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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 23, 1967, Tokyo, JapanArmed forces radio television apr am Vietnam saturday mar. 25 6 00 news and sports6 30 music by candlelight 7 05 Sammy Davis or. Show8 05 grand Ole opry 9 05 aussie news9 10 night treat 10 00-t-news and sports10 80 night beat 11 05 Patty show carries on family tradition private wins fight to get to Viet sunday mar. 26 05 be still and know 15 Herman Griffith 05 night train 05 Jim Ameche 00 news 10 music for sunday morning 05 Salt Lake Tabernacle 30 protestant hour 05 message of Israel 30 hour of the crucified 05 music for sunday morning 00 news and sports 30 army hour 55 world of Money 05 Panorama 55 news 00 football 05 music for sunday afternoon afro pm Vietnam 1212 15 66 88 99 1012 12 121 23 6 saturday blai1. 25 8 05afrt concert "9 00enchantment of music 9 30music by candlelight10 00ray Garland reports 10 05our music. Heritage 11 00limelight note no sunday program aft Vietnam saturday mat. 35 5 45tea 7 00news 7 05hollywood palenc 8 00gunsmoke8 50news & sports 9 05jimmy Dean show10 00johnny Midnight sunday. Mar. 2 5 45american sportsman.7 00news 7 05ed Sullivan .8 00bonanza 8 50news & sports 9 05tonight show10 20sports Roundup aft Saigon saturday. Mar. .25 1 30now headlines . Film social Security 2 00m-squad .2 so it Arrigan & son 3 00roy Acuff. Beverly Griffith 550snorts event of the week 00news and sports 00jackie Glia son 00hollywood Palace 00--Bato show sunday. Mar. 2 5 -.30news headlines Chapel of Theair 00educational film 00sunday movie -0sports event of the week 00big picture 30news and sports 00dick Van Dyke t 0candid camera-.00bonanza 00ed Sullivan aft Danang Channel 11, la Najt saturday mar. 25 12 ?,0cousin ski s test pattern parly1 00flintstonos, 1 to candid camera2 00wrestling 3 00feature film 4 1.0swinging country 4 80tea" 7 00news 7 05carol & company8 00gunsmoke 8 50news & sports9 05hollywood Palac 10 00third Man attn radio Thailand saturday mar. 25 113 00east of Midnight .6 00morning Side 7 00new roundup8 30folk music of the world 9 00roger Carroll show10 00top hit Parade 11 00polka party12 00news and sports 12 so Dave Stogner show 00accent 5 00music till six6 00news and sports 6 30hawaii Calls 7 00grand old opry 8 00oldies but goodies9 00sammy Davis or. I editorial department and news bureaus i Tokyo All offices 402-4101" City desk and reporters 402-4101 ext. 41-42-57south Vietnam Saigon Arvn 31952washington room 2e756, Pentagon Washington . 20301 circulation department and District offices Hong Kong Swindon Book co. 18-15, lock rd., Kowloon 6-2040thailand Bangkok capital hotel 70070south Vietnam Saigon Lynx 331 due to copy right restrictions subscriptions cannot be Aca pled few delivery to addresses in the suited states. It. Dix . A an army private who longed for Vietnam but was assigned instead to Europe while the rest of his com Pany went off to War is getting his wish to be where the action it s great just great said pfc Harold Hamburg 27, of Gering neb., when told he d been reassigned to Vietnam. This thing s been bugging me for the last couple of years. I just had to get Over one of 11 Brothers who served total of 11 years in combat in world War ii and Korea Ham Burg said that he too has always been ready to go and fight but has not been Given the opportune served in the peacetime army seven years ago but left to get Back Home and try my hand at but with the Vietnam conflict brewing and eager to uphold the family tradition Hamburg reenlisted two months ago in Denver colo., and said the recruiting officer prom ised him a Vietnam assignment. But when he finished Basic training at it. Bliss tex., three weeks ago his entire company shipped to Vietnam while his or Ders read Frankfurt Germany. I was the Only one who asked to go to Vietnam but they All went and i did t. I could t be Lieve so Home on leave he wrote his congressman David Martin and president Johnson. He said his desire to get to Vietnam came partly from patriotism and partly from a passion for adventure. Seven