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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 20, 1967, Tokyo, JapanAftermath of blood Bath revenge boiling under Bali peace by Martin Stuart Fox Tif Denpasar Bali Indonesia up blood will How again on the Island of the the officer s voice was detached an objective but then he was not balinese. In villages across the Island people pursue their age old arts and crafts Wood carving and Silver work painting and mask making. At night the Young girls dance to the brisk rhythms of xylophone orchestra. But beneath the peace and Beauty of Bali there Are Strong emotions of hatred envy and revenge stemming from the killing that followed the sept. 30, 1965 at tempted communist coup in Indonesia. At that time on Bak the gods hid their faces while family turned against family Village against Village and thousands no one knows that exact figure of communists and others were murdered. It was a time when Many private quarrels were settled in the Bloodbath that swept the Island. People do not forget such times easily and indeed the people of Bali make no secret of the killings. The army Here As elsewhere also played a Large part in Hunting Down an executing known communist cadres and their sympathizers. The economic abyss that threatened to engulf Indonesia had its effects in Bali too. Life has become a Battle for survival in the Center of the Island where the lava and volcanic Ash from the devastating eruptions of it. Batur and it. Aging a few years ago still cover Large areas. Thousands died in these two eruptions swamped at night in their Vil Lages by a sea of molten Rock. Now the surrounding areas Are desperately poor and the peasants Are hard put to scratch through the Black Ash to Planta few scraggly ears of Corn in the impoverished soil. Hundreds of years mus pass before this Ash is weathered to the Rich volcanic soil of the rest of the islands. On the coast too poverty is evident among the villages who have built Palm thatched huts on the Black Sand beaches and earn a subsistence living on fishing and making Salt by evaporation in Long troughs. Other balinese manage to make ends meet either working the Rice pad Dies or pursuing their ancient crafts for the insatiable tourist Market. Art is still a Way of life of Bali though i Wahan a do reads a cd time his from script on narrow Bamboo strips. The face of Bali remains Rea be the Inton Sty of. The emotions engendered by the blood unchanged despite the 1965 purge in which thousands were letting but life on Bali goes on. Up sadly the tourist Trade has served to commercialize and thus reduce the Quality of native paintings and carvings. European and american tastes have dictated which styles the craftsman must fashion especially in Wood carving where slim supple figures of full breasted girls have tended to replace the traditional polychrome images of hindu pervades the air of Bali. Every tiny Village has its Temple com Pound and the Multi roofed pagodas can be seen everywhere rising above mud daubed Walls of the inner courtyards. Even the houses have family shrines. The temples Are drab and colourless unless seen on the occasion of the annual festival for the Village gods and the hindu Trinity Brahma the creator Vishnu the preserver and Siva the destroyer. On such a Day the temples Are lavishly decorated and the balinese love of Bright colors and Rich detail is Given full play. Yet beneath the startling Beauty of Bali which even the tourist Trade is in capable of destroying there simmer the in the old Days a Coke machine could Knock a rocket off course " -. V v v by Joseph l. Myler Washington up it looked like a real Fine rocket had roared into a Good trajectory. Suddenly All Power in the ground station went dead. The flight was a happened the repairman had picked that moment to fix the soft drink machine. So As a matter of course he pulled the circuit breaker. As a result of that experience e. Newell recalls it was suggested that separate circuits be Newell associate administrator for space science and applications of the. National aeronautics and space administration Nas reported this and other boo Boos of the Early Days of rocketry in a recent talk. . Upper atmospheric rocket re search began with the launching of a wac Corporal from White Sands n.m.,missile Range in March 1945, and was followed with flights by captured. Ger Man v-2s. then 22 years ago Murphy Slaw was operative. This Law states that if something can go wrong it will. The Fine print adds that when things go wrong they will get worse before they get better. Newell cited what he called the falling sphere program at fort Chur chill the joint sounding rocket launch site in Northern Canada. Just before lift off on one occasion the rocket nosecone ejected its contents prematurely and the spherical payload rolled along the ground unbeknownst tothe men in the control Blockhouse. The rocket performed telemetry signals came in loud and Clear at first. Suddenly they cutoff. Outside one of the launch Crew picked up the pint sized sphere and lugged it into the Blockhouse. As he opened the door a member of the inside Crew peering at the con sole displays happily announced that telemetry is again being strongly re signals came of course from the Little package in the ground crewman Shand. The rocket was Long gone on a fruitless the Good old Days at White Sands the Range safety official would look into the sky at a rapidly receding missile and say let it go ofas the Case might be Cut it Down meaning to destroy it in adequacy of this procedure Newell said was East into doubt on Day when a missile landed in Mexico 50 Miles away in a direction opposite to the thing s supposed flight course. Less subjective Means for maintain ing safety were introduced Newell re called. One Day scientists were preparing aground station some Miles up Range from the launch site of a sounding rocket that was to Cany a transmitter High into the ionosphere. A jeep drove up. Some soldiers go tout and drove a Large stake into the ground hard by the station. What were they doing said one of the soldiers this is the aiming Point for today honest John rocket the ionospheric scientists screamed that this was their assigned station and what was All this about an honest John target Don t worry said the Soldier. We never hit our aiming that Newell said procedures for. Assigning Range stations were tight ened up a on another occasion ground Check indicated something wrong in the Wir ing of a developed that there were seven different ways a crucial plug could be wired. Six of these choices would have been of but the one actually used turned everything off at the critical moment. Thoughts of revenge the plans for Ven Detta. Two things could conceivably touch off another blood Bath on Bali. An individual act of revenge could spark a conflagration across the Island. Or an physical clash Between forces backing ousted president Sukarno against actin president general Suharto in Java would have grave repercussions on still has much support on Bali. After All Sukarno s Mother was balinese and his father met her while teaching on Bali. Boy 11, does his bit to curb measles Washington a David Edmons. Ton 11, did t know what he was starting when he came Down with measles in 1954 while attending boarding school in Southboro mass. Since then viruses tapped from his blood by Harvard University scientists have literally spread around the world. But they re not causing More disease they re helping to eradicate it. The Harvard scientists carefully nurtured David s viruses and their descendants and finally came up with the world first effective vaccine for common measles. It is named the Edmonston Strain vaccine after what might be called its sponsor and it first became generally available in 1963. This is the vaccine that will be use to try to fulfil president Johnson s goal o eradicating the disease throughout the United states by the end of this year. There Are now an estimated 2 million cases of common measles occurring annually in the half the number estimated Only three years ago before the Advent of the vaccine. Pacific stars & Stripe monday March 20, 1967

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