a majority in the this is an Issue of which landslides Are Liberal and dovish politicians should have Learned by now that they scoff at silent majorities at their a president unencumbered by scandal needs Only a great theme to overcome voter antipathy toward the time Hon ored defense of this continent used by Monroe and Roosevelt and Ken Nedy is such a up to the Republican record has been that Reagan induced a necessary but painful recession in order to wring out a dangerous which is and that he added to defense without raising which is defensible but not like the re publican candidate needs a Monoth ing Republican 80th Congress against which to it appears that the republicans will have the defeatist democratic if the Little band of men from Massachusetts deny the president the Power to act and Fidel castros nicaraguan supplied from mos cow and then takes Over another Central american state we can expect a wave of refugees to dramatize the presidents reagans evocation of memories of Afghanistan and Cuba was telling must we wait while Central americans Are driven from their Homes As night follows defeat would be followed by the new boat most of these Spanish speaking refugees would be outs Okenly anti democratic pols who slavishly follow today Nomore Vietnam polls do not look ahead to the Way a massive refugee influx would affect the most significant new voting minority the mexican americans in Texas and Cuba americans in Flor Ida and puerto Picans in new York All have distinct interests and differ but in general they tend to be More Liberal than Whites and less than right Republican National committee polls show that the recession is driving hispanics into democratic an emotional Issue such As the betrayal of Central America would Stop or reverse that trend in the four states crucial to electoral we can expect the president to exploit the democratic death in speeches and press conferences to he will Appeal to the Center of Public opinion in the United states that time and again has turned away from the timid and guilt Ridden arguments that some of us like to Call the counsels of in time he will meld his Caribbean his Covert action against the sandinista and new pressures against Castro into a coherent Reagan republicans can Hope that forget Ful democrats slam their party against that Yemen of Massachusetts and hold fast your obstruction May pave the Way for a resurgence of the response times should the assist latin neighbors the response to reagans Call to Congress for More Aid to Al Salvador was Given by Connecticut Christopher Dodd in the it is of the democratic if that is then the democratic party has become incoherent and id like to see the Bis a scam corps with Beautiful Maidens strapping Little polygraphs on the Bare and tingling arms Henry and Pat and Sam to whom it would be Tell did you go along with what Chris Dodd said about Aid to Al Salvador All the Oil in Arabia would not bring such gentlemen As these to associate them selves with the most congested stretch of ignorance and sentimentality Ever delivered this Side of a Junior High school ask a perfectly simple should the United or should it help a latin american country that is seeking to protect a democratically elected government against rebels armed by the soviet Union and its satellites no you need any you need Only the United states or the United states should Dodd attempted to drown out these simple questions by historical generalities of breathtaking innocence and example if Central America were not wracked with there would be no if Central America were not wracked with there would be no if Central America were not racked with there would be no comment the most intense Combina Tion of hunger and injustice in the world today flourishes in China and where there is no for a reason As simple As that those in Power use that Power to see that revolutions do not we must make violent revolution preventable by making peaceful revolution that which students of rhetoric would classify As leftover is empty of How do we go in Al making peaceful revolution possible other than by backing those forces that waged a peaceful revolution by calling elections and proceeding on a social program a social program William Buckley by a violent revolution that could not less that it had been preceded by a peaceful revolution any More chinese maoists care that a peaceful revolution has transformed Taiwan into a land of relative plenty and so what does the alleged spokesman for Amer ican democrats counsel Brace yourself that we not proceed in Central America with the same ignorance we showed of what was going in in this Only weeks after the news became official that general Giap of North Viet Nam As Early As 1959 contrived the fiction that the disturbances in South Vietnam were a civil War when All the time As is now happening in Al Salvador the rebels were in fact surrogates for communist it would be interesting to come up with one general Assumption made by president Kennedy in 1963 which in fact proved to be the worst that he imagined might happen did and what else Dodd says we should negotiate with the that they have said they Are absolutely delighted at the thought of negotiating with which Gladden Costa Abbott and it would be admirable if Dodd were to Volunteer to head up that negotiating i propose that president Reagan Send him to and that Dodd there repeat his including those Lovely aphorisms about the thirst for Justice and and Freedom and and Good will and i want that speech delivered to the and then in and then in and then in recorded on and broadcast and when the rebels in Al Salvador Lay Down their and in Nicaragua when the courts and the press Are Given Back their and when the lilies break up through the Cement of the military Landing Fields in then i say its time for a Nobel prize for Christopher i would suppose that seasoned democrats will politely change the subject when his name comes Universal press

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