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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 11, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 6 Pacific stars and stripes Japan May 1983 education paves sailors Way by jo2 Melissa Lefler Navy Misawa Naf the importance of education to a military career is it a fact or a myth Petty officer 1st class Juanito Nepomuceno believes its a and he might be the first person Here to Tell you about As assistant command career he has stressed the value of education in Goa setting to hundreds of arriving for almost four Nepomuceno or As he is known to almost everyone in his has helped Navy men and women plan programs to fulfil their As proof of what he has his own dream of higher education has come from 623 Only 108 were chosen this Spring for the navys enlisted commissioning program As one of the Nepo will attend Oregon state University this for the next two he will study there for a bachelors degree in business the exp is the Best officer program the Navy is offering declared the Republic of the it is a regular commission and they pay you your paycheck while you go to school full learning about the exp was the incentive that drove him to seek his associates degree from the University of Maryland far East the aviation support equipment technician he explained that when the message about the Start of the program first crossed his desk in he began to seriously consider a commissioning Lightyear break i looked at the qualifications and said this is for Nepo although the University of Maryland was willing to Transfer 19 credits from his previous College classes in the Philippines and Grant Nepomuceno 12 More for ont Ejob he still lacked about 30 necessary and although the exp requires an associates degree or 60 hours of College 45 of the credits must be earned in the when i first went Back to school i ill just try it i want sure i could still Hack Nepo an a in his first Maryland encouraged him to go during his Lightyear break from opportunities to continue his education were but not according to the Blac haired after joining the Navy in he spent his first enlistment with patrol Squadron Nas Barbers and 12 to14hour work Days were then came marriage to his and the births of their two to afford the growing the Young Petty officer worked two jobs moonlighting As a in he found time to Complete the requirements for naturalization As a in he received orders As a first class Petty i was financially fairly Nepo i decided the time was right to return to but i was nervous about returning after so Nepo earned his associates degree in graduating with a Grade Point he has maintained that average in the upper level College courses he has taken a few times i had to take More than one subject at a time so that i could meet my time Nepo pointed out that to apply for the exp one cannot be Over 31 or have More than 11 years of Active it was not easy it was i dont have an eighth Ourada Long hours in the evenings calling assignment retailers in on behalf of transferring command members meant that he averaged Only four to five hours of sleep a i had to get up at four or five to Nepomuceno applied for the exp As soon As he received his knowing at age and with exactly 11 years of he would have just one Chance for but he insists he lost j02 Melissa Lefler po1 Juanito Nepomuceno no sleep Over the now or never nature of the if i had not been accepted for this i would have tried another possibly limited duty or officer candidate As soon As i became Nepo if there is nothing to lose and a lot to you have to at least All fun time was not sacrificed As he pursued his i schedule my time for time management is very the career coun Selor and you cannot forget about your family there has to be a balance in it is to time management that this Man attributes the extent of his anyone contemplating combining further education with a military Job can Benefit greatly from a time management Nepp i took a Maryland course University study for adults that deals with time Nepo although its a Basic it is an elective subject i would advise everyone returning to school to the career Counselor went self discipline besides time the other necessary component of Success is Nepo and he admits it is a Quality not Learned from books or you have to set your he clarifying where he found the inspiration for if you think your goal is the most important you will do every Ting to get University classes in counselling were most enjoyable for according to the career Counse and doubled As aids to Day today duties As Well As credits toward his Nepo feels these classes taught him the right approaches for dealing with varying Petty officer Nepomuceno is an outstanding said his division Kathleen his likeable personality and genuine concern for people enable him to Deal successfully with All the Navy commands everyone i have talked to likes and trusts she my Job is helping people get what they Nepomuceno explaining Why he tries so hard to create positive the negative people i meet i just take them As a he his usually smiling face momentarily a self described he acknowledges that getting along with people is More than just the grease that turns wheels of the career counselling it is part of his Basic people who love people go far in this Nepo quoting a favorite Norman Vincent there was never a Day when he thought it want Worth Nepomuceno sometimes in the Middle of the i thought i dont like this i dont think i am going to do Well i want to he but he says inspired by the example and encouragement of his older a Navy warrant he kept working for his my Brothers and Sisters we Are eight in the family All have their bachelors so this inspired me he said ten years from now will probably find him still in the the career Counselor when i get my commission its going to be a whole new career i May not retire now after 20 although i will be commissioned an unrestricted line i would like to Transfer to the Supply corps after about two he although Nepomuceno reports that he was shocked and excited to be accepted for the commissioning he is not unwilling to accept some credit for his i give the Navy the Best that i he said so i dont see Why i should not get the Best briefs Yokota Nursery school Yokota Abusafa the Yokota Nursery school is accepting registration for the summer Camp sugar thru May children 2vz thru 6 years Are a partial tuition payment is required to secure your Childs three Day and five Day sessions Are classes will begin june 13 and july Stop by the school or Call 2258774 for festival set Katsugi Naf us the annual Yamato citizens festival will be held on May 14 and 15 near the East Gate of because Large crowds of people Are expected at the High school site near the East Gate All vehicle traffic will not be allowed to pass through the East Gate from 10 to 5 during both of those Katsugi families and others on and off base Are Welcome to come to the cars and bicycles should be parked inside the As Only pedestrians will be allowed to pass through the Gate during that there will be fresh Flowers and vegetables for a citizens air trampoline for the kiddies and free seeds to there will also be a stamp collectors Booth As Well As Many plan now to attend the Yamato citizens Day care Center Camp Zama Usa preregistration for the Sagami general depot Day care Center will be held from 9 to 11 on May 13 at the Center building Only children three years of age or those who will be 4 years of age by Are eligible to birth certificates and immunization records Are Call 2336482 for graduation ceremony Camp Zama Usa the Sagami general depot and the Sagamihara preschools will hold a graduation ceremony on May 27 from 9 to 11 in the Zama youth building Call 2336482 for Pacific stars and stripes depends largely on Public affairs offices for contributions to this if you have a Story that would be of particular interest to this please let your Pao know about

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