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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 5, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes reluctant president is a myth political sociologists have commented on every thing so it is surprising that those Learned types have failed to note a trend Over there at the White Ronald Reagan seems to have decided its of to be Reagan obviously enjoys his Job to the and i suspect he intends to seek a second fou year even if it Means giving the sack to Interior Secretary James Watt and saying something Nice to a couple of Reagan just loves the he smiles a great even when Hes talking about glowering Guys like Andropov and layout liberals who would chop off his head if the secret service looked the other he never complains about the supposed Burden of his office or the Lack of of a president has More privacy than anybody in the country except maybe certain Imperial but folklore persists that he lives in a fish we Are told by assorted shrink Type experts that a presidents life is not a Happy that because they continue to look into the past instead of the recent present they Are still under the influence of presidents who mourned their lot and yearned for the great open spaces of starting with Harding Warren who was to blame for a lot of started it if he said it he said it a million times the White House is a he died at a time when some folks were wondering whether he should be dispatched to a genuine hardings Cal presumably Felt the same i say presumably because Cal almost never said but his aides went on the record As saying he found his secret service viewpoint ii May 1983 Protection onerous and spoke pleasurably about the Roc filled Fields of when Coolidge i do not choose to run again in he meant that although living in the White House was hed stay on the Job out of a sense of duty if the republicans urged him to do Andrew Tully they which shows that presidents have to be careful about As Well As they after Coolidge came Herbert he was another Guy who gave the impression he was serving Only to save the Republic from i do not like life in this he said but he was crushed when sprung from Durance vile by Franklin Roosevelt never wanted anything else from life but the he lived it up in the White House and he be budged out of the joint even when he audaciously ran for a third and then a fourth Harry Truman called the White House a Haw he loved the he fought like a Tiger to be nominated for a full term in he claimed that he pined for but kept saying he could take Tom Dewey in three he its the Only Job Eisenhower complained about Washington As a City unfit for human but he ran for re election even after suffering a heart John Kennedy was in his element in the White its the Only he was fond of telling reporters Over two fingers of Lyndon Johnson revealed in the imperialism of the and so did Richard Jimmy Carter claimed he didst like the but wept when Reagan deprived him of a second Reagan actually has no he still shoots the Breeze with old Hollywood pals and is famous for his observing reagans its no wonder everybody but me is running for the and my private self would accept a Mcnaught Syndicate reagans federalism aide packs it in Richard Williamson is giving up the care and feeding of county com missioners and state legislators the Salt of the As everyone knows to be the ambassador to the International agencies head quartered in who is Only 33 and therefore can be forgiven his is actually abandoning his position As the assistant to the president for intergovernmental relation Island leaving the Center of Power on the Potomac for a Backwater Burg on the Blue to be Vienna offers Beautiful women and Rich desserts in any order and any Quantity Yum but there Hast been a Lively discussion of federalism in any of the Vienna coffeehouses since the dissolution of the habs Burg and federalism is Williamson abiding passion or led us to believe during these last 27 More than anyone else in the White nurtured president reagans of handing off some Josf Washington and responsibility to the state and local governments of the not a reality the As you May have has not become a but that is not for Lack of Williamson trying he has negotiated and coaxed and until he is Blue in the face and the great federalism initiative is about where it was when Reagan came to there have been some consolidations of categorical Aid programs into Block but the blockbuster plan unveiled by Reagan in his 1982 state of the Union a grandiose Swap and turnback package involving major welfare and health died Williamson was never Able to Bridge the differences within the administration and Between the administration and the nations governors and mayors on How the scheme would so Williamson had a learning probably More valuable than his Brief stewardship As manager of Philip cranes abortive bid for the 1980 presidential but not much More of a what commands David Broder is the doggedness of his if i were a defendant with a really weak id want Williamson on his Way out the so to Williamson has Short essay for american education summarizing the reasons that make federalism a cause of enduring importance at in the eyes of us True Fosters Harmony has propositions Are simple and significant federalism Fosters social Harmony because it reduces government to a manageable scale and makes citizen participation More readily accessible federalism promotes civic responsibility by fostering citizen participation federalism helps secure individual rights by providing Multi ple avenues of redress federalism diversity and allows for local considerations in problem solving federalism Fosters accountability because state and local officials Are More accessible to the people federalism is efficient because responsibilities Are sorted with a National government focusing on National and state and local governments handling their own local the system does not become overloaded and those principles Are because they Are the sorting out of which Williamson Speaks must remain on the Agenda for some future president to but it wont happen this year federalism is on the Back As Utah Scott Matheson chairman of the National governors put subordinated to the budget Battle and economic Formigli policy con the Job program Congress passed and Reagan signed Vlast month is largely an old fashioned Federal with Little role for the states an Effort to help local governments offset the Revenue losses of the recession by advancing their Revenue sharing payment Date passed the As part of the jobs but was killed in the House Senate focus unchanged in the president and Congress once again have been diverted from the arduous task of sorting out the functions of state and local and once again Are behaving As it All of the responsibility had to be focused in that Means some future Rich Williamson will have to take up the cudgels for federalism in the second Reagan term or in somebody else White Williamson has nothing but Strauss and strudel to console poor fellow All us federalists envy him his bad the Washington Post

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