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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 21, 1967, Tokyo, Japan 81 killed As Small plane collide continued from Page 1 vill Hendersonville it had one More scheduled at before continuing to thirty seven other Young campers from Miami had been aboard the plane but got off in thirty two of those aboard were in route to White Sulphur to attend a convention sponsored by Van Camp food products for its top brokers and the convention was cancelled because of the a Fourman Fri disaster squad was dispatched from Washington to help identify the most of them charred or mangled beyond a Flaughn said the Small plane ripped into the climbing jets fuselage be Hind the left the Jet started to nose Down Ward and i could see bodies fall ing out of the fuselage like con Lamb one of them fell through the roof of a another fell in a filling others landed on highways and near the Blue Ridge boys Donald who had stopped at a filling saw a Childs body fall near and Don of radio station said the scene was just full of bodies the on the inside Homes strewn All chunks of wreckage were scattered for photographers flying Over the crash scene reported seeing holes in the roofs of dwellings More than a mile from the crash Trees in the area were scorched for about 150 Yards on each Side of the main chunk of wreck age and phone lines were knocked word due leaders mourn on Fate of Tshombe Algiers Fate of former Congo Premier Moise Tshombe will be announced at a special Public session the algerian supreme court decided the met for three hours to consider an official demand for the extradition of Tshombe from the government of the Congo where he is under sen tence of after a Brief Public the court went into a closed Tshombe algerian Abdessamad Ben who was one of Only nine people left in the told newsmen that Tshombe was questioned by the 80yearold court Ould a French educated roman apart from his Law yer and the courts the Only people allowed to re main in the closed session were the presidents two Mahoud Wertal and Kelifa Ker Rad the chief Elhadi Moste Fai a court clerk and two armed Tshombe French lawyer Rene Florist was among those he said he planned to return to Paris on an afternoon the wailing Wall newest Coffee House in the Louis area is sponsored by the jewish Community centers association and is called the wailing weather Usan weather Central Tokyo area thursday night partly Cloudy Low 75 Friday partly Cloudy with showers High 92 temperatures july 19 h l h l Tokyo 85 79 Taipei 95 79 Chitose 71 67 Manila 90 77 i Tazuko 94 74 Guam 88 78 Seoul 87 74 Saigon 90 76 Naha 82 77 Bangkok 95 77 Des fort Hong Kansas Las John Mcnaughton John Mcnaughton Rusk continued from Page 1 which separate brushing off reports of a stalemate in Rusk said Progress is being made and to Ward the emergence of an elected constitutional Rusk said he would not quarrel with William West More lands description of the Vietnam conflict As a War attrition but declared even that was an inadequate Label for a very complicated Situa he said the problem of pro Viding guarantees to communist chivas neighbors against nuclear attack now that China has exploded a Hydrogen bomb will no doubt come up in the continuing disarmament conference at Geneva and perhaps in the Security Washington up John killed in a North Carolina plane crash less than two weeks before he was to have become Secretary of the was mourned wednesday by president Johnson and other High government the president praised the rare breadth of his the selflessness of his great Enerre Gies and the enormity of the loss suffered by All free men who have found Pride and inspiration in John Mcnaugh tons Mcnaughton was former Gen eral counsel of the defense department and had been assist ant Secretary of defense for International Security affairs since july he had worked in government positions for defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara said he was stun Ned by Mcnaughton our nation has lost a Brilliant Public he and Mcnamara and i have lost close personal friends in John and Sally crippled Jet lands safely san an Eastern airlines 727 Jet with 98 persons including six Crew lost a tire just after Takeoff tuesday on a flight to new but landed safely More than an hour later at a military the flight 54 nonstop from san Antonio to new circled san Antonio International Airport nearly an then flew 10 Miles to Kelly fab and landed with fire trucks trailing the air plane slowed to a halt without further High and mighty scary six nuns cast aside solemnity for a whirlwind ride on a roller coaster at Mountain Park in the nuns were among 500 from the Sisters of Joseph who visited the Park on their annual Dpi radio photo migs Challenge raiders continued from Page 1 forces Day said Robert one of the raid we excavated the Eastern end of their soccer Field into an olympic sized swimming said Ted who was on the second flight of fighter bombers from Carrier air Wing in wednesdays sky Hawk pilots flying from the car Rier Bon homme Richard in the Tonkin Gulf bombed a Petroleum dump 27 Miles Northwest of Hai spokesmen they also destroyed bunkers and left several fires thunderchief pilots chopped up tracks 43 Miles Northeast of Hanoi on the rail link with red China and destroyed three anti aircraft officials b52s returned to the Northern provinces of South Viet Nam Early bombing infiltration staging areas and Supply dumps near Khe the Marine outpost in South Vietnam Northwest they also bombed suspected troop concentrations in War zone near the cambodian Border about 70 Miles West of a f4c phantom raiding transportation routes in the Southern Panhandle was shot Down tuesday by communist ground spokesmen both crewmen were rescued by it was the 612th american plane lost Over the buried City believed to be Atlantis 24 Pacific stars stripes july 1967 continued from Page 1 Square mile City and its inhabitants were buried by vol Canic Ash about they James an Engineer at the Woods Hole oceanographic Institute said the discovery of the an important cultural and economic Lent fur ther support to his theory that Atlantis was the Crescent shaped Aegean Island 11 Miles in Dia Plato described a flourishing and now weve found he Emily professor of Art and greek at Welles Ley College and fellow for re search in the classics depart ment of the said the expedition to 60 Miles North of the Center of minoan had unearthed three Story skeletons of Domestic animals and Many beautifully coloured earthenware jugs still filled with what seemed to be Olive Oil and also found beneath the vol Canic which covers the is land to a depth of 40 feet in were the carbonized re Mains of a loom and it was something so astonish ing we were not equipped to Deal with she the newly discovered City lies under one of the vineyards that support the inhabitants of Mavor and Vermeule said Complete excavations and restoration May take 10 to 15 years at a very rough Esti mate of a the team Hopes to raise the Money for a mining operation that would leave most of the vineyards intact and make the City into an underground my weve uncovered very Little of the to a shallow and we carried away 35 Donkey loads of Mavor Mavor has believed for sever Al years that Platos dimensions of Atlantis were 10 times As Large As they should have been through a mistranslation of the legend from egyptian into correction of the error would make Atlantis Only a few Miles larger than he As do Many a that the minoan culture that ruled the Eastern Mediterranean sea for years until the eruption of Thiras Volcano was the Atlantis culture of but he wants More evidence that thira and Atlantis Are identical and he Hopes to get it next

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