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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 21, 1967, Tokyo, JapanPros pick Nicklaus in pea course called perfect for him Denver Colo. A Arnold Palmer calling his own game the worst it s been All year said tuesday that the Columbine course is Jack Nicklaus in the 49th pea Golf championships this weekend. It most certainly is agree Bill Casper. I Don t recall a course in which one player has such an advantage added Doug Sanders. Jack is the Only player in the Field who hits the Ball so High and so far that he can Fly it Over some of these Fairway traps Palmer said. He will be hitting wedges Tomany of the so the psychological lines Are drawn for the annual Battle of the touring and club pros. One Hundred fifty players Only 48 of them members of the tour tee off in the first round thurs Day Over the 7,436-Yard, 72 Columbine layout the longest on which the pea Ever has been played. The Blond 27-year-old. Nick Laus Winner of the . Open in a head to head Duel with Palmer a month ago checked crossword Puzzle answ2rtoycsterd" up across 1-failure Slang 5-Call 9-Rumor 11-pertaining to the mind 13-pronoun 14-spotted animal 16-conjuhction 17-greek letter 19-heroic events 20-the urial 21-ln addition 23-Compass Point 24-stalk 25-chemical compound 27-Plumlike fruit pm 29-southwestern Indian 30-anger 31-repeal 33-jumps 35-roman Road 36-tiny 38-Winter vehicle 40-turf 41-kind of foot race 43-French for summer 44-preposition 45-release 47-Symbol for tantalum 48-continued Story 50-Click Beetle 52-think 53-old musical instrument Down 1-insect 2-above 3-the Sun 4-Woody Plant 5-Possessivt pronoun 6-conjunction 7-pronoun 8-whips 9-american Ostrich 10-Orunkard 11-heavy clubs 12-Clayey Earth 15-Metal Fastener 18-affected 20-spire 22-aquatic mammal 24-rail Birds 26-evening poet 28-falsehood a Bah Anna Ana Nara by Kannisa is Bah Leisi Slemit i u i my in aipiiaaa0 Rannala huh que ebb Sana tiaras Agra 31-made amends 32-reside 33-depart 34-Couch 35-egyptian goddess 37-Man s name 3.1 39-loved one 41-paper measure 42-shout 45-expire 46-beam 49-note of scale 51-Lnitials of 26th president 9 in \7 5t 35 40 44 it 25 52 2 29 49 3 u 22 45 19 26 41 a distr. By Utec 10 23 32 36 15 37 11 27 33 50 28 30 42 53 24 38 46 20 43 51 feature Syndicate inc. 8 16 34 47 12 in tuesday for his first look atthe . He flew Home san Day from England where refinished second to Roberto de Vicen of in the British open. I Haven t seen the course i la go take some prac Tice shots and some notes Nicklaus said after motoring inform his Motel shortly after noon. Spectators earlier had been excited by word that hews Landing on the course by helicopter. My main problem now is catching up on sleep and adjust ing to this mile High Nicklaus said. Palmer who has never won the pea. Was far from a Happy Man in the locker room. This is the worst i be play Edall year said the Latrobe pa., millionaire the year s leading Money Winner. I be been driving the Ball All Over the Irons Are not Sharp. And my putting ugh Arnie twisted his face into wince As Only Arnie can per haps recalling the putting stroke that has won him four masters two British opens and the .open. Asked if failure to win the pea has become an obsession with him Palmer said Well not yet but if this keeps up his Best finish in nine tries was second to Bobby Nich ols at Columbus Ohio in 1964. Palmer said Nicklaus not Only would be Able to shoot Over fair Way traps on at least five holes but should reach the 5s the second eighth 12th and 13thin two shots. He May have to Gamble on a couple of them like the eighth but he can do it Palmer added. Nobody else in the Field not even Bobby Nichols and Ray Floyd who Are Good hitters can Fly the Ball As High As Casper is pleased with his own game having been under on most of his practice round since last thursday but acknowledged fear of big Jack. Nicklaus will have a tremendous Edge on All of us the two time open Winner said. They la do it every time by Halo / pictures Vou took at our picnic of Fine How Auch do i owe you photo kiss no no this is on me chief. I made up a set i of enlargements for you. You came out swell in everyone of them he took two out of focus shots of my kid and wants a Buck a piece for them he never got Over bringing apples to teacher but hell still get left Back big dome is paying for them phooey steals his film fro a the Supply room it s blackmail wait la phooey Springs the one he took of his corpulence and the big blonde Siwa watching the Amateur photog play Footsie with the than Ajo a tip of the hat to c Kint fail uni synd Iole. Inc. 1967. World rights in Erv a Dunn Thompson 7-2. .6202 Greeley blvd. Spring iced Jim Murray a tradition a t Nair it to i los Angelesa Long with the Good 5-cent Cigar the .400 hitter and the Street Corner Snake Oil Pitchman one other american tradition is As Long gone As judge Crater this is the old time fight Trainer a gnarled Little Man with soaking Towel Over one shoulder a Cigar stub poking out of