of his Brothers served i world War ii six saw action and three were wounded. Three othe Brothers served in Korea. Married and the father of a6-Ycar-old son Hamburg said his wife is not disappointed by his decision to go to Vietnam. She was just surprised i passed the physical. I fooled 47 89 10 23 47 7 88 9 10 won t lose swedish moderns some say scandinavians Don t go in if or swim suits but a recent fashion show in London featured these fascinating creations from Sweden. The gals Are from left Sonia Pugin and Shirley Osborne. Maybe the swedes Only Export Bath ing suits. A pc Kaffack old Liberty ship Saigon up the Rusty old Liberty ship began to shake All Over and suddenly soot an smoke began pouring out of the stack. But capt. Edward o Neilland his vietnamese Pilot just ducked. The conqueror kept heading straight up the Saigon ordeal of the 10,000-ton ship began last thursday wit Viet Cong Small arms fire. It sounded like plink Plank plunk so i ducked Clown o Neill said. I knew it was Small arms fire since we be been hit he kept the ship on course and suddenly it began shaking. I sounded like somebody taking a 50-Pound Sledge Hammer an slamming it on the Side when the heavy stuff came at us. This old baby Shook All Over o Neill heavy stuff was 75-Milli meter recoilless Rifle fire. O Neil said three shells pierced the unoccupied master s quarters an two the Hull. O Neill said he and his Pilot Lay Low on the Cabin floor and peeked Over the dodger Ever now and he said one of the men was taking a Shower when the Small arms fire started. He stepped out to see what was going on an caught a piece of shrapnel in the the Man was take by helicopter to a Hospital. The whole attack lasted 10 min utes. The conqueror was carry ing a cargo of . Aid materials including some bleaching acid for ship built in 1944, was sail ing out of Taiwan for Saigon an had stopped in Hong Kong. We do a sort of triangular tramp run from Taiwan to Hong Kong and Saigon o Neill explained. Washington a .civilians working for defense department agencies in Vietnam will continue to receive a 25 per cent pay Bonus while american servicemen there lose a Cost of living allowance. This Bonus called a Post differential is an incentive pay ment to civil service employee who Volunteer for duty in certain overseas locations where there Isan element of hardship. This differential pay is not be ing stopped the Pentagon said. It is required under the question was raised wit the defense department after it announced last week plans to halt on May 1 a Cost of living allowance now collected by More than 31,200 . Servicemen most of them stationed in the Saigon area. That action is calculated to save about $21 million a year. The approximately 450 .civilians working for defense department agencies in Vietnam receive Bonus pay estimated at about $1.1 million a year the Pentagon said. Officials said a study showed living expenses in Vietnam generally were lower than those inthe. United states. The military differential Range from $27 a month for privates to $84 a month for generals and was put into effect originally to help servicemen overcome excessive living costs in Vietnam. The defense department Esti mated that the salary base of the civilians in its employ in Viet Nam averaged about $10,000 a year. Thus a 25 per cent pos differential would yield about $2,500. All servicemen stationed i Vietnam receive $65 a month above their Normal pay for serv ice in a War zone. Some of them receive . Civilian employees of the de sense department also receive a quarters allowance if they do no live in government billets. This the Pentagon said amounts to what is normally considered to be a fair rental Cost within cer Tain limits. The civilians Are obligated Topay their regular income tax including on the 25 per cent differential. Enlisted men stationed in Viet Nam arc forgiven their Federal in come tax. Military officers Are granted a$500 a month Federal income tax exemption. Pacific stars & stripes thursday March 23, 1967

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