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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 11, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes health Melame crush the evil i jacket of foe of the m 5av cigarette May 1983 Superman collars Nick Oteen in this part of a Campaign by the health education Council in London to Stop children from up smokers hike Cost of Medicine for All Boston up nonsmokers who spend several hours in the same room with smokers inhale the equivalent of one cigarette and nonsmokers indirectly pay for the illnesses caused by doctors have six airline stewardesses who did not smoke were tested to determine nicotine Levels in blood and urine samples taken before and after a roughly 13hour flight from san Francisco to we conclude that there is passive absorption of nicotine from tobacco smoke by flight attendants during a transoceanic researchers from san Francisco general Hospital medical Center said in a letter in the new England journal of these concentrations Are extremely Low compared with concentrations found in typical cigarette smokers and were equivalent to one they the Carbon monoxide Content of blood did not they said the nicotine was unlikely to have physiologic the amount of nicotine was lowest in the stewardess who worked in a nonsmoking Section of the in another letter in the new eng land a doctor said the aver age smoker who consumes packs per Day pays per year More in medical costs than a the additional medical costs added up to the equivalent of per package of 20 or Over 5 cents per wrote Blake Cady of new England deaconess besides the surgeon generals warning about health risks printed on cigarette it would be informative for the smokers to recognize that other people Are paying even More than the Cost of the package of cigarettes to subsidize the consequences of their said smokers Are More Likely to be victims of lung cancer and emphysema and studies have indicated they also suffer More often from such illnesses As the the increased incidence of illness pushes up health insurance premiums for All people and also boosts general medical costs with the average smoker who consumes packs a Day pays a year More in medical costs than a the additional medical costs added up to the equivalent of for each pack of 20 or Over 5 cents for each More people More equipment and staff Are there Are a variety of suggestions on How to shift this enormous Finan Cial Burden from the nonsmokers to the smokers who incur this risk and perhaps some innovative approaches in taxation or insurance should be he Cady figured that 10 percent of All medical costs Are for smoking related in about billion was spent on medical care for such illnesses at a Cost of per year per person in cancer of testes evidently on Rise by Lawrence Altman times new York the incidence of testicular cancer is apparently in and doctors Are beginning to focus More Public attention on it because there is a simple test that men can learn that May save their the test is self examination of the Testicles on a monthly similar to the breast examination done by about americans will develop the disease this and most will be 20 to 40 years although it can occur in men of any an Early diagnosis is important because there seems to be a direct correlation Between the chances of cure and the stage of the detected in the Early testicular cancer is potentially one of the most easily cured Early discovery vital yet it is one of the most fatal cancers when discovered after the malignant cells have spread to other areas of the in about half the the diagnosis is made after the cancer has even patients in this group have lived longer As a result of anti cancer drugs developed in recent the death rate has fallen from 31 percent in 19701975 to 15 percent in George Prout chief urologist at Massachusetts Gen eral Hospital in told the american urological association meeting in Las both patients and doctors Are responsible for the delays in diagnosing the care often put off Many men either have not heard about testicular cancer or have not examined their some men who have detected a growth put off seeking care because they fear the treatment will Render them in that occurs Only doctors Are responsible for Many even when patients recognize an abnormality in a Testi too Many physicians Are Reluct ant to do the key diagnostic test surgically removing a testicle so that it can be examined through a Micro according to the reasons for that practice seem to reflect male As Well As perceived fears of malpractice suits in Case the removed testicle is not biological factors the push for men to examine their Testicles routinely reflects the biological factors of testicular can some types of testicular cancer tend to grow More rapidly than any other tumor that has been the loss of be it two or three May be Prout said at a recent seminar of the american cancer society in san in a study of 133 patients with testicular cancer who were treated at Massachusetts general Hospital from 1970 to sprouts team found that a delay in diagnosis occurred in 61 percent of the the cause of the delay was equally divided Between patients and phys some patients procrastinated in seeking medical care for up to four some misdiagnosis put off proper treatment for up to two sometimes testicular cancers can produce secondary effects such As enlarged in two cases in sprouts doctors surgically re moved the enlarged breast but not the cancerous they had either neglected to examine the Testicles or had not realized what the Lump testicular cancer usually first appears As a hard nodule on one of the most textbooks say that it is usually but Prout said his study indicated that tenderness and even fever May be a finding that helps explain Why Doc tors sometimes delay in making the fever usually accompanies for examination after Bath some experts have urged that men learn the simple procedure for examining Testicles at the time they receive annual checkups or physical examinations for school or employ the healthy testicle is smooth and free of lumps except for a tube like Lump normally present along the Back of the this is the where sperm Are the Best time to perform self examination is during or after a warm Bath or one should apply a Small amount of pressure with the thumb and fingers of both hands to each most abnormalities Are found on the front or Side of the testicle and Are not attached to the covering Many unanswered questions there Are Many unanswered questions about testicular Doc tors have known for More than 200 years that there is a much higher incidence of testicular cancer among men who have had a descended a condition in which the Testicles do not enter the Why does cancer develop in this situation there Are Many but none have been specifically a descended Testicles Are now known to be one of the most important known risk factors for testicular although some textbooks cite a risk of testicular cancer up to 20 times higher among those with a descended Testicles than among men without that a recent study by David Schottenfeld and his associates at memorial Sloan Kettering cancer Center and Cornell University medical College assessed the increased risk As Only to probability very slight the lifetime probability of a Man developing testicular cancer is about which is much less than the percent figure for prostate testicular cancer is known to be rare among Blacks living in this Africa or the Why doctors have not found the the incidence of testicular cancer seems to be rising in this As Well As in England and in it is per men per compared with percent a year in but doctors do not know nor have they Learned Why the incidence of testicular can cer is greater among men in higher social

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