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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 19, 1967, Tokyo, JapanJapanese labor ladder yielding to Merit system parting citation the japanese government s third order of the sacred treas ure is presented to capt. Robert Dahllof chief of staff . Naval forces Japan by adm. Ryuichi Shakaya Japan defense Agency during ceremonies. Dahllof is scheduled to leave Japan soon for reassignment to the . Is Tachikawa West Grant Heights Kanio my a Johnson Yokota a Fuchu As Groen Park Yamato As Tachikawa East North Camp Camp Tokoro Zawa Sanno Kishinev Camp Zama Sagamihara ,.ger Young Atsung Nas Bill Chickering Benny Decker club Alliance show boat Electron Richard Bong Snowflake Richardson Brad Kasuga toe.1 2 3 45 67 89 1011 12 1314 1516 40 42 14 45wed. 17 18 19 20 21 22 wed. 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 41 43 44 11 thu. 16 36 37 38 21 39 titles 1. Blindfold Rock Hudson Claudia Cardinal my 123 mins 2. The Glass Bottom boat Doris Day Rod Taylor f 123 mins 3. Or. Goldfoot and the girl bombs Vincent Price Fabian Ayap 105 mins 4. Paradise hawaiian style Elvis Presley Suzanna Leigh f 104 mins 5. Promise her anything Warren Beatty Leslie Caron m 113 mins 4. From hell to Borneo George Mont Gomery Julie Gregg f 100 mins 7. Judith Sophia Loren Peter Finch my 122 mins 8. Walt Disney s old yeller Tommy Kirk fess Parker f 107 mins 9. Muya Clint Walker Jay North f 103 mins 10. Africa Texas style Hugh o Brian John Mills f 118 mins 11. Where the bullets Fly Tom Adams Dawn Addams m 107 mins 12. Mother Goose a go go Tommy Kirk Anne Helm m 106 mins 13. The spy with a cold nose Laurence Harvey Dalian Lavi my 106 mins 14. The Busy body Sid Caesar Anne Baxter my 115 mins 15. Fahrenheit 451, Julie Christie Oskar Werner my 124 mins 16. Namu the killer whale Robert lans ing Lee Meriwether f 105 mins 17. The Fortune cookie Jack Lemmon Walter Matthau m 140 mins in. What s up Tiger Lily Woody Allen. M 106 mins 19. 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Gunfight in Abilene Bobby Darin Emily Banks my 101 mins 35. A big hand for the Little lady Henry Fonda Joanne Woodward my 111 mins 36. Fantastic voyage Stephen Boyd Raquel Welch my 115 mins 37. Harper Paul Newman Julie Harris m 136 mins 38. Dead heat on a merry go round James Coburn Camilla spare m 125 mins 39. Georgy girl James Mason Alan Bates m 115 mins 40. The wrong Box Michael Caine Peter Sellers my 106 mins 41. The solid Gold Cadillac Judy Holli Day Paul Douglas my 100 mins 42. Man with a gun Robert Mitchum Jan Sterling 84 mins 43. The harder they fall Humphrey Bogart Rod Steiger 109 mins 44. Welcome to hard times Henry Fonda Janice Rule m 103 mins 45. The hallelujah Trail Burt Lancaster Lee Remick 145 mins m mature my mature Young people f family increased admission stars and stripes phone directory Tokyo All offices 402-4101. City desk and re porters 402-4101 ext. 41-42-57 Sands club 401-8914 or 8915 Okinawa news 53222, 31213, 52268. Night news Bureau 391.55. Korea Yon san 4441, 4453 Guam naval station 32-6239, 32-6145 Taiwan hq., support activity Taipei 48313. Night phone Yang Ming Shan 73. Philippines Clark air base 41184 or 48243. Subic Bay naval base 44-7123 Manila 48086 Langley Point 507 night phone Manila 50-11-43. South Vietnam Saigon 31952 Washington room 2e756, Pentagon Washington ., 20301. Circulation department and District offices Guam naval station 32-6239 32-6145 62-1135andersen fab. Wake or. Howard Knight Wake. 370 Hong Kong Swindon Book co. 13-15, lock re Kowloon Japan Nas Katsugi. Chitose Iii. Camp Zama. Fuchu As Gozemba Grant Heights Ita Zuke a. Iwakuni Mas Johnson As. Misawa a. Naseb Tachikawa East 6-2040 5-57673616 3-13124-5705 8787273 -56932745 5-5030 3444 9890 private rental 2-9121 Tachikawa West ,. 2-4184 Tokyo private rental 402-4101, ext. 77 Yokohama 20-6638 Yokosuka is 4236 Yokota As 7-7752 Korea Korea area supervisor Yon san. 4454/4455 night. Yon san 2504 7th int. Div. Camp Casey 458 2nd int. Div Custer 4524 Bascom Seoul Yon san 3650 i corps up red Cloud 3671 Chinchon Camp Page 3439 Ascom 2547 Osan 2014 Pusan 3400 Taegu 2748taejon 267 Kunsan 4138 Midway rm1 William Daniels Midway. 2459 Okinawa Camp Hanson 284-552 Sokiran 32296 and 5411 Kadena 63201 Naha a w Bash 7119 Machi Naha 72324 Philippines Clark a 41184 Clark Oft base Bali ago 1484-r-2 Manila 48086 Langley it. Is 507 Subic no 44-2123 South Vietnam Saigon. Lynx 331 Taiwan Taipei 4171 and 48313 Tainan As 502 Thailand Bangkok capital hotel. 