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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 4, 1983, Tokyo, Japan Pacific stars and stripes health May 1983 13 ounces at but Hes making it Long a Daniel Sumi was so tiny at birth that a circular spot Bandage covered his whole he was bathed in a tub the size of a Margarine instead of wearing the diaper specially sized for premature his was used As a mattress and a Bikini was fashioned for him out of a piece of surgical he wore doll he was just inches Long and weighed 13 but he howled and kicked and tugged at his annoying life support he was a born said Jose the neonatologist who cared for Daniel at Long Beach memorial the biggest Surprise was to see this tiny Little which we didst expect to do kicking and that was 14 months when Danny met the press last thurs he was Clad in real baby and his weight is now around 6 said his Eunice Danny was born by caesarean Section on March after 27 weeks of doctors said his growth had been retarded by complications from his mothers asthma or the medication she took for its just been such a i still cant believe it said when they sent him Home last september and i wrapped him i even feel him in the i didst know where he began and i was so frightened that i might squeeze him accidentally instead of the at times it has been his weight dropped to 11 and he sometimes lost weight just by crying or moving about in his burning nurses and family members were asked not to hold him for fear that baby she worlds tiniest survivor meets the press precious he even developed a even at the they limited us to holding him for five minutes under a heat and said Ken the a very difficult any activity would make him lose they monitored the time very it was thing to Sandy an occupational therapist who has helped Daniel with motor skills and said the deserves a lot of the Danny saved he wanted to he is still a High risk susceptible to Many viruses and other medical she but his Fine motor such As Finger Are and his psychological and sociological signs Are Perez other motor such As bal have been slow to Perez because Dannys head is so much larger than his the big head shows us that All the All the calories that Danny received in the womb were going to head growth and brain Perez now his body is just catching Perez said Dannys rate of development suggests he will catch up to his age but no one knows when that May at Daniel has developed a daily he Rolls on the but cant he sits up in a baby Walker that the Sumis have padded so he Doest fall through the leg and they watch him carefully on his infant swing or hell leak out the his father he Doest but plays Patty cake and gives kisses upon re and he grunts and groans when people stand Between him and the television Sumi his older nearly is his official although in the first few weeks after Danny came Home David treated him pretty much like a new the father Sumi worries that Daniel will be a Small child something the doctors have told her to expect and she Hopes that who is big for his age will protect Hes awfully she 130 at Asbestos site live with cancer fear times John Insalaco sat in the Kitchen of the Home he helped build on the site he carefully picked out nine years ago and i would love to be Able to just move out of Here like the rest of the 130 residents of the Asbestos contaminated Mountain View Mobile estates Insalaco and his have lived for More than three years with the fear that they May be risking cancer by remaining in their Homes in this mining Community 90 Miles South East of last the Mountain View sub built in 1973 on the site of an old Asbestos Mill and near a second was designated by the Environ mental Protection Agency As one of the toxic waste Sites for two weeks officials of the Agency announced that it was speeding up a study to determine whether to relocate residents per three years state and Federal health officials told Mountain View residents that the waste Asbestos fibres that had infiltrated their Homes when cause lung yet Little was done to resolve the residents and a debate has raged Between the subdivision residents and some of the other townspeople about whether Asbestos is Irene a Mountain View we have to put up with All this and a lot of ridicule and i know we need the Industry Here in said who has but if theres any doubt the news from the Agency brought smiles to the residents though they said they were not eager for any More temporary in 1980 the residents were temporarily relocated by state officials so that the grounds of the subdivision could be covered with new topsoil and the abandoned Mill could be torn Down and since most of the topsoil has been its looking brighter at Insalaco said of the we feel Progress finally is being her who was working on his car was More seeing is he they say they Are putting us on the fast track i believe something is going to be but just How i have no the investigations subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce committee announced two weeks ago that it would look into whether the Epa unduly delayed the cleanup of the because Many residents Are involved in state and Federal lawsuits against Jack the Developer of the and governmental they Are reticent to talk about the Speed of the governments along the quiet streets of the lilacs and Cypress Trees surround neatly painted Mobile swings hang from Trees and childrens tricycles stand in drive most of the Homes Are double wide trailers on Concrete found with porches and patios constructed with the idea of Perma this was going to be our last Little said Irene adding that she and her a retired had great plans for the trailer with the Hainlink Fence and White petunias in the front the couple moved Here two months before the Arizona state health department came in 1979 to investigate complaints about a sewerage system and discovered that the Homes were lying atop Asbestos tainted although publicity about the prob Lem has been Insalaco its on our minds every his wife added you go and you look around and you won i dont like going outside any Insalaco said he was particularly worried about the like his who lives in a nearby trailer and has and the the people with children have it agreed she said she and her husband had suggested to their grown who live that it would be better if they didst visit they do she people ask Why dont you just get out we we dont have anything left if we walk out and leave her husband and in the we have to sit Here and pay for this property while values go the Insalaco said they wanted to be reimbursed for their investment and they wanted to get if theres a Chance you would get then i dont want my family Insalaco said of the cancer

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