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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 25, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Sta ipe3 itchy Scalp serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions daily at Japan by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of department of defense this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Art not necessarily those of this newspaper Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacoma Orea for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and apr personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter Usa editor chief it col Jesse Usan Deputy editor chief it col Roy Usa Pic capt Darcy Isaac Gordon Skean general manager Ernest Richter managing editor Leon Dennen costly clients plague soviet Russia finally Learned the hard Way what the United states has Long known that one likes a meddling Rich Uncle Only when he writes his last will and consider Moscow problems with Nasser Egypt and Fidel castros with North these Are russian most costly even by conservative estimates the Kremlin spent some billion to Arm and feed but Nasser always resented soviet agents tried to meddle in his internal considerable evidence now indicates that Egypt dictator ignored Moscow counsel when he sparked the Middle Eastern conflict by blockading the Gulf of in four Short Days russian billion went up in smoke in the Sinai desert and soviet policy in the Middle East Lay in russian trouble with castros Cuba is More proof that wars of National libera Tion and proletarian internationalism Are an extremely expensive and frustrating the Kremlin leaders themselves have hinted recently that Moscow subsidies to Castro amounted to about million a this calculation did not include the Cost of arms yet when Premier Kosygin went to Cuba after his Glassboro meeting with president Johnson he was treated to a very frigid no citizens lined the streets of Havana to cheer him As they did in Only after Kosygin agreed to increase russian economic Aid to Cuba and not to meddle in castros revolutionary affairs did havanas bearded dictator Call out school children to wave Little soviet flags for the departing Castro is not easily he still refuses to Stop biting the hand that feeds As far As Castro is concerned the russians Are still cramping his revolutionary in he agrees entirely with red chivas Mao Dennen in the 50 years of the existence of their communist never let revolutionary ideology interfere with the National interests of the soviet they thus among other to develop and expand economic Trade with latin but Moscow reckoned without Fidel last March the cuban in an undisguised attack on condemned those who Trade with oligarchic regimes in latin what would North Vietnam say if revolutionary Cuba traded with South Vietnam Castro pointing an accusing Finger at he said whoever helps the oligarchs is helping the War of repression against the not everything which is red in the world is revolutionary like red the red cuban Leader in effect told the red russians that they were false marxist Leninist did Kosygin change castros mind during his sojourn in Cuba judging by castros unbridled attacks on the pro russian communist party of Venezuela and the step Pudup guerrilla warfare in Bolivia and other latin american the soviet premiers counsel of caution and moderation fell on deaf ears Row 5vvs he asked for More and military Castio told the russians not to meddle in his revolutionary affairs political j a in Egypt and North Vietnam the sir shirt ii taxpayers rubles can Only be described As highly the taxpayer Long has been accustomed to that fact of life newspaper Enterprise is mans destiny to Ponder the riddles of existence As a byproduct of his to create a new lire on this Charles Kettering 8 Pacific stars stripes july 1967 Bob it happened to Ike does political lightning strike former president Eisenhower tells How it struck the least suspecting Prospect of them his account of it concludes the most entertaining and readable of his books at i Tell to the Stream of would be Warwick from both major became so Early in 1951 when he was at shape at the request of pres that Ike ident that Ike made an official declaration about his politic Al he announced he was a note like most career of he had never voted in he frowned on Mac Arthurs Fame Considine Larity with political figures during the years he served under this declaration reduced by half the partisan the former president recalls in his amiable in a it also gave me a Little peace of for i was sure that the Taft forces within the Republican party were Strong enough to deny anyone else the Nomina in this belief i was Stead fast until the new Hampshire the Day before it was i dictated a letter to Arthur Summerfield declining an invitation to visit Michigan before the National the following Reading the letter i signed it and added a postscript in saying that before Nightfall the new Hampshire voters might very Well eliminate me from the possibility of candidacy any they did it Isenhower Triumph in the new Hampshire primary of 52 was hailed As the Handi work of Sherman Adams that wintry soul who was to know great subsequent ran an Able but there were others in there others who by Choice or circumstance were never Jacqueline the intrepid flew uncut film of the we like Ike rally at Madison Square Garden to Paris on the first plane out of Idlewild after that deafening entreaty to awaken the reluctant upon her breathless arrival at ikes Headquarters in the As Toria hotel in film can under her Jacqueline was told that the general would Grant her 30 no Ike talked 20 at which Point she broke you Haven heard a word of my she i think its Only fair that you let me talk the rest of the allotted later in the Day she screened the film for when the room lights were turned Ike and his close aides got up and walked into another when he returned there were tears in his i wish my Mother Coul Dve seen he then he dictated the letter to be carried Back to new York by and to be seen by Only a the letter said King features Syndicate pour Jones new game for kids its not surprising that kids Are playing War games these Days instead of cowboys and they draw for losers have to be the then the armies Square off and go at it on the backyard Isra of mops up on the i n e v i t a b 1 some of the warriors forget at times that its All in you cheat an Arab yells at an is you played ill Tell your and you just wait go ahead and Tell yelps the ill Tell my then see what happens what happens is that the two pops run into each other at the neighbourhood com pare have a laugh and hurry Home to mow the let pm handle it them they let pm learn How to get along without which shows these dads Haven been paying Jones and National but it does seem to work with do you Phe air Force has Dis closed that it has developed a whispering gallery through which messages can travel from one manned spacecraft to an other at incredible Speed Over incredible with All respect to the air this phenomenon is really up to this time it has been called a chicagoan who has studied the eating habits of businessmen is convinced its True what they say about fat they Are not Only jollies than thin he but make better a Skinny he is Apt to be aggressive and hard to get along with an ego As big As his eating habits Are he May be but perhaps his conclusions should be taken with a Grain of after he happens to run a newspaper Enterprise she flipped her wig Juring dinner in the House of Chan one night a lady was slightly she was giving the gentleman with her a rough and shooting out about a thousand words a she spoke so vigorously and Shook her Finger so hard that the Fluffy red wig she was wearing began to jiggle Back and when the lady leaned Forward to really make a the wig toppled and fell in her won ton soup probably should have been Birds nest soup the without stopping her verbal flow for even a picked the wig out of the gave it a dab with her and plunked it Back on her As won ton soup dribbled Down her she went right on United feature Syndicate

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