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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 29, 1967, Tokyo, JapanNot a game a 9th inf. Div. Trooper deter mined to keep his feet dry leaps Over a water filled Trench near rach kick. Dry feet Are rare during operations in the Mekong Delta. Usa signalman Aid ailing villagers Long Binh Vietnam to meal ers of the 36th signal in. Relieve in keeping on the go. Aside from efforts to provide the Best in communications the with maintains an effective civic action program entered around support to Fatima orphanage a thu due. Support to Fatima which began shortly after the battalion arrived in november 1966, includes medical Aid food cloth ing education and construction projects. The men arranged for weekly visits by a medical team from the 93rd evacuation Hospital. The water distribution system at Fatima was far from Ade quate. To solve this one the men of the 36th purchased a pump and obtained a water tank and pipe. A new water system will soon provide fresh water for cooking bathing and o t h e r needs. A weekly English class is con ducted for the nuns and children at Fatima by the battalion s chaplain capt. Robert . Since the 36th began the fati via project 13,750 pounds of food and 400 pounds of clothing have been distributed. Charlie gives Chase Vung Dat am Viet Nam to camouflaged 4th inf div. Troops squatted motionless in the thick Jungle foliage. Less than 50 feet away Lay the body of a North vietnamese Point Man. Reacting swiftly to the burst of fire that felled the Soldier the remainder of the red platoon Between 35 to 40 men had flanked the americans on three sides. The Long Range recon Ais Ance patrol Lorp had left its base at the 1st set., 10th Cav s Forward command ran into More than they expected. We had spotted a couple Onva North of our position said sgt William Steffens so we moved a few meters South and set lip our ambush. A few hours later Bur Point Man spec. 4 Francis Franscoviak spotted ? single Nova coming Down Tho Trail and got him with one burst. It was then we Learned tha he was the Point Man for Bienemy As the enemy circled the rigit1 Lerps an Nova officer began walking Down the Trail directly toward the hidden patrol with drawn pistol. He spotted us continue Steffens and fired two shot,1 almost Point Blank. We Cut Mir Down then opened fire on the rest of the Charlies in View. 1 had time to yell mayday or the radio before it was a sister Lorp patrol await no helicopter pickup nearby Hean the signal Call and directed Tiv choppers to the Vicinity of to besieged unit. Meanwhile the patrol har killed five More Nova and the began running up the Trail look ing for a natural Landing Zon for the incoming choppers. The Nova chased them of about 100 meters then gave up the Chase evidently not Wishin to repeat their Brief Trout experience. After we were lifted out said Steffens Huey gunship were called in and blasted Theattle two Days later the patrol re turned to the ambush site am found numerous pools of blood and blood trails. Spec. 4 James Burke testify ing to the closeness of fighting held up Franskoviak s Bush hat. It had a Bullet Hole in the Crown. Small Graff repair unit can do big jobs too Danang Vietnam Pao the Small Craft repair facility surf at the naval support activity Danang is suited Toat an list that is. Usually surf s men stick to working on the various types of Small Craft that Are used at Asa. Recently however the were called upon to repair holes made in the list Coconino county by a Viet Cong mine during operations at naval sup port activity det. Cua Viet. Divers from surf were called to the scene to install a coffer dam sheets of plywood lined with mattress or other soft material to plug up the holes in the ship so it could be towed Toda Nang. Once the vessel was moored at surf s pier six divers went to work on plugging the holes in the Hull. First attempts to pump water from the flooded compartments failed. Divers went below again and discovered third Hole. When it was plugged pumping ships from Asa and pumping Crews from the co Conino county cleared the flooded compartments. Crews of Shopfitters then went to work welding Metal plates Over the holes which were made in the main and auxiliary engine rooms. The ship s boiler was pulled from the deck below and the welders with their hoses pipes and torches went below. Crews under the direction of chief ship titter James r. Nor Cross worked 12-hour shifts Roget the Coconino county ready for towing to a larger Navy facility for Complete repair. On the Ubon Thailand 10 the men talk in quiet undertones answering telephones passing messages flicking switches and watching radar screens. The room is Large. A dimly lighted Cavern furnished with complicated gear that lights control boards and screens barely revealing the faces of thai mid american airmen concerned with defending Thailand from Surprise attack by enemy air Craft. The scene is the operations room of Del. 3, b21, tactical control sq., manned by about 100 . Air Force radar men / vis or of ".vy5?"w"�"5 a a a %. Vav a " i of a i. J x maj. I Ulolo i. Rajcich operations officer for the tactical Ladar control Center at adorn Royal thai air Force base in. Trucks thai airmen on the radar operation. Usan . Air Force airman 3c Charles b. Miller left and Royal thai air Force airman Basic Thani Tane Halcyon pass on information received on the radar Scopes. Usan and almost As Many Royal thai airmen. The operations room is curiously quiet considering the number of telephones and men who somehow make sense of the shapes and shadows on their radar screens. In the dark behind the Wall length Glass screen like a ghost from another War a thai air Man wears earphones and writes backward on the Glass scribbling coded symbols across the area of Thailand represented on the Glass that is the responsibility of the radar men. Outside their room a few Hundred Yards away is the perpetual electronic Eye of the air men. There Are two pieces of equipment. One is a nodding 50-foot, banana shaped height finder Antenna and its partner a Cone shaped electronic search radar swivelling around the clock and Compass seven Days week. Although the buildings and equipment currently in service at Ubon Are new the detachment was assigned to the base in 1962 under a m i 1 i t a r y assistance agreement Between the United states and Thailand. The 621st was the first unit to arrive at the base which is now used by a . Force Wing As Well As Royal thai air Force and australian units. What has developed from the military assistance agreement is the pre sent sophisticated facility which will eventually be operated Only by a Royal thai air Force staff providing defense radar warn ing for the country. The station is operated now by thai airmen and officers under the supervision and training of their . Counterparts. The radar equipment and themen who operate it identify All aircraft entering their area of responsibility. Since All Friendly aircraft file flight plans and Are tracked by the radar men All strange aircraft violating thai airspace in their sector Are considered to be hostile until they can be positively identified a Friendly. The men who take the complicated information dished out by the electronic watchers an transform it into a usable Pic Ture of thai airspace Are not new men in the business. . Vie Hon Nic Anapha of Bangkok is a Veteran of 15 years thai air Force eight of which have been spent in the radar Field. On duty every Day Nic Anapha works Side by Sid with men like airman . Edward l. Watson. The radar station is commanded bilaterally by a thai com Mander and a . Commander. For those men not trained at a formal radar school instruction is administered under the . Air Force system of on the Job training a method of text Book study and practical application that brings the students Toan effective level of Job know ledge and know How in the Short est period of time. The radar site also has thai and . Electronics equipment repairmen. Eventually the entire facility will be turned Over to Royal thai air Force staff who will be fully trained and capable of pro Viding their country with Thebes aircraft attack warning system available obtain e d through the. Cooperation of the thai and . Governments under the military assistance pro Gram. Pacific stars & stripes 7saturday, july 29, 1967

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