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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - May 11, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 10 Pacific stars and stripes May 1983 regional Roundup the Midwest Illinois Alderman helps Nab suspect Chicago a an Alderman who in 1976 was awarded because of alleged police brutal Ity will be commended for helping two officers apprehend a gang police when Alderman Wallace saw two policemen chasing the he gave one of the officers his then helped the other Chase the suspect on foot and subdue Davis was shot and critically wounded in 1976 by a Chicago police but he said he Doest believe in holding a i did a deed for the he pandemonium at Council meeting Chicago up machine Democrat Edward Vrdolyak has won his second round with new mayor Harold and the mayor says the third round will be his in a tumultuous City Council 29 rebel Alderman approved the minutes of a previous Council giving further legitimacy to committee appointments and new Council rules passed Over Washington the rules favor the machine the mayor appeared at the latest but stayed Only Long enough to declare the meeting illegal and the new committee assignments those assignments were meted out by Vrdolyak at the previous Council the Council is split 2921 in favor of the so Washington minority has been edged out of the top Council leadership who is lobbying aldermen to shift the machine to his said he will continue his fight until the next regularly scheduled Council meeting this if he cannot forge a Compro Mise on the new rules during that he said he will let them take the mayor tried to stall Council ratification of the new committee assignments at the latest meeting a special Council he asked instead for a Compromise when it became Clear he could not get a he refused to Convene the retreating to his City Hall but the aldermen forged ratifying the minutes in a boisterous meeting that included a near fistfight Between two opposing aldermen the first time in memory that Council members have threatened physical violence in the Washington supporters walked out of the latest but Only after a fight to hold up the meeting with a series of parliamentary the delaying tactics were helped along by a Surprise move from Black Alderman Eugene who was named Council president pro tempore at the previous Sawyer is one of four Blacks named to leadership posts All of them minor under the new Vrdolyak handed Sawyer the Gavel at the latest but the Alderman used the podium to help the filibuster waged by Washington his refusal to recognize Vrdolyak and his follow ers created pandemonium on the floor and in the spectators the two hour meeting finally Drew to an end after Washington forces lost a parliamentary fight to use the old rules to endorse the after the losing Sawyer led the Washington group from the floor and the minutes were approved Washington said he May ask the courts to decide whether the unscheduled special Council session was both sides have filed lawsuits in the struggle for Council acid leak Routs residents a diluted hydrochloric acid seeped from a damaged tank at a chemical prompting officials to evacuate a four lock Section of this Northwestern Illinois the spilled acid water solution producing a deadly police about 50 people living near the Richem Plant were evacuated for about an hour and traffic was diverted they workers used Lime and soda Ash to neutralize the there were no nearly Gallons of the 25 percent acid solution escaped through a leak caused by loosened bolts at the base of the huge fibreglass vandalism is said Moline fire marshal Paul Gary a Richem was called in to secure the which had been filled the Day he stopped the leak almost immediately with new Martel said the used to clean causes respiratory problems and can be firefighters did not use masks when trying to contain the fire Ross Lowery said they just stayed upwind of the the spill was discovered by firefighters at a fire station across from the Richem the Guys were just looking out the window and they saw White smoke coming from a Lowery we walked Over there and noticed the the South 1 want your says youth Little a when a liquor store clerk asked the Little boy at the counter what he he pulled a Chrome plated revolver and made his message police i want your the boy the robber was about 4 feet weighed about 90 pounds and appeared to be about 9 years said clerk Juanita Young Hamzy said she gave the boy a Small amount of Cash and he left the heading police said no arrests had been made in the robbery at the Plaza Liquore Ohio stowaway a real nuisance Cleveland up Selson Mothe Kamaraj a 16yearold stowaway from is the responsibility of the owner of an Ocean freighter docked in the government the immigration and naturalization service refuses to let the boy off the saying he is an illegal alien and is in the custody of the ship the ships Kark Kerlen of Ham said the boy has a travel permit identifying him and permitting him to travel Only from to that country he said the boy was found in a deck Crane one Day after the ship left at first he had the run of the the Captain he was doing Small working in the some but since he tried to escape on the 18th of last month by diving overboard into the Clair River at port we have had to keep him locked in a Cabin and under constant he has tried to break out of his Cabin since we Are docked Kerlen he is a real i am hoping when we get to Canada we can get him Back to his own unfortunate his own embassy has shown no interest in him Pacific states California Michigan gop shifts Delegate pick system a republicans Are calling for the abolition of Michigan presidential primary after deciding not to use the contest to pick their delegates to the gop National at a meeting in the Republican state committee approved a Resolution that the party return to a system of county and state conventions for Delegate said gop state chairman Spencer Michigan democrats stopped using the primary to pick delegates to their National convention in without Delegate a presidential Prim Ary would Lack significance As anything More than a Beauty said who said abolishing the 1984 primary would save the state carnival mishap hurts 2 san up two people were hospitalized with Back injuries after an Arm of a carnival ride dropped 20 feet and dragged them around in a Circle on the Mary and Scott both of nearby were in san Bernardino county two people were treated for injuries and firefighters had to Rescue six people stranded in the air on the which carries bucket seats that move up and Down while the arms spin around a Center cause of the Accident at the National Orange show Fairgrounds was under investigation by state and local other Orange show and the rest of the carnival were not affected by the the ride is owned by Western Pacific which operates fun zones at fairs through out the Orange an annual agricultural fair was started in 1911 to promote the Southern California Citrus police Wash cars to help family Long a police chief Charles Ussery and several of his men spent part of their weekend washing cars to help pay for a funeral for a 4yearold drowning the parents have five children and dont have the funds to Bury the child that what gets to detective John Henry Miller said As he dried off a newly washed we Felt the child should have a decent said the fundraising Wash took in about Money not needed for funeral expenses will be donated to the family of Augustine Murguia or the boy disappeared and his body was found in

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