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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan As troops press 4 drives Vietnam Bureau killed 129 Day As Sharp fighting in four separate Early reports said losses were 12 killed arid 34 heaviest enemy losses were reported in the Northern where marines killed 39 in scattered fighting also in the of the 3d Marine Kiuei 32 on the last Day of operation Prairie one Marine Wias kitted and 23 in other action saturday of tie 1st air arid 3d brigade task 25th Saigon a South Viet name announced sunday night their approval of the draft Constitution adopted unanimously saturday by the constituent they said they killed 31 communists and detained 261 pc suspects along the coastal Plain 53 Miles Northwest of qui five americans were killed and five of the 8th found 27 enemy bodies in a sweep near an Loc after the infantrymen were attacked by a pc losses the Constitution will become when it is Given final approval by the ruling armed forces such approval is considered certain after sundays action by the National Directo made up of 10 military Lead ers and 10 the Constitution As drafted by the 117man Assem Bly provides that a president and vice president be elected within six months of the constitutions and that National elections for a two House Assem Bly be held within twelve months after 2 would not propose any j were six killed and six apparently cleared Way for a return to civilian govern ment in South the decision was taken by the military Junta and the Cabinet Only hours before Premier Ngu yen Cao by and chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu were scheduled to Fly to Guam for a strategy conference with president John son and other top by had let it be known he wanted to take the completed document with him to show Vietnam Bureau Saigon Cong attackers struck hard at two government local Force units in separate actions North of Saigon Over the sharpest fighting took place saturday morning along the North Ern 35 Miles Southeast of Quang a regional Force company Man Ning the a Huynh outpost took heavy losses in the on a popular Force platoon guarding the Tan Bui Hanlet near Bao 84 Miles Northeast of reportedly suffered moderate casualties in a predawn enemy losses were unknown in both a pc mortar attack sunday killed one civilian and wounded four others at the Trang bang sub sector 28 Miles Northwest of traffic court wants blood weary troops of the 1st 22d 4th dig into rations after battling a Ortli Viet namese company in operation Sam it was their first meal in 1 head arid by sp4 Ray Belford they hit us this time with staff correspondent Riffe machine gun Sand Khe Lull and we started taking you Marine the North Viet heavy lord namese shrieked and we asked for air strikes and toward the Young the Marine fell to the ground and with i must have shot him 10 said Donald a 9th marines platoon Leader who saw is men and another platoon hit hard on Hill 861 last of Silver was leading e 2d on what was supposed to be a routine patrol four Miles from their base Camp at Khe what happened was not on that Dasiy lords platoon pushed through stands of elephant grass As they started sweeping through Hilly the fag wanted to know where we wanted the we told him right on of the another b 2d through the Jungle the battered Marine helicopters were Able to lift out some of the seriously Hurt but most of those who were hit had to stay As the second chopper flew out when the napalm hit the Hill with its the North Viet we could hear the North viet1 namese struck time namese trying to run i dont believe any of us would be alive if it we rent for the air the napalm drove the reds but Only a few i see the and i dont think any of our men could but i could hear them and when i heard one talk i shot in the direction of the with a mortar without Foxholes or natural the marines were easy tar i just hit the ground where the chopper had lord i covered my head and i they walked the mortars right Down the when it was Over i kept hugging the the attack lasted Only a few government losses a few Miles from the in other vietnamese troops captured 67 Viet 16 Gas masks and a still camera during an laotian see 5 in any he we thought there might be North vietnamese the area because we heard Ohio a at the tip of the me movements near our perimeter when the mayor of suburban Elmwood place holds traffic he Doest insist on a pint of but it mayor Otto Hasler has been giving traffic violators a Chance to have their fines reduced by if they agree to give a pint of blood to the veterans admin stration the veterans of foreign wars recently began Kong the in an Xuyen ended the regimen size drive killed 39 Viet million 14 for each pc Saigon army a drive for the hospitals almost helicopters fired More than 14 depicted blood the mayor says six traffic violators have signed pledge cards to give blood so far this and if they dont go through with they will be held in contempt of rounds for every enemy Soldier in South Vietnam million rounds during the week ending March the gunship fire was recorded during sorties supporting ground during the two hours before marines Nightmare the Point Man yelled a warn ing just before they opened up on us from two lord the started build ing up As the North vietnamese poured deadly crossfire from a reinforced platoon the the North and a squad to the in 15 minutes the fire we were in pretty Good shape with Only a few we regrouped and started moving to a zone where we could move out the without the enemy struck lords platoon had been sliced but for a full five up badly by the second minutes after the mortars Stop lord Lay 1 it a All around me were wounded Lille he i believe i was still those who were not seriously wounded started stumbling Down the four or five men carried each other As they went Down the Tokyo Vietnam sunday rejected any peace military de escalation and cease fire unless the United states stops what Hanoi Cal edits aggression against it also ruled out the possibility of seeking peace in Vietnam through the United say ing the United nations has Noth ing to do with the Vietnam prob and the absolutely has no competence whatever to Deal with the Vietnam Hanoi official Vietnam news Agency in a broadcast monitored said the state ment was made by a spokesman of the North vietnamese foreign of jets Pound key Viet Supply route Vietnam Bureau Saigon air Force f105s hammered route 15 North of the Mugia pass with 500 and Pound bombs saturday that Cut the key Highway and started a the planes of the 355th and Pacific stars stripes March 388th tactical fighter wings hit the route at two spots North of the pass As weather conditions held the number of missions to most of the targets were routine strikes against transportation routes in the but Navy planes also ripped five 40foot Supply ships 15 Miles Southeast of one Craft was destroyed and another blasted by a Large secondary Navy planes also struck for the third time at the steel fabricating Plant at thai 32 Miles North of a report air Force phantoms hit a Stor age area 32 Miles South of Dong hoi and destroyed 15 Supply Marine pilots added 12 missions to the action and hit targets in the bomb damage was not accurate throughout the country because of in the the air and marines flew 495 sorties that included 187 in support of 16 ground the results included damage or destruction for 109 fortified 21 samoans and five secondary another platoon from e arrived and the mortars fell the few marines who were Able to walk helped the others into a defensive they spent the night at the Bottom of the there were Only about six of us from my platoon who came out the next morning without a lord we were nearly wiped the Battle had lasted six hours and left 12 marines dead and 5ft enemy losses will never be because the North vietnamese carted off Many of their dead during the but the next 11 North vietnamese were found a few Yards from where the two Marine platoons had battled through a wins army contract Newport a Phi Coford Aero nut Ronic division in Newport Beach reports it has received an army contract for million to make shillelagh the mis Sile is a guided tactical antitank

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