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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 25, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Inmates beaten to death brutality in pc prison dug Vietnam a vietnamese men and women freed from a Viet Cong prison Camp by paratroopers said saturday inmates had been beaten to death in Public executions to frighten other prisoners into to Driy a soft spoken teacher seized by guerrillas two years ago As he was walking to said he had been forced to witness three such sex the last three weeks he said the guards beat the victims to death with clubs and speaking through an inter due said at least 21 other prisoners had been deliberately starved to death by the Ger 18 other men and three women were freed from a Jun Gle prison Camp thursday by a company of the 1st 101st airborne the troop ers found the Bamboo stockade in Hills about 300 Miles North of the prisoners were in pretty bad 1st Corky bos Well the pc had beaten them and used them for labor ers and fed them just enough to keep them Nguyen Van a militiaman captured a year weighed less than 70 a medic the group told army interrogators their ration was a handful of Rice and Corn and a Pinch of Salt twice a about half of the inmates were locked in wooden stocks clamped around their Ankles Day and due a dozen of the resembling those used in Early Day were found reef arms Cache found first Lewis Mcallister right Points to the spot on a map where he and two other 9th soldiers uncovered an enemy arms with him behind a table displaying a portion of the seized ammunition Are Joseph intelligence sergeant in the divisions 3rd 39th and Nguyen an the Cache was discovered about 2 Miles East of the battalions rach kick base Usa photo by 4 Gary Bipes new Huey engine vertical Power gets boost Long Vietnam 10 count in when enemy fire helicopters loaded with troops and supplies must climb faced with the task of in creasing vertical Speed and sopping up Load carrying capabilities of army aviation engineers have devel oped a new version of the dependable one of the first combat Avia Tion companies equipped with the new Huey is the 240th As Sault helicopter operating from this 9th base the company uh1c gun ships and 23 uh1h transportation and Supply Slick ships Are powered by a new engine called the the l19 develops horse More than previous Huey the extra Power enables the aircraft to gain Altitude and air Speed faster than older versions and to carry one additional com Bat carrying a full Load we can be up in the air and gone faster than the uh1b an earlier explained 5 Gary Crew organized last november at the company is assigned to the 214th combat aviation the 240th has flown support missions for the 9th and other Allied units since becom ing operational Here last in the 12 thatched huts inside the another Nguyen Cong said there had been 36 prisoners in the com but an hour before the paratroopers arrived the guerrillas forced 12 of the strongest to i think they killed he a militiaman whose right Arm was amputated be cause of wounds suffered in a Battle with the Viet Gong in May said he was captured five months he said he had killed seven guerrillas with a grenade in that at least 16 prisoners were starved to death during the time he was he i saw he they were locked in the stocks and the guards would not give them anything to the school teacher who also had been a Hamlet said the men executed by the guerrillas were killed because they continued to oppose the Viet the other prisoners were herded out of their thatched huts to he and they warned us we also would be killed if we tried to escape or oppose they told us you will never leave the americans will never come when we heard the americans were Coin i was very i was sure that i would the led by Donald were searching for what they believed was a Jungle Hospital reported by Aerial As they they saw a Hal dozen guards and opened the guards Doc wont give a shot Bong Vietnam Asa 1st air doctor who conducts sick Calls in vietnamese Usu ally gets requests for band Ages and he was understandably sur prised when he got a request for ammunition for an m16 the it was was a civilian irregular t sense group Soldier who found one of the Black after it fell from a of the 2nd 20th persuaded the Soldier to return the which was still in working your Horoscope by Estrellita for july 26 despite Good Venus aspects now governing personal rela some restrictions Are imposed by other planetary influences notably a need for care in All correspondence and communications generally also in neither is this a Good period for launching new your Horoscope indicates while you can make Good Job headway during the next 12 it would be advisable to concentrate on reasonable goals rather than to strive for the the balance of 1967 does not Promise much in the Way of but you can look for Ward to extremely propitious periods for taking off in Early february and during the weeks Between May 15 and 10 of next a child born on this Day will be endowed with remarkable fair mindedness to an unusual and Fine literary Vietnam casualties Washington the defense department has announced the following casualties in connection with the conflict in killed in action army Moses Phenix Willie sp4 Charles Rialto Rockwell sp4 Philip sp4 Daniel Freddy Michigan Floyd Milford sloans Gary new Floyd sp4 Michael Leroy Jesus new York William Elbert Fred Bragg sp5 Tyrone Jerry Steve Eddie Francis Michael Kenneth Mill sp5 Ronald Gerald View girl visits men who headed her Long Vietnam 10 Bui Thi darted around the the tiny 14yearold girl smiled familiar faces were most of them belonged to Doc tors and medics of the army 9th she had first met them four months the meeting came about after a tragedy March As she was returning to her Home in Long Khanh Village 10 Pacific stars stripes july 1967 after a visit to the provincial Capitol at Bien a mortar round exploded Only Yards away from a fragment of Whit hot Shrap Nel Tore into her left slicing away skin and lungs parents comforted but her unbearable pain forced them to turn to one of the Vil Lage practitioners of Oriental he applied a poultice of but when there was no improve Xung went to the District dispensary at Long that when Ron chief physician at the 9th dispensary at Learned of lungs he examined her and arranged to take her to the Bear cat medical a skin graft would help without a ugly scar tissue would form a Nasty knot of wrinkled Davis made arrangements with lungs a Small Patch of skin taken from her leg could be sutured to the exposed he sex her parents Stephen a division handled the it took Only an hour to finish the Xung spent the next three weeks convalescing at the Bear cat when she was the graft had and the Progno Sis for uncomplicated Healing was Xung returned to Bearcat recently for a Check up by Davis and now her Arm bears Only a slight discoloration which will soon her Arm will need no further they sp4 Francis mount sp4 Patrick Brian sp4 Jack Cooperwood Dan Archer Jerry John Louis Armando Al sp4 Eddie Donald Navy Robin Union hm2 John gmg3 Oliver Marine corps Dennis John Copake Gilbert new York Michael air Force a1c Ronald a2c Charles de vails a2c Jerald a2c Charles Ann David a2c James a1c John a2c Charles missing to army sp4 Ronald Elmer Edward Guillermo Al missing in action army Gaylord Cordine Owen sp4 Pernell sp4 James sp4 Charles judge sp4 Jerry sp4 James Gary Willie John Nathan David Ronald Joseph Stanley Richard Salvatore Roger Troy Robert James Van missing to captured or interned air Force Richard died not As a result of hostile action army Harry 5p4 Kenneth North Marine corps Anthony

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