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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - May 3, 1983, Tokyo, Japan 4 world Parade Moscow a thousands upon thousands of carefully marshalled soviet workers poured across red Square sunday in a May Day Parade that suggested Yuri Andropov is strengthening his hold on the Krem Lins reins of the impression was assisted by the absence from the Parade of Konstan tin reportedly andro pos chief Kremlin rival and the Man Leonid Brezhnev favored As his celebrating his first May Day As soviet communist who was reportedly hospitalized in late March with heart and kidney Pacific stars and stripes May 1983 appeared slightly frail As he was assisted up the Steps of the Lenin mausoleum to review the 90 minute pictures and slogans at the Occa Sion indicated that Andropov holds a Strong political position in the Krem Lin Power tussles currently reported by both Western and soviet in a Row of portraits of the 12 members of the ruling Andropov picture was larger than in the March a Bright display of red multicoloured balloons and surrounded several placards carrying previously Andropov rival unpublished pictures of Andropov meeting Andropov rival has not been seen in Public since a Marx Centennial Celebration at the Bolshoi theater March fueling speculation among westerners in Moscow that Andropov had managed to ease him out of Power but his portrait appeared alongside those of other politburo members for the May Day Chernenko office said last week he was suffering from a slight cold and would be Back at work although soviet sources have said he has that More serious ailment would explain Why Chernenko has missed four key events in the past others missing the Parade were ambassadors from All nato coun tries except Greece and since they have boycotted the occasion to protest soviet intervention in most of the nato embassies were represented by Lowe level the ambassador of Neutral Sweden was also absent in a protest intended to underline Stockholm Contention that six soviet submarines violated the territorial Waters of Sweden last norwegians fire missiles at suspect sub Norway a the norwegian Navy said it spotted an Oil Slick sunday in an Estuary where a mystery spy submarine was believed and a frigate fired another barrage of ant sub missiles at an underwater object spotted by a defense ministry spokesman said a special diving vessel had joined the surface Fleet taking part in the the Navy has been been Hunting what it believes is a diesel powered foreign and has been periodically shooting in its general Vicinity since last wednesday in an attempt to get it to the government has said that if the sub is the country that sent it into this nato nations Waters will be responsible for any loss of Norway has not made a formal complaint to but the Balti North sea area is a notable prowling zone for spy subs from the soviet one Day before two former Navy divers reported sighting a Black conning Tower in the deep hard anger Sweden charged that six soviet subs invaded its Waters last the soviet Union denied the defense ministry information officer Erik sen stad said the frigate fired 12 Tern Antisubmarine missiles and a depth charge late sunday afternoon in the Southern part of the Skaane Viks about Ivy Miles off the Southern tip of Hal Snoey that is about 2vz Miles South of where a frigate fired 10 terns and a depth charge on bomb and the 12 missile blasts were ordered by a frigate Captain after establishment of sonar and Hydrophone Echo sound Contact with an underwater object believed to be a Senstad earlier the Navy announced the discovery of a thin Oil Slick in the Skaane Viks this Oil Slick was spotted in a Bay of the Skaane Viks fjord on the Southeastern Side of Senstad it was just off this Bay that the frigate fired the missiles and depth charge saturday on the basis of sonar and Hydrophone Senstad said the Slick is such that it May have originated from Many and a Sample will be from the beginning of the Hunt through the Navy had fired 23 Tern missiles and dropped two depth charges at five different locations in two fjords South and Southeast of the Large Island of the norwegian built Tern missile is designed to explode at a certain distance from an underwater object to disable the weapon is not target there is both Light and heavy Industry on including shipyards working for no ways Exten Sive North sea Oil and Gas it is located in the archipelago of the Large hard anger fjord Between Bergen and Norway has a coastline indented by thousands of fjords cutting deep into the main the defense ministry says that from 1969 to the end of it received 227 reports from witnesses of foreign submarines snooping around a norwegian destroyer and search plane seeking in the narrow none was Ever a foreign submarine in hard anger a rockets from Page 1 one exploded just 100 Yards behind the ambassadors the he struck the ground and bounced another 100 Yards before shattering windows and blinds of a nearby lebanese no one was injured by either John a state department said it was too Early to say whether the shelling was an attempt to assassinate who is in Beirut to try to help negotiate the withdrawal of israeli and other for eign troops from Burghard said the projectiles Are used by nearly All the Many warring factions in he said they Are easily obtainable on the open who was a Marine in world War said he was awakened by the sound of the explosions during the night but was riot i sort of vaguely heard but i slept pretty he its not the first time Ive heard noises like Shultz said he would not hesitate to spend the night in Beirut on sunday he left for Jerusalem latest leg of his shuttle diplomacy he is to return to Beirut in addition to the Normal Contin gent of marines guarding the ambassadors additional marines Are being posted at the building during Shults stays in As the ambassadors residence was being righting Christian and druse militiamen were dueling with rockets artillery most of the night in the mountains just East and South of the in suburban the Christian and druse militias in the Central mountains have been fighting sporadically for sunday was the third night of a new flare up of Battles Between the Long time on shells fell near the Airport runway Only an hour after Shultz left follow ing his first shuttle trip to police said of the shelling sunday night was in territory occupied by the israeli the exchanges tapered off at International Frozen sperm births peking a two women married to sterile men have Given birth in chivas first of artificial insemination with Frozen the official Xinhua news Agency Xinhua did not identify the donors or the two families in it said both had requested artificial a girl baby was born 16 in Changde and a boy was born april 8 in both after artificial insemination at the Hunan province medical Xinhua both Chil Dren Are it the College had tried artificial insemination with Frozen sperm on five and three became it said the third woman now is in her sixth month of the Frozen at 196 degrees below Zero centigrade minus 321 degrees can be kept 10 or 20 it thais set government Thailand a Thailand four major political parties threw their support behind caretaker prime minister Prem official parliament Ary sources the thai social Democrat and thai citizen parties confirmed their support for Prem at a meeting called by upper House speaker Char Butr Leun Suwan and his lower House Uthai the meeting was called for political party leaders to try to solve an 11daylong Haggle Over the shape of the new a 62yearold former army announced he was quitting but two Days later he said he would accept the voice of the he became prime minister in March Thatcher egged England a prime minister Margaret thatch ers motorcade was the target of eggs and bags of flour thrown by demonstrators upset with her a police horse bolted because of the threw its rider and crashed into a squad shatter ing the rear but no one was and Thatcher did not appear to notice the disturbance As she arrived for a speech in this North England steel South Yorkshire police said 13 people were the demonstrators chanted slogans opposing the prime ministers tight Money eco nomic

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