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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 8 Pacific stars and stripes travel May 1983 Bright Road ahead for tourism Washington a vacation eager americans who postponed holidays because of the recession will give a sizable boost to travel and tourism industries this year if the Economy says the director of the travel data the strength of the Economy is the key to travel and tourism prospects in said Douglas president of the nonprofit tourism research if a sustainable economic recovery gets under travel away from Home will grow considerably Over depressed 1982 frechtling said Many who postponed vacations Over the past two years because of the Are now ready to resume their he 1983 wont be a Boom year for travel because Many people fear that High interest rates and huge Federal budget deficits May make the recovery he said he was cautiously optimistic and predicted that 1984 will be a very Good year for All of frechtling said travel to Europe in 1983 is Likely to increase by about 10 percent Over 1982 Levels because its a Domestic travel should Rise by about 7 he there is some optimism on the Price frechtling said travel prices should again fall below Overall consumer Price inflation in but while americans Are expected to travel no growth in foreign arrivals in the United states is projected for he our International traveler account will Worsen in As departures exceed foreign arrivals by frechtling said in a report by the travel foreign visitors dipped 9 in 1982 in foreign arrivals in the United states declined 9 the first drop in 20 according to figures compiled by the the decline was attributed to a deepening worldwide recession and an unusually Strong in the travel Industry should expect Little stimulus from foreign visitors in frechtling the course of the world Economy and Dollar Exchange rates will determine whether this is a new trend or merely an frechtling said the United states should look for a 15 percent decline in mexican visitors and a slight Rise in visitors from West France and South America May increase As much As 5 percent and Japan May be almost As he the nations bus and rail carriers can expect Alaska on Canvas Darcy a staff assistant to Ted in the by Paul Stevens of holds one of the paintings that is titled heading the show is is part of a show of 100 works by alaskan artists in being held in connection with next years 25th the Rotunda of the Russell Senate office building anniversary of alaskan up hand painted trolleys fading out Pittsburgh up the trolleys that have till recently there was a trolley painted Pittsburgh up the trolleys that have added color to Pittsburgh streets for 60 years with their Stem Ostern custom painted advertisements for Beer and Candy bars will soon be hiding their lights under a the City is modernizing its commuter rail system and putting the trolleys there their advertising clout and colourful presence will be and May be abandoned the port authority of Allegheny which runs the says refurbishing the trolleys for the underground Light rail system leaves maintenance Crews Little time for customized but for Pittsburgh is the Only place in the world where commuters can ride to work in trolleys about a third of the 90vehicle Fleet painted from Stem to Stern like a Clark Budweiser Beer an american express card or a camouflaged trolley As a recruiting pitch for the till recently there was a trolley painted to resemble a steam others commemorated the Bicentennial and the Pittsburgh Steeles super bowl Oliver a port authority transit said the Pittsburgh railways forerunner of had three trolleys in the 1920s painted especially for three universities on their routes the University of Duquense University and Carnegie Institute of during world War trolleys carried messages urging support of the War Effort and to buy War specialized painting died out in the 1950s but was resurrected by Pat in the Early Miller port authority officials say half of the cites 90 trolley cars Are to be refurbished for the new underground Light rail the rest will be scrapped and used for spare to serve More Consumers this with the increase in air traffic already apparent during the first few months of the frechtling the travel Center is predicting 5 percent increases each in the number of passenger Miles travelled by the airlines and intercity buses and a 13 percent increase by but frechtling said falling gasoline prices will encourage More people to travel by As the Economy also travel farther he he predicted that resorts in the carib bean and the Mountain areas of the West would do Well in As people resume their there also will be increased demand for food services and frechtling there is a pent up demand for vacation travel that built up Over the past two he the travel Center predicts that the 1983 economic recovery should raise hotel Motel occupancy by nearly 3 percentage Points Over last years 66 fast food and hotel restaurant sales Are expected to increase business by 4 percent to 5 percent this it All in 1983 should be a Good year to be in the travel with 1984 even frechtling Caribbean air fares slashed new York up in an Effort to stimulate passenger traffic during the off Peak vacation season in the pan american world airways has slashed air fares to seven tropical Beach resorts by up to 54 pan ams action could prompt similar reductions by other carriers serving the Caribbean Miami based Eastern a dominant Carrier throughout the said it was studying pan ams new fares to determine the pan ams reductions apply to travel Between 10 cities and port of Montero Freeport and the cities involved Are new Orlan new Orleans and combined with sharply of season hotel the fare reductions should make the carib bean an extremely attractive vacation Destina said pan am spokesman Martin pan am said the new fares Are unrestricted with no Advance Purchase or minimum or maximum stay the fares Are Good for travel through although Basic fares will be slightly higher Between july 1 and As pan am said the one Way fare Between new York and Montero Bay will be Cut 51 percent to mondays through thursdays from on the fare will be 43 percent lower at from new York to the the fare will be Down 54 percent from the weekend fare will be other one Way fare cuts include to a 36 percent reduction from weekend fare will be to 40 percent off the previous weekend fare will be to a 38 percent savings from weekend fare will be and Orlando to a 38 percent savings from weekend fare will be Orleans to midweek for a 41 percent weekend fare will be to port of midweek a 40 percent weekend fare will be to midweek a 30 percent weekend fare will be Hartford Springfield to mid week a 51 percent

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