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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan 10dqy Ress Washington of the 90th Congress head Home thursday for a 10day easter re Cess after the first 11 weeks session that be the dullest and least productive since the late despite a steady Stream of presidential proposals in Fields ranging from educational television to open Little has been accomplished be far by either Branch and Little is close to Congress has raised the debt limit to billion and authorized spending an additional billion in and the sen ate has approved the historic so consular but most of the presidents major proposals Are buried in legislative hearings on the alleged wrong doing of two Adam Clayton Powell of new York and Thomas Dodd of have provided the biggest congressional news of the past three the overriding influence on the slow congressional Pace has been the economically and of the Vietnam with a secondary Factor the in creased Republican strength in the president Johnsons Mes sages indicate he has not interpreted last novembers election results As a warning to slow Down the Pace of new Domestic the leisurely Pace on Capitol Hill indicates Many con Gressmen feel this the leadership seems disinclined to bring up measures unlikely to and White House aides concede that a major Pur pose of the scope of Johnsons proposals is to create a record for the 1968 regardless of How Congress treats besides the defense authorize debt limit raise and Consu Lar the major Senate achievement has been approval of the first major reorganization Bill for Congress since it provides a summer in creased staffing for members and use of computers for budget work and stricter controls on while sponsors predict House the rules committee has shown no haste in turning its attention to Pope Vatican City up Paul opening holy week ceremonies with the Blessing of the sunday called for world peace leased on love and brotherhood and not on supremacy and the race for the 69yearold pontiff made no mention of Vietnam in his Palm sunday Sermon in Peters he spoke of world peace that teaches men to respect one to collaborate fraternally and not to fund their Hopeson supremacy and the race for he also referred to the efforts that men Are making to accomplish their peace often fleeting arid fragile when it is not hypocritical and speaking from the Basilicas Bernini designed main altar Over the Tomb of the Pope stressed that peace was obtain Able and could be found through if peace is the fruit of brotherhood an d if peace is the continuous and generous Effort to generate a Strong and reasonable it is accessible to he told the faithful in Peters after bless ing the Palm in the sistine some of Romes Given a special role in Palm Sun Day ceremonies for the past three were present in the Pope told them that without youths support it would be impossible to establish effective world uncovered Linda who became a coed at Fairleigh Dickinson University in mad to act As an under cover narcotics was uncovered after she confessed her role to an the mor Ris county prosecutors had assigned her to Check on the use of marijuana on the Campus a recent deaths envoy William Rivkin Washington a William ambassador to Senegal and died sunday of a heart attack in the state department had served previously As ambassador to Jimmy Elaine a writer and performer on radio and died of a heart attack Elaine real name was James William judge Spencer Bell a p a member of the fourth Cir Cuit court of judge Spencer died Here s u f f e r e d a coronary thrombosis Pope Paul holds a Crucifix with an Olive Branch As he gives blessings while walking to the main altar of Peters Basilica to celebrate mass on Palm a radio photo showdown meeting is set strength 4 Pacific stars stripes March 19g7 Washington a Ameri British and West German be meet Here monday to seek final agreement on the num Ber of troops in Europe and ways to pay for their this will be the and probably the meeting of the three Power group composed of John Mccloy for the United minister of state George Thomson for and Ambas Sador Georg Duckwitz for Ger the group was established last fall when it became Clear that the germans would not fully offset the foreign Exchange costs of keeping american and British troops on their and that neither Washington nor London Mas prepared to accept additional balance payment Mccloy and his colleagues were asked to answer three questions what is the extent of the threat of aggression How Many soldiers Are needed to Stop an aggressor attacking with conventional weapons who should pay to maintain these forces the group answered the first two questions in a re port submitted to the North Atlan tic treaty organization foreign ministers meeting last its findings boil Down to this tension in Europe might have but communist Mili tary potential remains natos combat potential must remain the third for months a source of still the expectation is that Duckwitz will repeat monday his governments offer to buy million Worth of Treasury notes during the coming fiscal year he also will offer to the British an offset pay plans for Washington Senate fears about be Arviet name in such trouble spots As Rhodesia have Pentagon plans for a new Type of logistic ship to be deployed around the world with supplies and equipment for airlifted if we build anything like this we Are just going to be a aided More and More of this business of fighting everybody said Richard Russell in made Public Russell is chairman the Senate armed services com the committee acted thursday to delete million from its Bill Foh defense procurement Bill for the fast deployment logistic ships Russell described himself in the transcript As originally very enthusiastic about this concept but said he has since had grave it seems to he that this will increase the dependence of All of our allies All Over the world on the United states to straighten out anything goes he said his enthusiasm was chilled by a British press account suggesting the United states would have to enforce sanctions against Rhodesia and South f it Russell notice Long before we have three or four divisions Down there and another pretty goo sized Vietnam on our hands a Little rougher even than the building of these ships is a very decided step in that in my ladder ruins escape try inmates reported by Indiana reformatory officials to have scaled a 30foot Wall thursday night by using a homemade ladder didst escape after they were found saturday hiding in a storage bin inside the guard Mcdaniel quoted one of the Danny As the ladder was too Flimsy and it hold Petro and Raymond also of were found in the furniture factory where they had fashioned their 28foot ladder in three they had a few cookies and a Jar of instant said my 9 killed in crash Turkey a a bus car collision near Ern killed nine persons including six members of a single family ten others were Spray on Washington Spray on Battlefield dressing and adhesive tape for repairing severed nerves were among new research developments reported week at the International association for dental research the Rayon tape has been used successfully to repair crushed jaw nerves in experimental the tape holds the nerve ends carefully it and the regenerating nerve fibres which might other Wise grow use of tape was reported to be Superior to other method sin pases where treatment has to be delayed the Spray on dressing was developed for Battlefield use As a simple Means to Stop bleeding until a Man can receive professional it pan Cut tissue to Stop reduce accelerate Healing and inhibit Bac one researcher re ported Burkitt a fatal disease once thought to be limited to has now been discovered in the United states and other parts of the most patients die within six months after cancerous Dis ease it usually starts with a malignant tumor in the jaw or three cases have been reported in research ers Are not sure if the disease is new in this country or if it has not been properly identified until

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