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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 10, 1983, Tokyo, JapanTuesday May 10, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes National 3 Faa flame outs rare jetliners Safe Washington a modern jetliners Are designed to Fly with one or two engines out and in the rare time that All engines fail to Glide for some distance under the control of the Pilot. The ability of a jetliner to survive engine failure was demonstrated thursday by Eastern flight 855, Lockheed l-1011 jumbo Jet that lost Power in All three engines and came within 2,700 feet of ditching into the Atlantic before one engine was re started. The plane with 172 people aboard landed safely in Miami. Bud Parker an expert in aircraft certification for the Federal aviation administration said the possibility of an engine failure is taken into account whenever an aircraft is built and when it is approved by the the Case of the three and four engine jumbo jets the manufacturer must demonstrate stay aloft capability with either one or failed before it is approved Parker said in an possibility of More than one engine failing is extremely Remote and All engines failing on a three or four engine jumbo Jet almost infinitesimal said an official at one major aircraft minimize the possibility of a total engine failure each engine must be totally Independent of any in designing a jetliner Parker said the manufacturer must ensure that backup systems Are available that will keep the operating controls functioning with All engines out soothe Pilot can maintain control. In the most recent cases involving engine failures the problems began at cruising Altitude allowing the planes to fall thousands of feet before the engines could be summer a British airways Boeing 747 with 240 people aboard ran into a thick Cloud of volcanic Ash near Indonesia. All four engine choked and the Craft dropped 25,000 feet to an Altitude of 12,000 fee before the Crew managed to restart one engine. The aircraft was Able to Glide under control for 12 minutes without engine United airlines 747, carrying 325 people lost Power in All four engine sin july 1981 while flying at 39,000 feet Over the Pacific. The plane continue Don a gradual Glide to about 26,000 feet before the engines were recently a twin engine re Public airlines dc-9 carrying 145people had a flame out of both engines at 33,000 feet Over Utah an began to Glide. The engines were restarted at 12,500 feet and the plan landed safely. Used Jet Market looking up . Times Dick Funk manager of a storage lot for use commercial aircraft awaiting buyers remembers not too Long ago when Only one plane a Mont would leave his facility the Evergreen air Center 30 Miles North of Tucson month though in a Strong sign that better times May have returned in the depressed Market for used jetliners a dozen aircraft moved off the Evergreen Are definite signs of increasing activity said Funk noting that growing numbers of prospective buyers Are arriving to inspect the 94 aircraft ranging from propeller driven planes to huge jumbo jets that still remain at the Field. The upturn in activity at Evergreen is reflective of the growing interest being shown in Good used planes worldwide. The quiet revival after three or four years of hard times is being stirred by a decline in fuel prices an upturn in passenger traffic and bargain basement prices. The major Factor behind the upturn analyst agree has been a drop in the Price of aviation fuel in the past year a dip that has brightened the economics of the airline Industry. Fuel that Cost More than $1 a gallon Only a year ago has fallen to about 90 cents now. Two years ago people had projected $1.50 to $2a gallon said Rick Hatton vice president of Gate air which leases and Sells used has decreased instead and fuel efficiency does not save you As much As it once did. There is also less incentive now to spend major amounts of capital for the Short to Hatton and other Industry Obser vers however prices for most used aircraft do no yet reflect the newly resurgent demand. With the exception of especially fuel efficient models such As Boeing s 737 and the Mcdonnell Douglas dc9-30, they note prices for most use aircraft remain depressed. Lockheed a dolls for example a three engine wide body capable of carrying 290 passengers have sold recently for As Low As $11 million to $12 on Model year and other variables that represents a Knockdown of More than Hal from the plane s original Purchase Price. Used air planes Are a bargain right now Hatton Confidence strengthens Well be looking Back at what now could be the Bottom of the Cycle in a year or two and say gee those prices were very cheap analysts say the current Large Supply of used planes was largely caused