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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 25, 1967, Tokyo, Japan. Army major perfects serum new life for snakebite victims by William h. Gorishek poisonous snakebites except the Coral Antitoxin san Jose Costa Rica up Coral Snake the other is sex be needed each poisonous snakes strike 3,000 Tremley potent against Coral venom. After months of Experiment persons a year in Costa those treated in hospitals 1.0 per cent die. Most of the rest ing in. Producing and perfecting lose an Arm or leg. The serum the first 1,000 Bot but Costa Picans have a new ties Are being distributed to Savior maj. Herschel Flowers hospitals throughout Costa Rica the . Army s leading author the ultimate goal is to dist rib to on poisonous snakes and de Ute bottles to every Hospital to Velsper of a Universal snakebite Are two types of serum. One neutralizes the effect of All lice station school and hamlets that no person is More than two hours away from the life saving serum. Only 200 vials of Alaska Purchase Centennial show .2 Mil. In red by Dan Henderson is correspondent Fairbanks Alaska state officials and civic leaders have expressed concern Over the growing financial troubles of exposition 7 Here Pride of the Alaska Purchase Centennial Celebration. A preliminary financial re port just made Public by exposition directors shows debts of approximately $1.2 million stemming mostly from construction costs. The 40-acre site was expected to Cost slightly More than $1 million. Gov. Walter j. Hickel told newsmen that actual costs amounted to $1.4 million More than the planned figure. First Public indication that the exposition was in trouble came in Early july when the cast of a musical show booked for the summer refused to Goon stage. They said their pay was in arrears. Don Vogwill of Anchorage president of exposition 7, said he and the Board of directors Are faced with the difficulty of keeping the fair open until sept. 15, the closing Date. It s going to be a Tough cookie he said but we fully expect to meet our blamed the exposition s troubles on Lack of executive control in putting the exposition the governor said the fair has been loaned $938,000, of which Only $91,000 has been repaid. Of this amount $620,000, from the state Centennial loan fund isto be repaid by july 1, 1968. The remaining $318,000, obtained from the same source is secured by a . Bureau of outdoor recreation and eco nomic development Grant and isto be repaid As soon As the Grant is received. In Fairbanks mayor Henry Boucher blamed Low attendance for part of the exposition s financial difficulties. Attendance has been far be Low expectations. The Exposi Tion opened May 27, and approximately 30,000 people went through the turnstiles the first week. Since then the number has dropped steadily. Boucher however says the exposition site is a permanent installation which in the Longrun will be a valuable economic investment. The mayor said some of the buildings such As the civic Cen Ter can be used in Winter for various purposes while others can be used for Industrial exhibits during the summer. He said most tourists Visitin Galaska formerly toured the Southeastern part of the state Seldom venturing As far North As Fairbanks. The exposition he said has brought Many Visi tors to Fairbanks who will spread the word when they re turn to their Homes. According to Boucher tour operators in other states who have sent visitors to the Exposi Tion say their customers have returned with Good reports. Ail we need he said i realistic Long term financing plus a healthy influx of Visi exposition directors say successor corporation will As sume debts and liabilities after the exposition closes. This corporation will seek financing and operate the site As a permanent tourist and Indus trial exhibit Center. Cora Are expected to year Flowers said. First reports of treatment with the serum Are beginning to arrive in san Jose. Of those treated within a few hours after the bite none has died or lost limbs. Most were completely cured within a few Days flow ers said. Or. Mario Pacheco car tin assistant director of the san Jose san Juan de Dios Hospital and Costa Rica s Best authority on treatment of snakebite called the results he saved the life of a 10-Yearold girl with the Coral serum. Had she been bitten a year ago she would have died or. Carlin said. Treated with the scrum she left the Hospital after five Days As though nothing had under the serum producing program the snakes Are feeding the hands they throughout the Jungles Are catching snakes and Selling them to Flowers who needs an Ever increasing number to make his serums. He pays $5 for a 3-foot Coral Snake. A 6-Footerdraws $7, and a Large Bushmaster up to $15. In several communities Snake Hunting has become an economic venture. In Penhurst a Small Village South of Limon Resi dents earned Over $3,000 Las year catching snakes Flowers said. The serum program is sponsored by . Aid the Costa rican ministry of health and the University of Costa Rica. Until now the snakebite Vic Tim had to know what Snake bit him before the proper antidote could be administered. With the new serum identification is not necessary except for the Coral Snake Flowers said and Only an estimated 2 per cent of All poisonous Snake bites Are made by Coral snakes which have a distinctive bite. Grin and Bear it by Lichty . Army maj. Herschel Flowers extracts venom from a poisonous Snake for a serum while an assistant helps hold the Snake still in san Jose Costa Rica. Up they strike and hang on rather than withdraw like most Poison Ous said the a Tivenin is so effective administrators of the program plan to distribute itto other Central american coun tries and eventually to expo tit to the United states when a License is granted. Many still go hungry though Mexico booms / did t realize this Camp was run by a reactionary ministration. We re not allowed of kick the Counselor by Jaime Plenn Mexico City up More than one third of Mexico s 40 million people spend less than300 pesos a month per family for food according to the Banc Nacional de Mexico a leading private banking institution. Three Hundred pesos is $24,which averages out to about 80 . Cents a Day for a family. The Banco Nacional said 2,-818,805 families do not spend More than that. This Means i added that Many Are under nourished since the amount spent would be enough to acquire a Little Corn some Beans afew vegetables and occasionally sub products of the Slaughter houses " this picture is the disagree Able Side of the National econ omy in a country which has Wona reputation As being perhaps the most progressive Industrial Yin All of latin America. Factories have employment has sky rocketed government budget shave increased. Public works grown by leaps and Bounds an foreign sources have shown great willingness to lend Money Here. The rapid industrialization has created a problem of Selling manufactured goods. One out let is to the Export Market. And Mexico is pushing hard to Fin markets abroad. The other outlet is the domes tic Market which has shown considerable improvement in Urban areas and in some Rural sections where employment has boosted purchasing Power. Mexico City s retail business continues to break records in the Sale of consumer goods an the same is True in other larger cities. But Banco Nacional s stud pointed up the limitations in the current state of the Economy the uneven growth Between productive capacity and the Pur chasing Power of the mass of the population. About 46 per cent of the fam Ilies in the country spend be tween 300 and 750 pesos $24 to 50 a month for food the study said adding their diets include wheat products fresh vegetables potatoes and other tubers an about three times a week such items As eggs Dairy products or As for House rent the Bank researchers found that 1,397,288 mexicans do not spend an Money for rent. This Means that most of this group live i shacks and huts built on unused lands in Rural zones. Spending for clothing an shoes runs about the same pro portions As does that for school supplies medical services and other needs. The study said that44 per cent of the families have incomes of Only 300 to 750 pesos $24 to $60 per month. Pacific stars & stripes 9 tuesday july 25, 1967

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