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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan 9th tradition keeps up the fire Money for reef Cross youth Charles Bonesteel Iii wife of Charles Bonesteel forces presents a Check to Lyle american red Cross Field director for in a ceremony in Edward Strongin president of the Seoul area american officers wives looks the Money will be used for the arcs youth leadership Center program july 2326 at the Green Park hotel in thirty three student delegates will attend the program conducted by five red Cross staff members and Usa hawaiians Bonesteel Marks unc 17th anniversary get a break Washington Bureau army is now allowing hawaiians and other Pacific islanders to go Home on leave at government expense while they Are in route to new duty stations in Southeast Asia or other Pacific the new ruling is mainly for hawaiians who Complete train ing on the travel must be on a direct and established route of the military Airlift the army soldiers travelling to Hawaii must report to the Schofield Barracks personnel Center on their arrival so arrangements can be made for travel to their new duty servicemen who normally re Side in other Pacoma areas will be handled on an individual basis by the Seoul unc general Charles Bonesteel com United nations commemorates next mondays 17th anniversary of the unc in the following Mes seventeen years for the first time in an inter National organization not Only condemned Wanton aggression but created the Means by which the aggressor could be con thus the United nations command was As Many nations joined in the com Mon purpose of restoring peace and Security to the Republic of since lasting peace has not yet been we remain in the Republic of Korea to pre serve its to deter renewed and to fight again should deterrence in the spirit of Mutual co operation and understanding which has come to characterize the United nations we Are prepared and deter mined to carry out these respond every one of whatever your May be proud of your contribution toward this and i am confident your service will continue to reflect the determination and Devotion to duty which have always characterized our United in radio news and weather on the hour unless otherwise indicate july 21 with Chris Pewters Lane Stewart of Midnight Griffith Corner weather and sports show and weather music devotions weather and sports music Cook world for moderns report weather and sports report Doremus Young sound music time Oclock world weather and sports and issues of Law of Money and country music weather and sports that jazz show july 22 with Chris of Midnight Stewart of Midnight Jamboree weather and sports music and weather music Chapel weather and sports music hour hour Vagabond pm july 21 of sound reflections weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to final Vunic show pop Folk music music Salon music show music Salon music classics pop show classics pop Folk music music Salon of music to Channel 2 in Kunsan and Pusan Channel 6 in second division area Channel 12 in Taejon and seventh division area these listings Are subject to Are approximate july 21 in sound theater headlines Billy Security in action film highlights Oclock report special americans at work an about family Van Dyke show Tell the truth headlines third Man Oclock report voice of America korean recommended Standard time program contents frequency special English feature and cultural program 6075 have you a question today 6075 in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 week in review and opinion Roundup 17765 press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 9730 to Asia 7235 lathe week in review and opinion Roundup 7155 world press Roundup alternate weeks 7155 and cultural program 7155 program and opinion Roundup 6195 press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia 7155 7155 in the news to South Asia 7155 7155 and feature special English 6145 Usa 7155 concert and music Usa 7155 american concert to Middle Asia 7155 Only Only Camp Korea 10 keep up the shouts the Young Gate guard As a jeep rounds the Entrance to one of the two compounds for the 2cl 9th the 9th historic motto is repeated every and the barrage is sometimes devastate i must hear that a thousand afar my no plan Camp Korea six 2nd cos will take part in the divisions first no army air Force Cross training program july 2326 at Osan they will study the combat capabilities of the 314th air with special emphasis on air Craft ordnance and air Force capabilities for close air the division cos attending will be John 1st brigade Lafayette 2nd brigade Thomas 3rd brigade William Henson 2nd aviation Rod Riquez Raymond div arty and Robert 2nd to take part in the cos must be in staff positions requiring a working knowledge of tactical air support pro air Force cos will be visit ing the division As part of the Cross training cos from i corps group i corps group and the 7th also will take part in the Rock n jazz party set Seoul Usk a sunday picnic and a Rock n jazz group highlight Uso activities this coming a bus will leave the Uso at for a picnic at the Kwangung Royal tombs Sun King who died in is buried he was one of the most famous Kings of ancient also located nearby is the Pon Sonsa Buddhist Temple which was partially destroyed during the korean the 7th division summertime lockouts will present a program of Rock n Roll and jazz music sunday at 11 filling out the weekends activities will be a tour of the Tong Yang radio and to studios at the studios Are the Home of tic the Only commercial to station in also scheduled for saturday evening at will be a shopping tour at the Bando Chosun Arcade and later a Stop at a korean Tea room for re times a said one Emerson Liscum would probably be proud to find that the cry first heard at great Wall of China in 1900 still echoes along the korean fron the motto dates from the Boxer rebellion in China when the fighting ninth enriched an already colourful history and earned the name the Manchu missionaries and foreign dignitaries were besieged in Chin Ese cities by rebellious to protect american the 9th was moved from the Philippines where it had helped put Down the bloody philippine the commanded by marched on the City of As it assaulted the cites Liscum was As he fell dying he passed on the Flag to an unidentified sol Dier and keep up the directing the attack to go Liscus message has never stopped being passed and the 9th kept up the fire at the Bat the of the and pork chop tradition conscious 9th has kept up the memory of its heritage in another novel it is believed the Only Organiza Tion in the army to have a unique Belt the unusual buckle displays a five toed Manchu dragon above the keep up the fire special permission for the nonstandard buckle was granted by the War department in and it was worn for Many years on the Sam Brown in recent years the design was adapted to the Garrison the buckles have to be specially made and Are purchased through unit recently the 4th 9th fighting with the 25th in Viet Nam contacted its korean regimental comrades to obtain the buckles for its own a smaller version of the dra gon Emblem serves As the unit Crest for both the 1st and 2nd one Silver bowl decorated with coiled the Lis cum is presently in the 2nd historical and Cul Tural the one of the most prize trophies in the Possession of any military or is valued at More than it was fashioned As a me Morial to Liscum from two bars of Silver Given the regiment by Prince i Hung Chang who negotiated the peace Between China and the foreign the 9th is the oldest unit in the 2nd and of the oldest in the it traces its line age Back to july and has participated in every Amer ican War and military including the civil the charge up san Juan Hill in the Spanish american and in Dian Campaign climaxed by Custers last Pacific stars stripes phones Korea area supervisor Yon san news Yon san 2504 7th Camp Casey 458 2d Custer 4524 Bascom Seoul Yon san 3650 i corps up red Cloud 3671 Chinchon Page 3439 Bascom 2547 2014 3400 Taegu Taejon 267 Kunsan 4138 unit leads in reps Seoul new Holder of the quarterly was com reenlistment plaque is the 19th general support turning in a three month aver age of 80 per the group out pointed the 21st direct sup port the previous quarters by 5 per Pacific stars stripes 17 july 1967

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