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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 24, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Pacific serving All the services ipes we in the administration dont refer to our fiscal proposal in quite that Way West an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions Dolly at by Pacific stars and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department this Page is intended to present various View on issues of the opinions Are not necessarily those of this Pacl if stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacosa area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and apr 176v personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san col Peter Usa editor chief it col Jesse Deputy editor chief it col Pic capt Darcy Gordon general manager Ernest managing editor Leon Dennen secret diplomacy on the Mideast let the dialogue of the deaf continue in the United the guns in the Middle East Are Likely to remain silent As Long As the diplomats even if each Delegate turns a deaf ear to the arguments and pleas of his by now it is abundantly Clear that it is not at sum Mit conferences or in the United nations that Russia and the United states will Ever reach an agreement on peace Between the arabs and positive results cannot be achieved in the Glare of worldwide Washington and Moscow will thus have to revert to traditional and even secret Premier Kosygin and russian communist chief Leonid Brezhnev cannot admit publicly that they suffered a defeat in the Middle they will be castigated by the Hawks in their own red world who Are becoming increasingly impatient with russian continuous diplomatic the red chinese have Long claimed that the russians Are a fraud As promoters of revolutionary wars of but now it is also Yugoslavia president so called Liberal among the red is even More fierce in his at tacks on russian soft policy in the Middle Titos frustrations Are he was the architect of the third which was to have been the neutralise wave of the future in the undeveloped nations of Asia and but most of the men who held the spotlight in 1961 at the neutralise Congress in Belgrade have since disappeared from the world Indonesia president Sukarno is a prisoner in his own Palace Ghanas Kwame Nkrumah is an exile with a Price on his head algerian Ben Bella was deposed and India Premier Nehru died a natural Only Egypt Nasser now is in deep Toto wonder Tito is he pointed an accusing Finger at the russians when he and other communist leaders from East Europe met in Moscow june 8 to assess israels unprecedented military Tito is reported to have told the russians that their efforts to reach an accommodation with the United states has led to the liquidation of the neutralise third not even israels foreign minister Abba Eban was so bitter in his denunciation of the Kremlin leaders As the Belgrade one of Titos leading Here is what a Jeusnik said the Arab military defeat has Many negative the soviet Union cannot avoid bearing its share of the Arab defeat made the military and economic Aid and the Strong political ties of the soviet Union with the Arab world the soviet Seaward move in the Mediterranean Effort to find an opening to the warm a blow right at the this is How a Strong supporter of sees the new political situation in the Middle under the circumstances there is Little Chance that Russia will engage in open negotiations with the United but the Kremlin leaders Are the fact that their red chinese enemy just exploded an bomb is vastly More dangerous for them than the diatribes and displeasure of the Titos and the russians will thus continue to explore secretly with the United states ways to peace in the Middle East even As they publicly Champion the Arab newspaper Enterprise Dennen a sense of humor keen enough to show a Man his own absurdities will keep him from the commission of All or nearly save those that Are Worth Butler kit Pacific stars stripes july 19g7 Ralph Mcgihn Booz in the news it was the meeting of president Johnson and Premier Kosygin at that caused the archaeologists of the press to dig up an item about the presidential Campaign of it was Only a coincidence that the prohibition party met a week later at Detroit and nominated Harold Munn As its presidential candidate for Glassboro was but indirectly connected with William Henry Harrisons Victory in the Glass which gave the town its was already 155 years old when the whig Lead ers cast about for ways to publicize their candidates Humble a critical newspaper Edi who held general har he died of the prohibition party in America is 98 years in 1892 its presidential nominee received who was the nominee in had of the More than 43 million it was a prohibition party icon party Rison in considerable Charles who Intro wrote the 18th amendment that give him Harrison a barrel produced the Par Yong total has steam Lily declined since repeal of prohibit once a party with a Liberal social it today is regarded As extremely conserva after being nominated in de Munn led pickets to Parade before the Bat Wood the inn had historical items on a Boston lady Delegate to the prohibition convention that As she was looking at the display a trying to be help if you Are looking for the it is just around the publisher shall Syndicate of hard and Settle on him a pension of 000 a and our word for he will sit the remainder of his Days con tented in a log the criticism the whigs were hard put to give Glamor to their nominee who Mcmull in a lacklustre but the log Cabin was a part of the the advancing it was As much a Symbol of the West As the Rifle and the it was sentimentally associated with All the sound hard cider also was a part of the As was Glassboro factory received an order from of West More than Bare matted hair and unsightly the badge of Youthful rebellion in this country is the Button wearing has spread from hippies and has now be come prevalent among College students and High this has created further con fusion among who were confused enough i thought it might be if i put the great but ton explosion in its proper historical perspex Many adults think the Button movement originated at nation Al political conventions where delegates would display their allegiances by wearing Stop Stassen buttons and other partisan the fact that Stop buttons proved to be highly effective May indeed have helped to popularize but political buttons Are not in the political buttons Are Only worn on special occasions and generally Are Earnest and sin by the buttons now in Vogue Are worn the year around and generally Are Satiri Cal in satirical buttons enable people to carry around inscriptions that formerly were scrawled on you undoubtedly have seen some of these buttons Poppins is a Edgar Hoover sleeps with a night zip is a cry because they have a contemporary there is a wide spread impression that satirical buttons Are something but As we scholars such is not the buttons have abounded throughout recorded and perhaps even listed below Are a few that were especially popular in their time Napoleon Bonaparte wears elevator Sampson wears a Jesse James cheats at Soli Shakespeare has a ghost Alexander Graham Bell puts slugs in pay United press International the Purnell Bailey bread of life Booz filled them with the product of his distillery and the har Rison Campaign leaders advertised books with an if later took on a certain whisky came to be called the Glassboro log Cabin bottles also stimulated Sale of whisky in than jugs and hero of the Battle of lacked a few hours of being president for 30 Spang worthy a successful Farmer in Portage the Young Man asked for work and was Given a Job of heavy chores around the he slept in the Hay mow and ate in the farm Jim worked hard and in time formed a Strong liking for worthy Taylors later this affection turned to when he asked for the daughters hand he was refused on the ground that he had no reputation or apparent Jim took his few stuffed them into his and went thirty five years one Day now an old Tore Down his barn to make space for a new far up on the rafters above the Hay mow he found where the hired farmhand Jim had carved his James and at that very moment James Garfield was president of the United states let us not be weary in Well for in due season we shall if we faint

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