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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 8, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 4 National Pacific stars and stripes May Washington up the state concerned about the theft or Sale of expertise in weapons and other sys has said it will deny visas to foreigners suspected of trying to illegally acquire sensitive american the purpose of this new policy is to further protect strategic technology so that it does not contribute to the buildup of military Power among potential adversaries of the United said William undersecretary for secur science and Many visa applicants seeking such knowledge represent Warsaw pact he the acquisition of sensitive which is both overt and costs us Schneider it allows the Warsaw pact to save hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development High tech theft suspects wont get visas it allows them to save years in developing Lead time in weapons and defense Industrial production and Means the United states must spend billions of dollars to overcome the capabilities of our own technologies when they Are held in unfriendly he consular officers overseas previously have not denied visas to applicants merely on the basis they were suspected of seeking to enter the United states to acquire con trolled this based on intelligence and other in is now a basis under the immigration and nationality act to deny a when the visa application is we marry that visa application with information that we have collected from other sources to make a judg ment whether or not the particular individual might be on an expedition to illegally acquire controlled Schneider although the visa can still be there would be restrictions on the areas of travel or activities of the Schneider said tactical nuclear weapons and ballistic missile guidance systems Are among the controlled technology targeted by we have found that there is cause for he people Are coming to the United states to acquire controlled technology by any Means this administration had deter mined that the illegal acquisition of controlled technology must be impeded by All Legal ten minutes of terror Over Atlantic Miami Apas the Pilot warned that ditching is 162 frightened passengers on a jumbo Jet prayed and scrambled for life jackets in 10 minutes of terror before an engine restarted Only feet above the it was a one passenger describing the seemingly end less minutes it took thursday to restart one engine of Eastern air lines flight 855 restoring just enough Power for the Lockheed l 1011 to reach god restarted engine its like god turned that one flaming engine Back on for a few just enough time to said freelance writer Sandy of Bay Harbor who said she could see smoke coming from one everyone was prepared to we All had our life belts she a few were All of a sudden the Pilot said we have an were trying to the flight to Nassau took off from Miami International Airport at with 162 passengers and a Crew of half an hour Pilot Richard Boddy shut off the Tail engine when its Oil pressure dropped too Eastern spokesman Jim Ashlock almost Oil pres sure dropped dangerously in the two Wing engines and Boddy decided to turn Back to moments after the both engines first we were told we were flying Back to Miami because of mechanical said who was travelling to Paradise Island for a vacation with her and their two Ages 11 and All of a the Pilot announced All come that made me realize that something was Rotten in the state of within two minutes after he said prepare for which meant everybody had to get out the life preservers from under the Many people had its much More complicated than youd then they told everyone to take their shoes off and put their baggage under their those who had seats in front of them were told to hold them with both those who didst have seats were told to Bend Over and hold their Able bodies needed they told us that life rafts were available they asked for five Able bodies to do the preliminary Steps with the life at one Point the Pilot said ditch ing is imminent and there was panic in his said another i dont think i Ever heard a worse phrase in my Atlantic Ocean engines failed Bahamas a Bikini islands Nassau the planned route of flight at Boddy managed to restart the Tail five minutes the l1011 landed at Miami As passengers cheered the they clapped and and Many Dix Many passengers were emotional after their Brush with we Are the Luckiest people said Janet Jacobs of we were close to said Jet engines Oil seals were missing Miami a missing Oil seals led to the failure of All three engines on an Eastern airlines l1011 Over the Atlantic Ocean teams of investigators were trying to learn Why tiny rubber Oil seals which Cost Only pennies each were missing from the jumbo smoke spewed from the single working restarted Only feet above the As the plane Eastern and National transportation safety Board officials said the engines stalled because of Oil leak due to failure to install Small rubber seals called o rings during nightly a St spokesman Ira Furman said the ring shaped seals fit into a notch on a magnetized Oil plug that is removed nightly from the engines to Check for any Wear that would show up in the each plug is supposed to carry two new Oil plugs were apparently installed without the seals wednes Day he leaving space for Oil to leak under we have yet to determine whether the plugs Are supposed to come out of the Stock room with the o ring or whether the mechanics Are supposed to put the o ring he refusing to fix Why they we rent there is the next phase of the said Eastern spokesman Jim Philippe Sostre of i am now very this was the first time we flew with an american and the i Felt for certain we were going its a Miracle the engine came Back said Bill an aluminium Salesman from after the Many wept in the Airport As they waited for a substitute flight for passengers consumed eight kits of liquor Courtesy of the Ashlock that amounted to 384 on shot Bot passengers then boarded a new Jet also an l1011 in High laughing and calling to each pointing to evacuation pictures on the safety cards and Yelling that us they also got free Beach towels and Champagne on the Way to Ashlock were trying to make them As comfortable As he stateside 3 killed in Manhattan fire new York a a fire fuelled by fireworks swept through an apartment House in manhat tans Chinatown killing three people and injuring including four authorities the fire broke out about in the five Story Brick building and spread to the Structure next officials firefighters rescued some people by leaning ladders against the rear windows of the build Ings while flames licked at the backs of the fleeing others escaped on their own through doors and at least five people were reported in critical Frank Martinez of the fire department said four firefighters suffered minor new Home for baby condors san Diego a Sisquoc and the first California condors to be hatched in have moved into their Home on the although far from the wide open spaces of their Mountain the isolation unit in the condominium at the san Diego wild animal Park near Escondido is posh by Bird it even has a bathing Secuya marked his 1month birthday thurs Day by joining hatched March in the airy new it was the first time outdoors for the pair and demonstrated they have passed a critical stage in their said Condor keeper Bill

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