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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 15, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 14 Pacific stars and stripes Pacific sunday May 1983 Pacific sunday 15 Story by Frank Sugano and Michelle Harmon photos by Ken George a Young woman wearing an Abc wide world of sports Blazer lets expression slide from her face As she squares her shoulders and looks into the in Diane dyad and in standing in Toyogi National stadium where our american swimmers and divers competed in the 1964 Tokyo the olympic Pool Here has been covered the past two weeks with a polished wooden floor for the world table Tennis a sign that table Tennis has arrived to a widespread degree of competitive popularity is that for the first time it will be included in the olympic games in 1988 in South and Here today the Public address system Breaks drowning out dyads the director slaps his head in in Diane dyad and Here today to help us Analyse the championships is the Man who is generally regarded As americas finest table Tennis 10time National Champion Dick bring us up to Diane the directors head Falls to his in Diane dyad bring us up to so far the chinese players have done exactly what was expected of Treyve really mopped up this Treyve taken the mens and women team Treyve taken the women doubles and the mixed now they have two big events the women and mens in the mens singles the chinese Are assured of a Guo who won the title at the last championships two years is playing the same Man he Cai in the women singles we have another theres a dyad Breaks a Young Yang Youngja you said the director i South in in table being chinese is almost never having to say youre the chinese Are too and that is Why the stadium is Only during singles play in the no chinese Quarter finalists were dropping likes beads of but in the evening the stadium came alive during the doubles Yugoslavia took chivas mens team to Deuce in the fifth game and As one swedish commentator we Are All yugoslavs the tournament has drawn teams from 67 from Argentina to has As Many of the worlds to rated players As does with five men and seven women listed in each divisions top the Day of the singles the mood in the stands int so much ant chinese As it is the fans no doubt will be cheer ing for the Lone no chinese to rated 18 in the Yang Young a 20yearold South upset the 1 and 4 seeds in route to the i am a Yang said after her semifinal i never thought i would even at 1620 in the fifth i prayed to and i thank in the Yang will meet Cao Yanhua Chao a Willowy 21yearold who attends Shanghai physical culture she is ranked 2 in the we thought she was the Best two years ago when she lost to 1 Tong says swedish journalist Christian for some he the chinese coaches did not want her to when two chinese we dont think its a real Heyerdahl you cant say the tracking the Cao Yanhua left Waits for the precise moment when paddle must meet developed by the chinese in the the height serve enables players to increase the spin on the Cao right effortlessly returns a chinese Are that their Way of they Are another they Are another a belgian coach its not the same mind As the chinese Are the says americas top Eric and they want to stay that they keep All their he they dont Tell nobody was the first american in 25 years to make the final 16 in the mens he lost to defending Champion Guo Yuenhwa Gwo when i was leading 1614 and lost that first game at i was in Shock going into that Boggen i i win that first and now in in he lost the second but once again took the Lead in the he was making some really Good Boggen and you have to go for it because if you just Lay the Ball Back just rocket it by so i went for and i missed three of his serves in a then my game fall Boggen came into the tournament rated 23 in the but because he finished 167 in his he thinks he can end up being ranked As High As one of several americans who Fly to Europe each fall to play in one of the professional table Tennis Boggen will switch from the swedish where he has played the last two and go where the Money is the German he expects to make to for seven months Eric Boggen Yang Youngja a when i play against he in More confident and i have More fighting the chinese never make they make you earn every its hard to get up for the chinese because you know what a grind its going to at times it seems almost As Joyless for the a fact which worries the chinese have led the Way in turning table Tennis into an almost arcane sport in which Speed masks deception and deception masks it begins with the the player crouches Over the White Ball resting on an open Palm it is a study of strange As if the mind were trying to impart spin before the hand is whisked leaving the Ball in momentary the brought into play from the meets the serve is an explosion a Spring wound and suddenly let the Ball May barely Clear the net on a Bounce because its spinning and twisting with or with a dialect that is plainly Many players serve with forked for paddles come with two different the spin Side is covered with a Sheet of Sticky the ant spin Side has a smoother layer of which offers less since both sides Are the same it is difficult to distinguish one Side from a server might hide the paddle under the table until Hes ready to hit the if the opponent cant read the or the absence of As the Ball Heads toward he Likely will misplay the and the says japanese player Koji is 80 to 90 percent of the a West German promoter says that if the game becomes even More it May have to be played in concert Many spectators say there just not interested any More because top european and top asian players make simple says a West German the spectators dont under they dont know the features of the five or six years there used to be Many exciting matches when this new style of rubber was not beginning new rules will require that spin and ant spin surfaces be of different so that players will know How the approaching Ball will the changes Arent aimed specifically at the officials Heyerdahl the chinese will still be but we 2 Sweden will come people want to see Long rallies with players 15 feet beyond the the West German the game is thank mama a style of play that the chinese Excel at because of their their the belgian coach their eyes Are quicker than id like to learn their hand Boggen you see the europeans stand Back from the but the chinese stand at the you can do so much you can hit the Ball by people so much and they have a great serve and we Call it the thir Dball they we put it Back and on the third Ball there just waiting with this monster it can get tense when youre playing against the Best in the a scream Mimi curving do you think the South korean can do it anything can in looking Forward to a thrilling the chinese is Yang but my mind is i will women Are Boring to Boggen i have any trouble beating the id kill them he but the chinese women Are pretty opening the Cao wins her serves and the next three before Yang takes a Yang appears often she is out of reduced to making weak returns or flagging at balls that dip under her Cao wins in the second Yang Breaks 32 on her and it seems to provide enough Momen Tum to carry her slamming through the score 2110 the stands Are filled with South Cao is Back in the third working beautifully at setting up Yang for passing shots Down the Yang is never in the score in the fourth Yang takes a 41 Cao evens the score at then goes trailing Yang forces Cao to answer with a slam slam Sam two More two More then Yang drives her sixth slam into the it is 1411 Cao it is also the end for in the mens Guo wins in four at the women Yang says that Cao was constantly reversing her Mak ing it difficult to determine which Side she was Yang my Ideal player is deception is not at the Core of Caos neither is fluency at the heart of elegant Ive heard from the head says an elderly chinese lady who travels with the that she simply has a very Nice feel of the she can control the Ball in the most natural when you watch her you feel that she knows the Ball so Well and the Way to make her Racquet touch the the subject is not a

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