by the Sharp decline Nair travel in recent years aggressive Fleet modernization programs by major carriers and growing trend among carriers to develop so called Hub and spoke route systems a strategy that Call for increased numbers of smaller planes and fewer wide bodied Are now about 120 wide bodied aircraft for Sale worldwide said George Dutton Vic president of equipment and services for Eastern airlines. However there Are signs of reviving interest even in the wide bodied Market. One major beneficiary of the upturn analyst say is Likely to be Braniff International the bankrupt Dallas based Carrier that is in the processor liquidating its Fleet. People express the Low fare Carrier based a Newark International Airport has already agreed to buy 20 of Braniff s 727-200s at a Price of $4.2million each. Other carriers Are showing consider Able interest in Braniff s 32 remaining 727s, Sai Morten s. Beyer president of a Mark inc., an aircraft it boils Down to is that fuel has become cheaper than Money he a recent analysis he said his firm calculated that the Purchase of a used 727 for $7 million would represent a greater Long term value than the Purchase of a new More fuel efficient 757. New and used jets lined up for Sale around the country Are getting increased looks because of falling fuel prices. A but Many airline executives such As Eastern chairman Frank Borman dispute such Cost , which is taking delivery of 13 Boeing 757s and four Airbus a300s this year believes that the new planes greater fuel efficiency and two Man Crews will provide substantial savings Over older planes he said. Senate oks Bill to ban leg Irons on ships Washington a now hearths leg Irons and bread and water would be outlawed As punishment . Merchant vessels under a Bill passed by the Senate and sent to the House. The measure approved by voice vote is designed to streamline Mari time Laws and repeal outmoded provi Sions. Rep. Bob Packwood r-ore., chair Man of the Senate Commerce sub committee on the merchant Marine said the government has been trying to update the Laws for merchant sailors since president Theodore Roosevelt made the first such Effort in 1908. Packwood said past efforts have bogged Down because controversial changes in the Law were attached toothed Bills so this time his subcommittee avoided said Sailor s rights of Appeal would be simplified under the Bill andean oath for merchant mariners apparently dropped by mistake in an earlier revision of the Laws would be reinstated. Other examples of reforms in the existing Law said Packwood Are the modernization of the nutritional standards for seamen the removal of gender based terminology and the removal of antiquated titles such As collector of customs and Board of local stateside can t catch tylenol killer Chicago a the person or person responsible for the deaths of seven Chicago area people who swallowed cyanide laced capsules of extra strength tylenol probably will never be caught former police superintendent Richardj. Brzeczek says in a published report. I Don t think it will Ever be solved Brzeczek said in an interview published in the Chicago Sun times. The Trail is not Only cold but there Are no made the remarks in an interview before he ended his three year term As police chief under former mayor Jane m. Byrne. His resignation coincided with the swearing in of mayor Harold Washington who promised to fire Brzeczek if he was elected. No one has been charged in the killings which spawned numerous copy cat crimes across the country. Weather moderating associated press thunderstorms battered Louisiana Over the weekend with 13 inches of rain deluding Boothville and baseball size Hail pounding Cal Vin. A cold front sent chills from Texas to new England dusting Northern Michigan with inches wide Hail hit Calvin North of Lake Charles with goofball size Hail in de Ridder damage was reported. Chilly unseasonable temperatures turn Drain to Snow in Houghton Lake in North Central Michigan where residents awoke to find a 2-Inch snowfall blanketing the ground. The Snow was a More pleasant Surprise than saturday morning s weather when an Over night fall of Muddy rain left up to half an Inch of mud on cars and Homes in Houghton Lake. Meteorologists attributed the mud fall to heavy dust storms in Iowa and Illinois on Friday which swept to Michigan and mixed with rain. A weak storm system scattered showers across the Pacific Northwest. Snow also fell Over the higher elevations of the Cascade mountains in skies but Cool temperatures dominated the nation s midsection. Overnight lows dipped into the Middle 30s As far South As the Oklahoma Panhandle. The Southeast enjoyed summer weather with temperatures reaching up into the Middle 80s

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