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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 8, 1983, Tokyo, JapanSunday May 8, 1983 Pacific stars and stripes National 5 Deal will allow get to get into Long distance Washington a get corp.,the nation s second largest Telephone company has reached an agreement with the Justice department that will allow it to Complete a proposed $750million Purchase of the Southern Pacific communications co. In Adeal that will mean Cut rate Long distance service for get details of the agreement in principle Between get and the Justice department must be worked put before it is submitted to a Federal judge for approval. If the judge approves the Deal it will go to the Federal communications commis Sion for final pact will Clear the Way for get to enter the burgeoning Long Dis Tance Telephone business at the same time the american Telephone & Tele graph co. Is being broken up under an antitrust Southern Pacific communications co., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Pacific co., operates a Cut rate Long distance Telephone network known As sprint. It is second in size among the major firms competing against at to for Long distance traffic behind the my communications corp. Get is a diversified telecommunications concern based in Stam Ford Conn. It has 16 local Telephone units serving 16.1 million telephones in 31 states an equipment manufacturing subsidiary with extensive Domestic and International operations and get Telnet a compute data transmission network. Unlike at to which not Only oper ates local Telephone systems but also the nation s Basic Long distance net work get has always satisfied itself in the past with the local Phon business. In the famous antitrust suit that the Justice department filed against at to the government alleged that the firm was using its local Telephone companies to stifle Competition in Thelong distance and equipment Fields. The agreement Between at to an Justice that settled the Case requires the firm to give up its 22 local Bel system companies next year. The agreement with get would allow get to have the same Type of integrated Structure that at to i being forced to dissolve but Only As Long As the firm abides by certain safeguards. For example get must maintain Southern Pacific communications As a subsidiary completely apart from its regulated local Telephone com local companies must offer All competing providers of Long distance phone service like Sci equal Access to their switches. That requirement also was imposed on the 22 Bell companies. Get operators at work. File photo rub out backfires on St. Louis mob family St. Louis a the murder of a suspected informant has led to murder and racketeering charges being filed against eight reputed mobsters in Federal and state cases that authorities say will cripple a St. Louis crime aftershocks from the killing brought about a double set of indictments a Federal grand jury indicted eight members of the crime family on racketeering charges and the state indicted seven of the eight on murder charges. The indictments neatly wrapped up a bloody three year gang Kornhardt was a big mistake on their part because that was what turned Prater around said St. Louis circuit attorney George e. Kornhardt and Fred Prater worked for a towing business operated by one purported crime family. War started Over control of Union Prater who has been granted immunity from prosecution on charges of building a fatal car bomb will testify about plots to wipe out a rival crime family peach said. Prater is currently in Federal protective trials Are going to be largely what Prater has to say from the inside plus the fruits of the electronic surveillance peach added. We have literally hundreds of hours of gang War started according to the indict ments with an attempt by the Leisure crime family to muscle its Way into control of labourers Union local 110 after the death in 1980 of Anthon Giordano identified by the Fri As chieftain of organized crime in St. in their Way was James a. Michaels a Power in the Union and head of the mob s Syria action according to the Missouri task Force unorganized crime. Car bombing was the first shot fired Michaels was eating lunch at St. Raymond maronite Catholic Church on sept. 17, 1980, according to the indictment when David Leisure slipped a powerful bomb built by Prater under his car. A few hours later Michaels and his car were blown to bits on interstate 55 just South of St. took almost a year. David s Cousin Paul Leisure lost his right leg and left foot when his car exploded in front of his South St. Louis Home on aug. 11, 1981.that car bombing led to the first break for Unsung hero in this thing is a Guy who noticed All these Guys going in and out of a rental apartment peach said. The Man suspected some thing Odd so he wrote Down All the License numbers and called the police the Day the bomb went off under bomb plans found in dumpster they swooped Down on that apartment before the dumpster used for apartment trash was emptied and found plans for the a. Michaels Iii grandson of the late victim was convicted of the Leisure bombing Las fall and faces five years in prison. The Leisure family meanwhile regrouped after the bombing plotting their revenge from Paul Leisure s Hospital room. It came month to the Day after Leisure was maimed another of the Michaels grandsons Charles Joh Michaels was wounded in a Shotgun ambush outside a South St. Louis restaurant. He has since recovered. According to the indictment the gunman was Anthony Leisure Paul s younger brother. Another car bombing in parking garage on oct. 16, 1981, a Michaels Nephew Georg Faheen was killed when his car exploded in a parking garage in downtown St. , a circuit court employee had not been linked publicly to the mob. Few knew he was related to the senior Michaels. But Law officers weren t surprised they had Learned that Faheen s Auto had been seen frequently outside the rental apartment where the bomb mat crippled Paul Leisure was built. And obviously the Leisure intelligence knew it too peach said. Either the Leisure Intelli gence was As Good As the police intelligence Cameto be or they just decided to blow up a Guy no one thought they had the nerve to touch. I think it waste prosecutors fears realized another killing police arrested Kornhardt a Leisure family employee for the Faheen slaying. A few Days later Kornhardt was freed on $250,000 Bond an prosecutors speculated publicly about whether he would survive until the trial in september. Heddin t. On july 31,1982, Kornhardt s body was found Ina Roadside ditch in St. Charles county the had Bee shot once in the head. According to court testimony from a Federal agent Paul Leisure ordered the execution because he feared Kornhardt would cooperate with authorities and take a lot of Good people with Kornhardt was t talking said peach. Andas far As i m concerned it was t about to happen. Frankly i think we would have convicted one Man arrested in wheelchair but the killing convinced Prater that his life Wasin jeopardy. He called . Attorney Thomas Dittmeier and agreed to talk in return for immunity in the Michaels bombing. Officers swooped Down on Paul Leisure in his wheelchair his brother Anthony and his Cousin David. They Are being held on $2 million Bon apiece. Five other employees and associates Are being held under $1 million Bond in the two car bombings Kornhardt s murder and the Shotgun ambush of the younger Michaels. The arrests could break the Back of organize crime in St. Louis authorities said. What s important about this is that the people who were indicted were the nucleus of an organized crime group Dittmeier said. And i you take the nucleus out it effectively closes the

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