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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 16, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 12 Pacific stars and stripes May 1983 regional Roundup the South Alabama supper club for Whites a the rules pro posed for the Friendly supper club were simple members were required to bring a guest of another but the clubs founder remains a even to about 35 people attended the first meeting at a downtown All summoned by a letter signed by Jack at the attended by Black and White reporters and no one admitted to being Jack the letter said the purpose of the supper club is to improve Montgomery race explain ing that membership in the club is open to All the Only Rule is that each participant bring a member of the opposite dinner is dutch toward the end of the Bill an attorney for the Alabama retirement stood up and read a second letter and a statement from Jack i am not Jack Stephens he said he got the letter asking him to read the a Money order was enclosed for his the statement said the purpose of the club was for ecumenical meetings in the spirit of the dinners Are scheduled for the first monday of every As there was no word from Jack Smith on where the next meeting will waste water radioactive a waste water which preliminary tests showed to be slightly radioactive will be Analysed by the state of Alabama and the owner of the chemical dump that produced the water was pumped from a site in Emelle owned by chemical waste management and dumped in Bayou after a Brief Legal Texas officials had kept it from being dumped in their a Sample sent Back to Alabama showed the water had a Low level Beta the state and Federal environmental Protection Agency will conduct further a spokesman for chemical waste management in Oak said the Emelle facility does not handle radioactive and the company is performing its own fast for jobs and peace a a group of Black ministers have started a fou Day fast and prayer Vigil for jobs and Community the Vigil began in a tent outside mount Gillard Baptist Church after the John pastor at the held a Brief the City of Montgomery is at unrest and needs prayers to heal her Alford we Are to sensitize the City and state to the need to provide jobs and pursue two Black men were shot and killed last month in Eufaula by officers who had stopped one of the men for a traffic and two Montgomery police officers were beaten and one was wounded during a scuffle in february with funeral both cases were under Virginia passersby lift car to save Man a an 18yearold saved by four passersby who lifted his burning sport scar off him was in stable condition with Burns on the head and authorities the passing motorists came to Mark William sons Aid when they heard him screaming from beneath his the car was on but these men disregarded that and went in there and pulled him said Bedford county sheriffs Deputy he said he still did not know what caused the i never woul Dve thought in a million years i would do what i said the first Motorist to pull North Carolina Down the aisle and off to jail a week after police arrested a woman As she was leaving her wedding they arrested the Groom As he was visiting his new wife in authorities Robert was arrested on a charge of felonious breaking and entering and three counts of failure to appear in court on traffic police officers took him into custody when he came to deliver a letter to his wife of seven Vernell police said they had been trying to serve warrants on Elliott since december after he failed to appear on an unsafe movement traffic the Wake magistrates office Dunn Elliott has been held in the Wake county jail since her april 30 wedding in lieu of Bond on six felony counts of forging and 15 counts of issuing worthless checks and a parole some of the charges Date to police said they had tried in vain for months to locate the woman before they Learned of her wedding after police arrested authorities they realized that warrants were also outstanding on her new Sharp youngster drives car Kings a six Earold Charles Boyd wanted to visit his father at work so he hopped into his mothers car and started a half hour and five Miles just As he was getting ready to turn onto interstate the car rolled off a Road and bumped to a Charles opened the door and climbed startling the Man who had been driving behind he thought he was following a but he never saw the Kings Mountain police dispatcher Roy Dyer Virginia Boyd said her son has often expressed a desire to drive and Learned How by just i Dyer said an officer asked Charles How he worked the brakes and the and he said he looked through the Windshield until it was and then hed get Down and push the then hed jump Back up and steer until the car slowed Hes sharper than i gave him credit in Boyd whenever i needed whether it was Crew or cast or equipment or i would Start in Hickory first and fan out from Olsen filming in Hickory allowed the use of ready made such As the Bethlehem Community Jet chek Hickory neighbourhoods and the station break video Arcade at Valley Hills but the 14member Crew was not allowed to film at Hickory High school and was pulled Over by police during lat night filming on City o Disney with skin a a director who returned to his Hometown to shoot his first feature length movie says the film has been described As Disney with american voyeur will premiere in the Crown the largest of its six auditoriums with 558 seats has been set up for the invitation Only the five Ushers will be dressed in the 96minute film by write director William Olsen is a teenage comedy that mixes the video game craze with a Young mans emerging the plot has the character encountering several Small town including a nude girl with according to the cast the five week shooting schedule last september and october brought in cast members and technicians from new los Angeles and but it also relied heavily on Homegrown Talent and Olsen Pacific states Alaska Captain responsible for grounding Alaska a the grounding of a cruise ship that led to a passengers death last year has been blamed on unsafe navigation and evacuation by the who faces possible revocation of his captains a judge administrative Law judge Roscoe Wilkes of in a Brief written statement to the coast said he would decide later this month whether to suspend or revoke the captains License of Gary Lee Robertson of according to coast guard commander Doug Ensley in Ketch Robertsons cruise the Majestic struck a Rock last 10 off East brother Island in Frederick sound about 60 Miles South of the with 100 passengers and Crew began to As the tide receded and during the scramble to a 400pound life raft Cannis Ter rolled off the striking and killing passenger Frances of Lawsons and another passenger were the remaining passengers and Crew were evacuated to the ship is owned by exploration holidays and cruises of the coast guard charged Robertson with two counts of negligence for the Way he handled the ship and the evacuation of hotline opens for nudist info Long a advice about nudity is Only a phone Call away for Southern californians since Jan Davis started the nudist information Center people Are so hungry for this Davis the phone Hast stopped ringing since the word got out that in a said she started the hotline to Clear up some of the misinformation on i have found that longtime nudists Are just As desperate for information As she said in a recent most people just join one nudist club without having any exposure to they dont realize what variety there there Are at least 246 nudist clubs in North America and the International nudists guide lists 13 As having nudist Davis Davis said she stayed with her parents at a nudist Camp until she was 3 years that when they not until i was 38 years old did i go to a club and i went again with my that How i met my present i wish More single girls would consider going to a nudist club to meet its much safer than

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