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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 16, 1983, Tokyo, JapanMonday May 16, 1983 Pacific Pacific stars and stripes 11 Center readies new test pilots by Tom Streeter . Navy a Tuxen River my. When old movie buffs think of a test Pilot most Likely they recall Clark Gable or Fred Macmurry portraying a Devil May care hero with a flowing White silk Scarf laughing in the face of danger and overcoming All obstacle through sheer strength of character and seat of the pants today. Today s test Pilot does t laugh a danger. He tempers it through strict safety routines. He overcomes Obsta cles through state of the Art technology and careful pilots have Long been consid ered a special Breed. It s no coincidence that astronauts John Glenn Jim Lovell and Wally Schirra filled this role before being launched into qualifies As a test Pilot not through a photogenic profile but through 11 months of arduous train ing at the . Naval test Pilot school at the Navy test Center Here. Career catalyst since the Early 1950s, this school has been a career catalyst for promis ing Young aviators. Astronauts Joh Young Alan bean and Richard Gor Don As Well As Many of today aviation and space pioneers Are graduates of this advanced was advanced for astronauts Alan Shepard Scott Carpenter a Dcharles Conrad is commonplace to Day. What was unthinkable then i reality now. The school has kept Pace with , the school differs Only in the scope of its curriculum. Test Pilot students learn the latest principles in aerodynamics propulsion avionics rotary Wing flight and anti sub Marine warfare. They put aircraft systems through the most realistic tests Are getting More and More complicated says Navy it. Robert j. Struth or. Of Alamogordo,n.m., a graduate of the school. Pilots Are More dependent on radar weapons communications and other systems to successfully Complete their missions. We concentrate on these systems when training to Evalu ate aircraft performance and handling other seemingly routine chore is also emphasized for the future test pilots. It is this skill that Demon Strates the Pilot s final Worth in his Job. Learning to write reports one of the most important parts of the test Pilot school is learning to write reports says Struth. You can be the Best test Pilot there is but if you can t Tell anyone what you a found you re not Worth very one student described the school as11 months of finals it s the equivalent of cramming master s degree into a year says Struth. At a school like Mit you concentrate on theory. But there we have to actually come up with the right numbers and a final half of every school Day is spent inthe classroom. A student can literally stack up hundreds of credit hours i subjects ranging from calculus and statistics to airborne communications radar and electro optical sys tems. The rest of the Day is for flying data preparation and study. If you re going to be professional at flying you should Fly As Many different aircraft As you can say Navy it. Stephen l. Madey jr., of Baton Rouge la., another graduate. 18 different aircraft Madey flew 18 different aircraft including helicopters Multi and single engine planes jets and glider during 50 test flights at the school. He added 160 hours of flight time tothe 2,100 hours he had already accumulated before coming Zoll Ertest Pilot students perform a preflight Check. Between flying classes and study you have four or five hours a Day wasted time that s taken up wit sleeping says Madey. There s too much to do and too Little after it All the intense study and final exams aircraft develop ment and testing finally boils Down to flight just As it did in the movie with a laughing Fred Macmurray. Fight testing tells it All literally pushing an aircraft to the extremes of its capabilities. While testing is the ultimate proof it s the test Pilot with a slide Rule instead of a silk Scarf who makes the difference. Bill could raise veterans educational Aid by Dwight trimmer ass Washington Bureau chief Washington a new i education Bill cleared one of its first hurdles wednesday passing unanimously through the House veterans affair committee. That Bill would give eligible gis at least $300 a month for 36 months of House armed services committee must also approve the measure before the full House votes. Ahouse aide predicted the new Bill should reach the full House sometime this House armed services committee has not yet scheduled hearings on the matter. However rep. Les Aspin d-wis"., chairman of the responsible subcommittee has promised Quick action on the Resolution. Defense authorization Bill if delayed rep. . Sonny Montgomery d-miss., said he will introduce the i education package As an amendment to next year s defens authorization Bill. Montgomery had considered doing that this year. He is sponsor of the new Gib ill Resolution and chairman of the House Veter ans affairs passing this Resolution Montgomery s com Mittee was even More generous than their chair Man had asked. The panel agreed to an amendment by rep. Bob Edgar d-pa., increasing the monthly payment amounts of Montgomery s Bill. Montgom Ery had asked that gis with three years Active duty get $200 a month for 36 months of also asked for a second level payment of $100 a month for gis who re enlisted for another five years of Active duty. Edgar upped both those amounts to $300 a month. The panel agreed. Another $400 monthly the rest of Montgomery s Bill passed unchanged. The Bill would allow the military services to offer another $400 monthly to gis in critical jobs. Those gis could also Transfer unused educational payments to family Bill would give $140 a month to anyone after three years in the National guard or , that educational Aid would last for 36 months of so called peacetime i Bill differs slightly from past educational Aid to gis. The original Gib ill paid for actual educational Cost plus a supplemental payment based on family version expired in 1976 and eligible gis must use the educational benefits of that Bill by1989. Anyone enlisting since 1976 is ineligible for those 1977, the department of defense replaced the i Bill. Leap became the military s primary educational assistance program. Under leap gis receive $2 of schooling for every $1 they contrib Ute. The i Bill requires no individual contrib new measure would give an across the Board $300 payment to eligible gis. The payment amount remains unchanged whether the i attends an expensive University or a lower priced state col lege for instance. Single gis or married ones with several children also would receive the same amount. A House aide explained that Montgom Ery s proposal is designed to help with schooling costs not pay completely for them. Plan will Cost $800 million according to congressional estimates the new i education plan would Cost about $800 million when fully implemented. The defense department and veterans administration would share the Pentagon and some members of Congress have opposed past billion Dollar i Bill plans As not needed or too this joint funding together with a modest Price tag May convince some to support Montgomery s proposal. At least two i Bill style proposals have already been introduced in the Senate this year. However neither has received overwhelming support. Eve if this peacetime i Bill passes the House the measure faces stiffer tests in the Senate

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