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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 23, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Peate bid rejected notes change Viet War p a c i f i c an authorized publication of the armed forces far East Pes daily with supplements 81 edition March 1967 Washington of a let Ter sent by president Juht Tsyn to North vietnamese president to Chi dear president i am writing to you in the Hope that the conflict in Vietnam can be brought to an that conflict has already taken a heavy lives in wounds in property and in simple human if we fail to find a just and peace Ful history will judge us i believe that we both have a heavy obligation to seek earnestly the path to it is in response to that obligation that i am writing directly to we have tried Over the past several in a Vari Johnson Ety of ways and through a number of to convey to you and your colleagues our desire to achieve a peaceful for whatever these efforts have not achieved any it May be that our thoughts and our attitudes and have been distorted or misinterpreted As they passed through these various certainly that is a danger in indirect communication there is one Good Way to overcome this problem and to move Forward in the search for a peaceful continued on Back 1 by the associated press Johnson wrote to presi Dent to Chi of North Vietnam Early in february suggesting direct talks for peace in Vietnam but to rejected the it was announced in tuesday after return ing from the conference at Johnson declared he will continue to seek an honorable peace in Vietnam despite hos regrettable re hos reply Tokyo of hos reply to president broadcast by the Viet Nam news Agency to his excellency Lyndon John United states of your on i re Vived your this is my Vietnam is thousands of Miles away from the United the vietnamese peo pie have never done any harm to the United but contrary to the pledges made by its representative at the 1954 Geneva Confer the government has ceaselessly intervened in it has unleashed and intensified the War of aggression in South Vietnam with a View to prolonging the partition of Viet Nam and turning South Vietnam into a Neo Colony and a military base of the United for Over two years the govern ment with its air and naval carried the War to the democratic Republic of an Independent and Sovereign the government has committed War crimes against peace and against in South half a million and continued on Back 5 Section of his until his efforts Are Johnson we shall of course do our duty in the North vietnamese foreign in a state ment monitored in said to sent his reply to Johnson the Day after the United states resumed air raids against North Vietnam following the lunar new year to said in his in your you suggested direct talks Between the democratic Republic of North Vietnam and the United turning Down the to if the government really wants these it must first of All Stop unconditionally its bombing raids and All other of War against North the United states has already made it Plain it will not Delesca late the War unless the communists respond with Matching Acho went on to say it is Only Mil air shield for nato Premier by announces his government made fresh peace proposals to Hanoi several Days Page text of joint communique summarizing Guam Page after his conditions Are met that North Vietnam and the United states could enter into talks and discuss questions concerning the two in his which the full text was released by the foreign the Viet namese people will never submit to they will never accept talks under the threat of in Washington John son during my flight Home i Learned that Hanoi had made Public an Exchange of letters be tween me and to his reply to me of mid feb Rumary and his earlier Public reply i to his the were regrettable rebuffs to a genuine continued on Back 2 Pointblank artillery kills 423 reds by sp4 Allen Fasoldt staff correspondent Soui communists suffered their worst de feat of the War in terms of deaths tuesday when More than 423 reds were killed during a Battle 17 Miles Northeast of Tay Ninh troopers of the 3d 4th serving under the 25th task Force Cut Down human wave attacks of 200 and 300 men by firing artillery Flat out with can Nister the americans were running Low on ammunition when a column of 113 armoured including 33 clanked to the a George com Pany said As the reds were Cut they would fall Back and Patch up the wounded before launching a fresh As Many of the dead were wearing fresh he re John Bat Talion said the fight ing was More Savage than any thing he had seen in world War ii or the fighting broke out in the dense Jungle around the 3d 4th artillery Post when a patrol spotted forces of the 272d pc air strikes and armed helicopters took a tremendous toll of the attacking but it was direct fire from artillery at the Camp that was credited with turn ing Back the of 18 howitzers that the enemy attacked with rockets and mortal 11 were knocked a repairs by the put All but four of these Back in working order after the these making up three batteries of the 2d 27th arty sat in the Middle of a half Mil wide Landing zone established about 70 Miles Northwest of Saigon to support the month old operation Junction losses in the fierce fighting throughout the Day were 30 killed and 109 the 423 pc death toll reported includes Only bodies found in the immediate Vicinity of the Artil Lery while the enemy troops were identified As part of the 272d pc there were also reports continued on Back 2 London up the United states and five Allied countries Lave formed a six nation Corpora Ion to build a million air Cle Ense Early warning system for Western it was announced the other countries Are West Italy and the the system is to be known standing nato air defense ground Environ although French president Harles de Gaulle has withdrawn his country from virtually All other military cooperation with the North Atlantic treaty organization he has left it in the Nadge which is continued on Back 4 b52s flee Gale off Guam Tokyo storm with winds of 52 was reported 333 Miles Northeast of Guam wednesday according air Force weather Central at Fuchu an air Force spokesman at Kadena said about 30 b52 bombers were flown to Kadena from to avoid pos sible the spokesman said it was a Normal typhoon evacuation the air Force said some of the b52s flew Back to Guam tues Day and the rest were returning weathermen said Theresa is moving East Northeast at 17 the storm is not expected to hit any land

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