70070 Copley news service Tokyo Japan has reached the status of the world s third Industrial aggregate using one of the 20th Century s most archaic labor systems. Whereas workers in the United states can look Forward to retirement at 65, Japan forces its workers into inactivity at the age of 55. Whereas executives in . Industry Section chiefs and foremen have reached their positions through hard work and study japanese employees reach such positions mainly by virtue of seniority and the ability to keep out of several factors Are throw ing a crimp into the japanese labor system. For one thing there is a severe shortage of Young labor. For another Japan Ese Are living longer and have More productive years to offer. Impetus is being Given to devising a new system by a trend in companies to Cut out dead Wood at the top not Only to make room at the Bottom but to enable companies to retain capable workers past the 55-year retire ment level. Ninety eight per cent of the enterprises employing More than 1,000 people set 55 As the compulsory retiring age. With Many companies this retirement age was established in the Early 1900s. In 1935-30, the average life expectancy of japanese men was 46.9 years and 49.3 years for women. By 19g5, men s life expectancy had risen to 67.7 years while women s average had grown to 72.9 years. Retirement at 55 casts a dark Shadow Over the lives of millions of japanese. With automatic wage increase is based on years of service companies had used this Early retirement system to hold Down personnel expenses. The system works a hardship on retirees since they Are not eligible for social Security until 60. Retirees Sou for Roth j is Washington Bureau Washington the army and Marine corps Are looking for hundreds of retired officers and enlisted men to serve As instructors in the Junior or High school Roth program throughout the country. At the same time the Marine corps announced the activation of four additional Marine corps Junior Roth units in september. They will be at Al Rancho High initiative for raising the retirement age level has come from new companies which Are not burdened with Large num Bers of aged workers and have sought to attract capable men by offering better employment conditions than old firms. The severe labor shortage be came More and More acute As the japanese Economy overcame the Long recession. It caused some old firms to change. Last year the Extension of retirement age by two to three years was introduced by major firms such As Kurc shipbuilding and Engi Neering co., Honda motor Fuji heavy industries Hitachi ltd., Tokyo electric co., Ishi Kaw Ajima Harima heavy Indus tries Toyo Rayon Yasuda life insurance and Mitsui shipbuilding. Demands by Trade unions to raise the compulsory retirement age to 00 arc helped immeasurably by government estimates that Japan will require 2.5 Mil lion new workers in 1971 alone. Such a fantastic demand for human resources makes an Exten Sion of the retirement age in obstacles remain. Labor experts say that before the Extension can be realized Funda mental changes must be made in Japan s traditional system of lifetime these will have to give Way to ability promotion and the wage Struc Ture geared to Job responsibility of individual workers. Otherwise say labor experts Many companies will end up sheltering hordes of drones who live on the toil of working school Pico Rivera Seneca High school Louisville by. Tolleson Union High school Tolleson Ariz. And Campbell Union High school District san Jose use of retired soldiers and marines instead of Active duty servicemen began under a defense department plan in Fis Cal 19g7 and is expected to be completed by june 1969. More than 600 positions will be authorized for retired soldiers during the 1967-1968 school year with vacancies in about 500 secondary schools in 40 states. About 90 schools Are starting their initial Roth training in the next school marines Are activating 10 units in fiscal the Case of the army Roth applications should be sent directly to the schools which set their own qualifications and employment policies. Final approval is made by the major army commander in the school area. For marines however applications should be sent to the commandant of the Marine corps code of Washington 20380. 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Listed pro grains also Are on shortwave frequencies 3.910, 6.155, 11.750 and 15.260 on the hour unless otherwise indicated. For Sale Misc Golf clubs bag included $150, Golf shoes size 8 /2-d, $10, Call Tachikawa a 2-4447. Used air conditioner a gh_8790. Honda Motorbike 50cc super cub $115, Call Fuchu 44925. Announcements the following non appropriated fund positions Are available entertainment coordinator must have 3 years of general experience if in responsible position and 2 years experience in the development coordination and selection of entertainment. Supervisory accounting assistant must have 2 years general experience and 2. Years specialized experience in accounting. Education May substitute for experience. Applications for both positions will be accepted through july 26. Apply to Capo bldg. 1343, room 14, Tachikawa a ext. 2-8079, tuesday july 18 phrase of the Day Johnson san to Yaku Soku a Ariyasu. I have an appointment with or. 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