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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Lenten guideposts bad by Shirleyjo Jessup housewife of the Day had started out so for it was the six years we were heading for los i there my was to go Back to school for his masters degree in we sorry to leave the Church in Oregon where hed been minister for two but he wanted the extra our plan was to leave after when we could put our two girls to bed on a mattress in the Back and to drive straight through to braces parents in san it was 700 Miles of driving but Roll Down your window Bryce i heard the handle Crank on his As icy water gushed Over Bryce was leaning into the Back i saw him drag Jedi for Ward and like figures in an i we than dragging i underwater Bluet float out the 3yearold Jerri and six Montgold window Janni in and out of restaurants out of and it was july driving at night would be All through that hot summer Day we carried things from the it parsonage to the big trailer we had i seized the window handle on my but it was i threw my shoulder against the door but the water outside pressed by 6 car and trailer were loaded and we started from the Start it was a struggle to stay i groped for Janni in a floating debris of bottles and the water was cold and thick with Slimy there was a pain in my Back and my lungs at 4 we pulled into Stramma Gamst my a Gas station in Klamath we peeked at our to find a Motel at this the mattress had floated to the ceiling but i find our sleeping i found a tiny air pocket at the time of night and a act out bags top of the car and pressed my and baby food and All the rest face into but soon the oxygen seemed harder than to keep grew Short and my lungs seemed to be on and yet we knew that just i dear i let me ahead Lay the hardest driving on faint dont let me be alive the trip the stretch of Road j the water covers South of Klamath with a i i fit a hand take it was deep ditch running along the at least i would die hold righthand Side and on the left a my his i but he main irrigation canal 12 meet deep was pulling at Redwood for lady widow of sir Winston plants an american Redwood tree near Kensington town Hall in the West end of London in memory of her the plaque at the planting site reads among Trees in memory of a giant among up radio photo and 25 feet i struggled to get he was we climbed Back into the pulling me i was swallowing the Slimy he let we made the decision to keep ten minutes later and 400 Miles to the braces father sat up in the children Are he said to his braces Mother squinted at her they cant she i they get Here till mid morning at the but braces father was already on his Way to the front when his wife joined him he was standing staring into the empty at he went Back you dreamed she it want a he insist it was something much Back in they both offered silent not really knowing what they were praying for or but both Felt a compulsion to at the moment that braces father was startled from i must have dozed off almost the minute we left the Gas now i was wakened by a cry from Bryce hang on he was wrestling with the the car was rocking sickeningly on the rim of the Steep ditch at our now Bryce spun the wheel the other but the car continued a slow arc to the we were heading straight for the deep water canal on the other Bryce threw All his strength against the but the heavily loaded Jackknife behind was forcing off the and then we plunged Down the incline into the for an unbelievable moment the car then Jackson gradual red Retreat Bonn arms scandal Bonn demand by the Federal comptroller for the punishment of those responsible for spending billion Marks million for tanks that proved unfit for combat threatens to shake new German government before its roots Are firmly details of the Page report and recommendations to finance minister Franz Josef Strauss were leaked to the press saturday after the lower House of parliament ordered the establish ment of a committee to investigate the the Case has become known As the hs30 it involved the order by the armed forces in 1957 of hs30 tanks even though no one in authority had Ever seen anything but a Small scale wooden in the Germany took de livery of Only of the paying millions in penalties for reducing the although the engines order was reduced from to that was still too and 580 new and unused engines finally were torn Down to provide spare the comptroller rejected the excuse of the defense ministry that the tanks were ordered sight unseen because of political pres sures to build a army rapidly once Bonn had been Given the Green Light by the allies to do precisely such crash armament the comptroller de must be carefully super Vised if Money is not to be spent Strauss was defense minister at the time the hs30 was Pacific stars stripes March 19g7 and then suddenly fresh air was in my while i he Dove Back beneath the dark braces head appeared a few feet he was treading too winded to then he disappeared this time he was gone a Long when he came up he was holding i didst want to look at that tiny Limp her head fell Back and i knew she was Bryce lifted Jannis face to his own and blew into her he took a then blew and then again and at her Chest shuddered and she let out a Tny at the Hospital in Klamath Falls doctors assured us there was no damage to Jannis x rays showed three crushed vertebrae in my spine which would quickly heal the Only injury to any of from the admitting room Bryce put through a Call to his i heard him say into the whats Bryce Are you All right his father dont be alarmed weve had an Accident but everyone thank said his then he was it at 4 Oclock this morning Bryce stared at the phone in How did you know did somebody Tell you there was a Little pause at the other somebody told said his next Arch Bank tells How his return to Faith helped him Rise from the Depths of Al a Henry Jackson said saturday North Vietnam May apply the greek solution of gradually with drawing its forces from South Vietnam without admitting defeat Jackson a member Cable car depot to get old look san Francisco a nostalgic san Francisco is about to spend to restore the Cable car barn to its 1878 gaslight the san Francisco Public utilities commission has ordered that the depot at Washington and Mason streets be returned to its original sandblasting will remove the present paint Job to the original gaslight will be installed at the Entrance and a duplicate of the awning destroyed in the 1906 earthquake will be of the Senate armed services said in a speech pre pared for the University of Vic Tobias International seminar on Vietnam that Hanoi must know by this time that it will not win at the conference table what its forces have been unable to win on in other he Hanoi must know that there is no Point in agreeing to negotiate unless it is prepared to accept its inability to accomplish its objectives in the because of Jackson said there May be no even if Hanoi privately comes to the conclusion that the Jig is it May not wish to admit it openly and May prefer the greek Solu Tion to the korean to let the conflict Peter calling its forces Back to the North without any formal admission that it has abandoned its he Jackson said the bombing of North Vietnam reduced the infiltration of men and supplies into the but dont brag about it Italy fact that a husband extra marital affairs is no ground for Legal separation in a Milan court ruled saturday that bragging about it to ones pals a court Here granted a Wpm Ani a separation the basis of grave injury resulting from her husband having narrated his extra conjugal the identified in court records Only As 26yearold requested separation from her she complained that not Only did he carry on numerous affairs with other women but boasted about them to his italian Law allows separation for a Man if his wife has been inti mate with another it allows a woman separation Only if her husbands escapades cause her grave sonar like device Blind boy hears through his glosses from live and Luule Posaas Moses is but if he puts on his glasses he can hear Utility poles and holes in the Side the glasses have a sonar like device in the it sends out sound too High pitched for humans to and if the Waves strike and of they Bounce Back to a receiver which turns them into a beep that 13yearold Bobby can hear and each object gives off its own Peculiar sound so with his Bobby can Tell the Dif Ference Between grass Between a Man and a it takes a bit of a student at the Michi Gan school for the and Marshall a student in electronic engineering at Lansing Community demonstrated the glasses at a meeting of Blind persons in the Michigan state Library division for the Leslie Kay of eng came up with the idea of a sonar like device to help the his sys Teni uses a set of earphones and a device that looks and like a which the Blind person Waves around to test for around Dean put the device into glasses frames because a person uses his head As his directional scan Ning device this his hands Are not encumbered with any apr san Francisco 96503 published daily per second class postage paid at san

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