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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 12, 1983, Tokyo, JapanThursday May 12, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes world 5 compiled from wire services new Delhi India soviet an government forces carpet bombed Afghanistan s third largest City andean Eastern Valley killing thousands of civilians in one of the harshest campaigns against rebels since the 1979 russian invasion Western diplomats said tuesday. As Many As 50 planes a Day pounded the Western City of Herat for two weeks in a drive against mosle guerrillas attempting to oust the soviet backed afghan government said a diplomatic source who re Quested Diplomat quoting witnesses said several thousand civilians were killed in the bombing of Herat an ancient trading Center with a Popula Tion of 160,000, during the Campaign that ended Early this to one report about 3,000 civilians were killed and half of Herat destroyed the Diplomat said. Guerrillas shot Down two plan Sand two helicopters bombing Herat 2f-16s crash in Europe Kirchberg West Germany up two american built f-16jets, one belonging to the . Air Force the other to the belgian air Force crashed on separate training flights in Western Europe american Pilot was killed but the belgian parachuted to safety. A police spokesman said the .jet, attached to the 50th tactical fighter Squadron based at Hahn a Bavaria smashed into a farmhouse near Kirchberg 40 Miles South of Wuerzburg. It was not immediately known if there were other air Force spokeswoman at Hahn a confirmed the Pilot s death but declined to identify him. She said the plane crashed on a training Mission for Low level flying. In Belgium an f-16 Jet fighter of the belgian air Force crashed in Farmland after going out of control during a regular training flight the defense ministry said. The crash was25 Miles East of Brussels. No one was injured in that of both accidents reportedly were being investigated. Afghanis report thousands slain by soviet it lbs 450 Miles West of the afghan capital of Kabul the source said. In late april and Early May soviet and afghan forces used planes tanks artillery and helicopters in separate drive against rebel sympathizers in the Shomali Valley run Ning North from Kabul the Diplomat guerrillas have used the Valley through which a Supply route runs North from Kabul to the soviet Union As a base to attack soviet an afghan government convoys. Diplomats in Islamabad Pakistan said the attacks on the Shomali Valley were of unprecedented in Tensity and the most general and Savage by All accounts since the soviets invaded Afghanistan 3v2 years in new Delhi said a number of Shomali villages were devastated but no casualty figures were immediately and afghan government troops systematically looted Home Sas afghan families abandoned their villages Western diplomats said quoting reliable sources. The result was that the population has begun flooding into Kabul seek ing Refuge the source attacks in the Shomali left the guerrillas reeling not Only from their own losses but from the loss of civilian supporters on whom the depend for support the source said. Soviet soldiers executed 20 Village elders women and children who confronted occupation officials to complain about the attacks charging they were aimed at civilians Diplo Mats diplomats in Islamabad said the soviet and afghan govern ment strategy was to depopulate the Shomali Region in an attempt to safeguard the important Highway linking Kabul with the soviet Border. The soviet Union invaded Afghanistan on dec. 25, 1979, and now maintains an occupation Force of at least 105,000 troops. A i guards the scene of a . Air Force f-16 crash in West Germany. Syrians Shell israelis amid talk of War United press International syrian gunners shelled israeli positions in Lebanon s Bekaan Valley and fired on israeli reconnaissance planes near Beirut in an escalation of fighting following warnings of a new Middle East War. Beirut radio said syrian anti aircraft batteries in the Hills East of Beirut fired on a unknown number of israeli reconnaissance air Craft but apparently none of the planes was gunners also shelled israeli positions in the Eastern Bekaan Valley but the israelis did not return the fire. The radio said six shells landed near israeli positions. There were no reports of casualties. No missiles reported fired the radio said the israeli reconnaissance planes were flying at High altitudes when the syrian batteries opened syrians did not fire any missiles they used Only their anti aircraft batteries the radio said. Western diplomats noted the syrians did not us their soviet supplied anti aircraft missiles against the israeli new tensions came As Israel warned monday of a new Middle East War if Syria refuses to pull out of Lebanon under the american negotiate troop withdrawal Accord. Israeli defense minister Moshe Arens quoted by armed forces radio in Tel Aviv warned that a syrian refusal to withdraw from Lebanon would mean a continuation of tensions in Lebanon and a possibility of hostilities initiated by Syria an perhaps even in an unexpected move monday 87 dependents of soviet embassy personnel flew out of Beirut and headed Home. Soviet diplomats said Alexande Soldatov Moscow s ambassador to Lebanon said tuesday the move was routine to enable the dependents to enjoy vacations in the soviet Union. However their departure was reminiscent of the exodus of soviet families from Damascus just before the 1973 Middle East War that caught Israel by Surprise. The exodus also has been viewed As a Means of exerting soviet pressure on lebanese president Amin Gemayel not to sign the troop withdrawal agreement with agreement hinged on a simultaneous withdrawal of syrian and palestinian troops fro Eastern and Northern Lebanon. Quoting . Intelligence sources in washing ton Abc said 500 to 600 Palestine liberation organization fighters equipped with heavy mortars were sent in a 40-truck Convoy last week across the syrian Border into Lebanon s Eastern Beka Valley where the bulk of Syria s 40,000 troops Are deployed. In Moscow the official soviet news Agency Tass charged that Israel and the United states Are grossly violating the sovereignty of Lebanon and its legitimate right to ensure its own Security. In other words another War is being prepared while lip service is being paid to in saudi Arabia syrian president Hafez Assad monday ended two Days of talks with saudi King fahd with a vow to fight the dangers in the . Negotiated troop withdrawal agreement betwee Israel and Lebanon. Damascus report on talks Damascus radio announcing the end of the talks in saudi Arabia said Assad and saudi officials would work independently and jointly against the dangers in the israeli imposed agree , a Strong soviet ally in the Middle East must agree to withdraw its troops from Lebanon before Israel would proceed with implementation of the troop withdrawal Accord

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