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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 25, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Hong Kong outbreak of measles in this British Crown Colony has reached epidemic proportions and medical sources related it to deteriorating health conditions in neighbouring red More than cases of measles have been recorded so far this year and More than 400 have been the nearby portuguese territory of Macao also a j v t j it it geared to be affected by the situation in red China with aft outbreak of meningitis medical authorities in Macao said there had been an unusually Large number of meningitis cases but said they could not give precise a spokesman for the Kia Ngwu Hospital said 10 cases of meningitis had been handled at the Hospital during the past few Days and some victims had reports have been trickling from behind the Bamboo curtain for the several weeks of serious medical problems in Chi most of the reports came from travellers Froni Canton and other parts of neighbouring Kwan Turig scores of travellers have told of epidemics of various but meningitis has been mentioned medical sources in Hong Kong said the conditions for epidemic were present in they mentioned specifically the Large scale movement of people from one part of the country to another and the unhygienic conditions under which Many of the involved in this movement were both chinese and Western travellers have told of seeing 30 to 40 red guards living in one Small room or sleeping on the streets during the Peak periods of the red guard there has been no official admission by the red chinese of medical but there have been Strong particularly in the past several provincial radio reports from several areas have told of Hund reds of civilian and military medical teams going into the the main provinces involved have been he Shantung and these East and South China regions Are among the most densely populated in the the new China Agency thursday reported that teams of doctors and nurses were leaving the and other cities to work in the peking buys copters v Paris a France has sold 15 alouette3 helicopters to communist China for 20 million francs 4 sources said French huh in elevator Washington a vice president Hubert got stuck in a Treasury depart ment elevator thursday while on his Way to a Swearingin ceremony for a fellow Minne he was freed in about 10 min utes by a Mechanic who opened the elevator doors the Small private elevator had stopped just Short of the fourth floor and this prevented the door from opening automatic Al Humphrey was delayed in arriving at Swearingin Cere Moniek for Glen a native of As National director of the savings Bonds dividend for police in Bank Job up the lady in the car has a gun woman who allegedly robbed a and would use pfc Tanc w e d n e s d a y gave birth thursday morning to a 14ounce son while under Hospital j both the baby his Ella Diane were Repp Teli Dpi hug Well at the Columbus medical Ata driven window of the Columbus Bank and Ings said the customer who handed her a note on flowered was obviously in the late stages of pregnant act said the moments after the police broadcast a pickup bulletin for a a woman wearing a Blue and White maternity dress and driving a late Model police said she got about and spilled several Hundred More when she hastily scooped the Bills from the driven police she roared off in the car she had borrowed on demonstration from a used car that led to her police traced the car to the and a rented Upchurch at her trailer Home where she was Tak ing care of her 3yearold sort Howard president of Monsanto research and John Cain look at electrically driven army m37 truck which is pow ered by four hydrazine air fuel the truck has a top Speed of 47 up to free England Royal Navy thursday night postponed an attempt to re float the grounded american chartered Tanker that has spread its Oil Over 700 Square Miles of the Atlantic Ocean Between England and a naval spokesman at Plymouth said that the operation to float Torrey Canyon off the reef Between the southwestern tip of England and the Scilly Isles would almost certainly not be made to it is that an attempt to get her off will be made next 48 he throughout the Day Salvage teams had been pumping air into the Tanker in readiness for the at tempt to float it offal High run by batteries up an Donley these systems electric truck powered by fuel will permit major improvements cells lurched into operation wednesday for use by the the truck is the army weighing f our tons and powered by by Drazin Eair fuel the fuel cells were developed by the Mon Santo for the army Engineer research and development laboratories at fort com Mander of the mobility equipment which includes the fort Belvoir the army has developed the truck As a research vehicle for unhappy in zoo House elephant sobs like q child zoo was shattered by shrieks and1 there was nothing to cause London know that zoologists May say that an ele Phant cant said Jean Robinson but i tears in this elephants and j one morning six girl attendants the noise sounded like a baby but no child was saw i i saw them running Down her Robinson is Secretary of the Twycross zoo in Leicester every night the peace of the 4 stripes March 1967 at the zoo found a baby sobbing like a big tears were rolling Down her said i saw them and so did the j Iris is a Fourmont hold Indian her said Trevor a member of the zoo she was eating Well and was she was crying real tears from her Ever so sad i saw one of the girls told Vorley we think Shes afraid of the a night Light was installed in the House Early this Only recently brought not a Peep has1 been heard to from Iris in operational such As Cross country mobility and precise vehicle in fuel consumption and in silence of Donley said that the trucks fuel cells can also provide Power for vehicle mounted a Monsanto spokesman said the trucks drive system is furnished with electricity by four chemical Power he said the units Combine hydrazine with oxygen to produce Watts of electricity Howard president of Monsanto research a fuel cell will produce electric Ity As Long As it is supplied with much the same As an inter Nal combustion engine runs As Long As it receives in Asp said that the exhaust of a fuel cell is water vapor Ariu the electric Power produced by the fuel cells feeds an electric motor through a solid state vol Tage the motor pro Vides the equivalent of about 27 horsepower and replaces the regular 94horsepower gasoline the fuel cell truck can clip no grades of 20per cent and has a maximum Speed of 47 on level y tire safety firms admit Detroit Indus try sources said thursday tire pressures recommended for cars fall into that Gray area of com promises among smooth ride and adequate tire Industry spokesmen were reluctant to comment on charges in Washington wednesday by a Bureau of standards official that Auto companies recommended tire pressures that were too up erroneously reported in an earlier Story that the official had charged recommended tire pressures were too the offi Robert head of the bureaus standards evaluation had in fact charged the pressures were too not too one Auto Industry source explained that so Many factors were involved it would be difficult to answer such criticism without specific knowledge As to just what criteria were used to determine proper tires run at pressures too Low tend to flex too heat up to a High degree and tend to destroy said the of the other tires with pressures too High ride and at High speeds Over even relatively smooth tend to spin on the pavement arid Wear out in he tires inflated at High pressures provide a smaller surface of Contact with the Road and reduce the traction for Safe tires operated at Low pressures provide More Contact with the Road thus give greater Brak ing Sierra Leone troops spiff Sierra Leone fighting broke out thursday among troops Back ing rival factions in the political showdown which followed last weeks reliable reports that the split in army ranks had erupted into fighting gave no details the extent of the the entire Sierra Leone army numbers Only about officers and this West african which won Britain in has been under martial Law since martial Law was clamped Down by army chief brigadier David Lansana shortly after governor general sir Henry Lightford Boston swore in Sisitka Stevens As new at the same time Lansana announced that Stevens and other officials with him inside the House were under preventive Lar he threatened to shoot them if they tried to

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