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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - March 19, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Lbs postpone to for Federal projects Washington up presi Dent declaring that inflationary pressures have sub Friday released Mil lion More of the billion in funds for Federal programs he had held Back to help Cool the econ he authorized spending of million More of federally assisted Highway leaving Only million of the billion he had held the president now has released or about 27 per of the original most of the Money he has turned Loose is to spent in fiscal 1968 starting july this latest release included million for special mortgage assistance for Low Cost leaving million of the million originally other amounts being released include million for the farm ers Home administration million for local flood Protection and other projects of the corps of and million for reallocation of elementary and secondary education Aid Johnson said that of the million being about million would be spent during the current 1967 fiscal budget dire o r Charles Schultze said spending in fiscal 1968 would run up to increasing the anticipated budget deficit by that Washington president confronted by labor told Congress Friday he is delaying proposal to merge the departments of Commerce and in a special message to Johnson said he remains convinced the departments should be merged but further Active development of my proposal is Neces sary before it can be submitted to labor leaders have reacted poly to the merger proposal since Johnson made it in his state of the Union message Secretary of labor Willard Wirtz confirmed March 15 that top Union leaders had registered opposition in a White House session last Johnson said he is asking the presidents advisory committee on Labo management policy to consider the proposal in All of its and particularly to develop Means to assure that a free flow of communications will be maintained Between the govern ment and the business and labor that language in effect served notice that while the proposal is it is not Wirtz had taken the same general shortly before the White House release of the Alexander acting Secretary of disclosed the presidential decision in a House Bank ing committee asked about reports Johnson had shelved the Trowbridge said the delay for advisory com Mittee study would be in the communication to he added that Johnson is still strongly supporting the original loses ight for life Chicago who suffered third degree Burns on 60 per cent of her body 8 when her dress caught died thursday the girls stoic five week fight to live enlisted the sympathy of More than 60 persons contributed blood for whole blood and plasma Nelson assistant director of the Cook county Burns had offered Hope that Robin would her pro Gress seemed Good until skin grafting operations were the girl was burned when she attempted to heat milk for a baby brother on a stove in the family a act official held in contempt state Field Secretary for the National association for the advancement of coloured has been held in contempt of Federal court for failure to report for jury Evers was slated to appear for jury duty when he failed to court judge Dan Russell ordered him in Evers paid a Fine imposed by judge handwriting expert Charles Appel displays a signature in an attempt to prove that photo enlarged copy of Thomas Dodds chief Michael is a former Aid a debts on political life Washington Thomas Dodd told the Senate ethics committee Fri Day after struggling with financial difficulties for a my conscience is in a after being questioned Over two Dodd declared that Ive reaped no personal profit out of All the committee appeared on the verge of concluding its hearings on charges that Dodd used Campaign funds for personal in one of his final statements on the witness Dodd accused his former office bookkeeper of lying in testimony that the senator used Money orders to conceal pay ment of personal Bills with Politi Cal Michael testified that Dodd did not want it known his expenses were being covered with Money raised at a testimonial Ohare is a Dodd its As simple As that Hes a he said he didst think he had Ever solicited anybody or asked anybody to buy a ticket to a testimonial but he said he had talked with friends about my Thomas Dodd did you Tell them you had per Sonal debts you needed to pay off from these testimonials asked chairman John referring to a series of fundraising events for Dodd Between 1961 and if soy you ought to say in sure i Dodd Stennis turned to a Success for Titan Vandenberg titan2 intercontinental ballistics missile was successfully launched Down the Western test an air Force spokesman said 4 Pacific stars stripes March 1967 a speeds Premium payments i m made to Dodd in two in 1957 and Stennis your testimony is that they were originally Campaign debts Dodd Campaign or personal or whatever they were its really for me to re Call Stennis May 1 ask you then just what you mean when you say personal matters Dodd living matters but All my living matters almost were just about everything Ive done from 1956 to this hour was intertwined with Dodd said he spent Money on Flowers for the funerals of peo ple he barely bought food which in effect was used for political Dodd mentioned the Cost of things he does which he would not do if he were a private Cit such As taking constituents from Connecticut to lunch in the Senate dining there Good he they like to sit in the Senate dining i dont want to spoil it and say Treyve got to pay for their he mentioned taking the family of a medal of Honor Winner to lunch and said it Cost him about he was proud to do Washington a the veterans administration has quietly seeded payment of 1967 i life insurance but a spokesman said thursday the action had been based on econom ical mechanical operations rather than pump priming of the econ there were no orders from the White House to pay the spokesman said when asked if there had been a speedup and veterans administrator Wil Liam Driver announced last 29 that the 1967 dividends would be paid on the Anniversar ufos fad is ballooning reports of unidentified flying objects Over Minnesota stemmed from hot air and the ingenuity of a Cloud Richard told thursday How Hes been building and flying colourful contraptions since sunday Undlin he got the idea from a newspaper Story last he built the devices out of drinking straws and birthday cake Richard said he put up some each night and hit an Al time High of seven on the objects in the sky were spotted near several Minnesota cities wednesday causing numerous Calls to police and radio some callers said the strange objects were Orange and Light with a red v on the others said the ufos were by dates of the through out the he said the payments would total about to about in some recent years the pay ment of the dividends had been seeded and accomplished in the Early Days or weeks of the year to put additional Money into the the spokesman said today that through last weekend All 1967 dividends coming due through sep tember had been processed and payment checks or Deposit credits mailed these payments totalled to the speedup was decided the spokesman when it was determined that computers in the Paul and Philadelphia a Cen ters which handle insurance dividend payments could be used through the As Well As on regular on an economical Frk lauds Johnson new York Rob Ert Kennedy called Lyndon Johnson an outstanding presi Dent Friday and said he looked Forward to campaigning for the new York democratic senator said he did not be Lieve his recent clash with the president Over Vietnam policy had damaged the United states in any i think we agree on most major Kennedy it is one of the prices of Moc racy that there is some times a difference of but sometimes we Benefit by these Kennedy upon return from a european trip urged a halt in bombing of North Vietnam Johnson rejected the suggestion in what time Magazine de scribed As a Stormy interview in the White

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