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Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives May 15 1983, Page 3

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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 15, 1983, Tokyo, JapanSunday May 15, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes 3 panel signals death of plan on withholding Washington a the House ways and Means committee has voted to repeal a controversial provi Sion to withhold Federal income taxes on Money earned in saving accounts. An administration spokesman said after the vote that withholding is dead that there is no Hope left forgetting the Reagan drafted plan through spokesman said that the Best the administration can Hope for is forthe Senate to produce an alternative plan to Stop tax cheating on Money earned As interest. Many people who earn such Money fail to report it and pay taxes on it and withholding was aimed at stopping such the Senate cannot forge a com Promise it is Likely president Reagan will veto the withholding repeal Bill. He treated such a veto a few week Sago. At the time the withholding Issue was holding up passage of the entire National budget because Congre Shad included it in the budget pack age. Congress got around the Possi ble veto by spinning off the withholding provision from the budget an tackling it As a separate Issue. The spinoff allowed passage of the budget. The ways and Means committee under intense pressure from other House members due in part to record mail Campaign in favor of a withholding repeal a Campaign orchestrated by the banking Industry approved the withholding repeal Bill by voice vote thursday. That set the stage for a vote tuesday in the full House where repeal is expected by a lopsided margin. The Issue then would return to the Senate which last month voted 91-5 to retain the withholding Law but to delay its Start until 1987. If the Senate cannot forge a com Promise and also passes a withholding repeal the provision would go to Reagan who would then decide whether to sign the Bill or veto banking Industry s lobbying pressure for a withholding repeal Drew bitter criticism thursday from some members of the committee Asit has for weeks from the administration including president Reagan himself. They just Plain out lie to their customers which is their tradition said rep. Fortney Stark d-calif., former banker. The conduct of some members of the american Bankers association is absolutely outrageous frightening the elderly and poor into intimidating Congress to pass a withholding repeal said rep. Robert Matsui d . Marty Russo d-i11., however denied that he was caving in to Bankers pressure. Congress is re. Pealing withholding because the peo ple Are demanding it he said. The banking Industry has con tended that withholding will discourage savers and impose a Nightmare of paperwork on Banks and other Finan Cial enacted withholding last year As part of a tax plan to Cut the Federal deficit by $100.4 billion Over the next three years. The internal Revenue service had estimated the government loses $8 billion a Yea because $25 billion in interest and dividends earned by some 20 million taxpayers is not reported on tax the 1982 Law that provided for withholding 10 percent of in Terest and dividend earnings would have been withheld for taxes an subtracted the following year from taxes is not a new tax because taxpayers already Are supposed to repaying it but is simply a new method of collecting taxes already owed. Too much bump is added to daily grind Austin Texas a lawmakers hired a stripper to perform As a joke for a colleague s birthday but the joke backfired when the strip per s routine became much More suggestive than expected. The gyrating woman stripped Downto a a string and pasties in a Public lobby of the Texas Capitol As Patronella the recipient of the intended joke sat watching red faced and speaker Gib Lewis condemned the stunt As in very poor taste and said those responsible had Don t think they realized it was going to be that kind of stripper said Patronella a Houston Democrat who was celebrating his 26th strip show occurred while the House still was in said the stunt took him completely by was asked by a lobbyist to come outside he said. I thought i was going to see a after he was asked to sit in a chair in the lobby outside the House Cham Bers a blonde dressed in Blac appeared and began to bump and crowd gathered watching in amazement As the woman took offer clothes while making suggestive movements at times less than an Inch in front of Patronella s . Charles Gandy said about 10 fellow House members chipped in $5 apiece to pay for the , he admitted the joke got a Little out of hand. None of us were interested in embarrassing the membership of the House or David to that said such antics should take place in , he said i Don t think any harm was done. I think people Back Home know i m working ticklish situation he in t tickling George Burns ear it just appears that Way. From Burns deep throated laugh. The billboard worker in Tampa fla., is scraping off a Burns poster in order to put up a new one. A big jobs Bill passed by House committee Washington a despite warnings of a presidential veto the House Public works committee has sent the full House a new jobs Bill this one f Unn Eling $3.2 billion to local governments to finance repairs an renovations of Public facilities such As sewers and waterlines roads Bridges buildings and Industrial legislation offers Opportunity and Hope to thousands of our jobless fellow citizens while at the same time helping financially strap Ped local communities All Over the country to upgrade the Public facilities which Are so essential to their economic Well being said Howard d-n.j., committee and rep. James Oberstar d-minn., had the other 32 Democrat son the committee behind them in rejecting a less expensive Republican jobs . Gene Snyder r-ky., who led the out manned Republican forces said he had no Assurance that presi Dent Reagan would accept even the republicans $2.9 billion version which called for hundreds of millions of dollars in local investment As Well. But Snyder said i would imagine they la the administration will veto the democratic democrats favor the current system for distributing general re venue sharing funds to get the Job creating Money to local govern the Money distribution sys tem already operating Oberstar said the funds should be made available in what i believe should be record time for a Federal of the funds would go to localities with the worst a employ paid for with the Federal Money must be completed within year and efforts must be made to provide work under the program forthe Long term unemployed and at least part time work for contractors must also be Given a Chance to gain some of the contract said however they did not know How Many jobless americans would be put Back to work under the new proposal. Howard said however that the number should be higher than the 300,000 to400,000 expected to find work under the jobs Bill Congress passed in Bill earmarked about $3.6 billion to accelerate construction an repair work on Federal projects. It was financed by an increase in the National gasoline said the local government projects contemplated by the new plan Are even More labor intensive than those funded by the Gas tax increase

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