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Pacific Stars And Stripes Newspaper Archives Mar 8 1978, Page 17

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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - March 8, 1978, Tokyo, JapanWednesday March 8, 1978 Pacific stars and stripes Page 17 a look at television s better Days by Joan Hanauer new York up the Lone Ranger ride again along with our miss Brooks or. Peepers Peter Gunn and even Uncle Miltie Indra. The occasion was to the fabulous 50s,"broadcast by Abc sunday. Unlike several past network excursions int nostalgia this was not an Abc anniversary show a number of the stars were prominent on rival networks including Lucille Ball and red Skelton. The 90 minutes was divided by program Type with Skelton hosting the comedy segment Michael Landon doing the honors for westerns miss bal handling sitcoms Dinah Shore in charge of musical moments David Janssen the Man of action series and Mary Martin in command of drama. There were moments of Delight almost All in Lack and White and they ranged from Groucho Marx dealing with a contestant whose surname Wasis Gonzales Gonzales to Mary Martin soaring exuberantly through the air As Peter pan to the tune of i m not to be missed for Good natured horror was clip of the Only time the leading actors of Bonanza Sang their theme song on the air. Their horses could have done better. And How Young they All were from Jam Sarness to George Burns from Robert Young knowing Best to Eva Marie Saint and Paul Newman singing a duet in our these were the Best moments of remembered television but they seem to Back up the critics annual lament that every year television declines inequality. Certainly the show that followed fabulous 50s" on Abc supports that decline. It was the National love sex and marriage test and i made love a labor sex a bore and marriage an institution on a Par for passion with the smithsonian. For 90 minutes Tom Snyder of tomorrow and Suzanne Somers of three s company acted As hosts. Snyder performed his chores humor Lessly he does t snicker and neither does he smile. Pretty miss Somers exhibited the plastic sincerity of Spiel usually reserved for laxative by vignettes and illuminated by interviews with marriage Counselor psychologist Sand other expert witnesses the show explored attitudes toward love fighting sex feelings role Sand Trust. The viewer was asked a series of questions the was told the right answers. These were compared with a National sampling of responses. These were broken Down into categories menus. Women marrieds is. Singles under 30s is. Over 30s, and Northeast is. South is. Midwest is. questions included True love is something that always lasts a lifetime True or false it possible to have two winners in an argument True or false crying is a sign of weakness True or false. Interview with a limping Liz a picture in Rome German actress Nastassja Kinski looks pretty at a pres preview in Rome of the film Cost come Sei As you rein which she co stars with mar cello Mastroianni. A critical viewing new York up Grace Baisinger presi Dent of the National Pat has asked broadcast executives to help shape courses in critical viewing for the nation s school children to equip them to be More knowledgeable Consumers of to fare. Word a Day by Bach do you think that sign \6 60meone 6 idea of a joke free Silver dollars queue 6tart5 Here queue leu Nouna line or file of people or vehicles awaiting turn a Pigtail during National hearings on television and youth sponsored by the Pat in 1976 and1977, educators jurists parents students broadcasters clergymen psychologists and doctors asked the Pat to develop such courses. There is no comprehensive viewing skills curriculum available to educators an students at this time mrs. Baisinger told broadcast Industry officials at a meeting of the International radio and television society in new with your involvement and your help the National Pat proposes to remedy that Jankowski president of the lbs broadcast group will help to raise funds for the project mrs. Baisinger said. To maintain the project Independence the National Pat will not accept contributions larger than $30,000 from any one corporation or fund ing group. Mrs. Baisinger said lbs s contribution Al ready had been received. In a statement Jankowski said the american people should know More about television both As an Art form and As an by Bob Thomas Hollywood a i am gifted wit the ability to survive Elizabeth Taylor remarked As she limped into town on a rare twice scared actress 45, whose medical record must be As Long As her film credits appeared in her one time Home town leaning on a Cane. She explained that her hips had gone out of whack after close encounters in a Swiss discotheque last Christmas. Shews trying some fancy Steps with her sons during the family Holiday and the next morning whammy. Otherwise she seemed in Good form. Of perhaps a few extra pounds lingered under the Loose fitting tunic and harem pants of electric Blue that matched her Sapphire and Diamond necklace and ring. Otherwise her legendary Beauty remains actress had dropped off the Campaign Trail to make an appearance for sugar Ray Robinson s youth foundation and to do some plugging for her first musical since a Dat with Judy 1948. Roger Corman s new world company is releasing the Vienna made a Little night music in which miss Taylor intones the classic Send in the was terrified about doing the song because every great Singer has recorded it she remarked. I decided not to half sing half talk the Way Rex Harrison and Richard Burton have done so Well in musicals i could t compete with that. So i decided to actin. Was i pleased with the result i m never pleased with myself on the screen. I Don t like the sound of my reviewer s note Shewn t threaten Peggy Lee or Ella Fitzgerald but Taylor does Okay. Miss Taylor was Here briefly on loan fro the Campaign for . Senate by her husband Republican John Warner. She has accompanied him on 45,000 Miles of crisscrossing Virginia campaigning More vigorously than she Ever did for one of her movies. Along the Way she conducts seminars about two films people Are most interested in oddly enough Are National velvet and who s afraid of Virginia Woolf she remarked. You would t think they d know National velvet but they she seemed unperturbed by the political Igors even though excessive hand shaking has Given her a broken Finger and a popped blood vessel in her hand. That was All out of Friendship said the candidate s wife. How does she reconcile the fact tha Warner is a Republican and she has Long been associated with democratic causes an candidates but i have never voted she her marriage to Richard Burton she renounced her american citizenship but Shehas applied for naturalization papers. I plan on living in the United states for Theresa of my life she said firmly. I even know where i la be buried. In Middleburg ga., inthe Warner family among the Giber items miss Taylor discussed her next role will be As Queen Victoria in the Mudlark a television re mia5 of the 1951 film starring Irene Duine Ais scheduled to repeat his role has Learned co Cook a s�3cu Day being English Fried future residence in 1 he White House our ambitions Don t go that Way at Yunes Benjamin Chicago Tribune Bridge talk by Charles h. Goren and Omar Sharif s tudy the play of this hand then decide whether Declarer was a victim of unlucky distribution goo defense or faulty technique when he failed to make his three no Trump contract. The auction was unremarkable. North bid both his major suits and had enough in Reserve to continue on to game when his partner showed a club stopper. Declarer won the heart Leadin his hand and ran the Jack of diamonds. East won the Queen and returned the Jack of hearts. This was allowed Towin and the heart continuation was taken by the King of diamonds was led from Dummy and Eastmade a Fine defensive play he refused to take his tried the club finesse but when that failed head no Way to make his contract. He Only had one neither vulnerable. North deals North akq3 spk762 ok3 1076 West East 41062 4j875 a9 oj10984 4aq32 the bidding North East South West 1 � pass 2 0 pass 2 ?. Entry to his hand and he needed Iwu cd set up and run the diamonds. What is Yor verdict we Salute you if you found South guilty of negligence i handling his entries. If the opening Lead was an honest fourth Best the hearts were going to break 4-3 declare was looking at the Deuce in Dummy. In that Case Declarer could afford to lose two hearts and two should win the open ing Lead in Dummy to preserve the Ace of hearts in his hand. He does not need the Diamond finesse three Diamond tricks will be trick two Declarer leads the King of diamonds from Dummy and the defenders Are helpless. Whether the hold up one round of Dia monds or not Declarer haste two entries he needs to establish his suit. He mus come to Al least three Spades two hearts three Diamond Sand the Ace of clubs

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