one Corner of his Mouth and a permanent Crook in his right Arm from carrying pails into the ring or Paloukas out of it. His conversation runs heavily to a snarl keep a left in Dere what Cha think a Doin Hangin a Pitcher he could up an opponent count a House and predict exactly what a referee would hold still for with one sweep of his canny old eyes which were he stitched with scar tissue because he won a few rounds himself As a kid and has fists like biscuit dough to prove it. When he was learning his Trade fighters were known As the Lei Perville Leopard or the Black Panther the Nebraska Wildcat and other ferocious Fauna. When he talks of Godfrey he did t mean Arthur he meant George. Johnson meant l in Arthur not Lyndon. He knew his Trade the Way a watch maker docs. He was a haunt around the gyms checking out the youngsters for the raw material Speed punch stamina heart. The super skills he knew he could pile on. He wanted to get the kids while they were Young before they found out Murray about girls and Gin. He lectured against dancing and marriage although he himself was probably putting a family through College he wore a tie Only at funerals kept his hat on indoors. He thought he was Tough bit his heart was usually made of Oatmeal especially where a broke fighter was concerned. A world of his own Joe went through life purple with rage How Many times i Tole a not to Trow the right til a seen him set up but profanity of the Stark variety of the football and baseball Locke rooms was always curiously absent around ring Corners. He spent his life inhaling equal parts Arnica and Cigar smoke when he went to London he did t go to Westminster Abbey he went to a gym and if you asked if he saw the King h thought you meant Joe Louis. The outside world had minimal interest for him. He was like the football coach who Only knew a War was on when great lakes began showing up in the sunday results. Whitey Bimstein Dan Florio Chickie Ferrara Freddy Brown were the Best of them left. They could close a Cut on a Haemorrhaging elephant with a Cotton swab and a band Aid. Nosebleeds were a Way of life to them and they always knew when a Guy climbed in the ring answering to a name like cast Iron Clancy he was no Good. Teddy Bentham belongs to this faceless fraternity of pugilistic Diamond cutters. Teddy had As they say Tony Pellone Lee Oma Rocky Castellani and some Long forgotten settlement House artists like Pete Mead. He taped the gloves on a few greats like Moore and Allie Stolt. He saw Leonard in his prime Mclarnin studied Tunney s form. He Learned things it would take a Guy on a desert Island a thousand years to figure out even from a Book. How to slip punches for example. A lost Art growls Bentham. A go up to the gym on main St. And the Only Guys who know How to slip punches Are carrying towels and a slip punch is better than a landed punch he says because it usually leaves you opponent hanging out there on a Nice big Hook. Jerry Quarry is the Best Young heavyweight fist fighter to come out of California since Corbett or at least Lou Nova. He could crumple you with a left Hook but usually looked like he was trying to throw it from a cake of soap. Against Eddie Machen he looked like a Guy trying to catch a train with one shoe off. They called in Teddy Bentham before the Patterson fight. Quarry looked so different people three rows Back could t re Cognize him. Some managers thought they ought to Check his Finger prints before they allowed the results to stand. Quarry May never win the heavyweight championship but he should never look like a Schoolboy again. He has 40 years of Arnica Cigar smoke and the shades of Benny Leonard Al Singer Tony can Oneri and pet Mead going for him. C 1967, the los Angeles times Saiof in Arm for racing Charlotte . A Ford s decision to drop the 24 hours of be mans from its schedule next year could Meana new shot in the Arm for .auto racing. Donald Frey a company vice president says the Ford performance budget for 19 58 will be devoted to Stock and championship Indianapolis car Rac ing. The company also plans to put team cars into the sport scar club of America s trans Canadian group 7 sports racing car series for the first time and to enlarge its participation in drag racing. There Are also reports thatford will begin putting some Money into late Model sports Man and modified Stock car Rac ing a Field heretofore left to the Shade tree engineering group and the Small tracks. Ford through its Holman and Moody affiliate in Charlotte presently sponsors four factory teams on the Rich Nasca grand National circuit and occasionally brings in Sac stars . Foyt and italian born Mario Andretti when the big Money Ison the line. Ford Winner at be mans two years in a Row apparently was legislated out of any further action there when the federa Tion internationale d automobile Fia changed the Rule govern ing engine Sixes for prototype sports cars. Pacific stars & stripes 23friday, july 21, 1067

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