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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Tokyo, Japan La non Valley of heroes 2 reds Bong Vietnam air troops of c 1st 8th were digging w after a thorough but futile search of a Village on the Bong son they had checked the Village three engineers with detectors had also swept the now the men were Busy set Ting up a perimeter then the ground the surprised troops grabbed their weapons and watched the floor of a Leanto just inside their perimeter As it and the head and shoulders of a Man emerged from the when he was Halfway they ordered him to he at tempted to escape but was another Man came out of the a grenade was dropped into after a close the troops discovered that the Bamboo poles holding up the Leanto also served As breathing tubes for the two enemy Tilly has Strong bomb Check leads to major Battle by Ray Belford staff correspondent a non Vietnam were everywhere in the Battle of the Val for it was their last the 1st 12th 4th had been sent to an area seven Miles South of the due co special forces Camp to Check a b52 bomb but what they found had been Elud ing them for Many shortly after the companies moved out in the they ran across signs of Large enemy one platoon s i g h t e d enemy troops apparently lying the platoon radioed for another platoon was sent out and the enemy was the fighting had but the enemy had also called for an estimated two North vietnamese battalions answered their the Battle the North vietnamese sur rounded the h e a v i 1 outnumbered soldiers then ringed the enemy with air strikes and and so the Battle went throughout the one platoon was Cut the last message from the Pla Toon Leader went i am in Saigon if big Tilly took on the mightiest weight lifters in the it even be a her Strong Arm can hoist pounds with Little but big Tilly has no time for weight lifting formally known As a Salvage aircraft Type mb1a giant her strength is being used for a More worthwhile cause in Viet Nam to lift and carry inoperative eight of the giant cranes Are now in use at eight air bases in South they consist of a two shielded tractor with an Al steel Mobile lifting when an aircraft has to be lifted and carried to a maintenance big Tilly is heavy cables Are attached to the an operator inside the Crane controls the Hook and a portable Remote control Box is also located at the rear of the Tongue of the Crane so big Tilly can be operated from the ground if necessary the Cable operated Hook and Boom can lift up to depending on the Dis Tance of the Hook from the cranes Axle once the Load has been lifted off the big tills Auto Matic brakes hold it in any de Gree of the tractor is equipped electrically controlled which enables the Crane opera Tor to steer it in arcs of 90 degrees from left to right of straight ahead this insures mobility in tight Toxey Morris gives a Tripoli tote bag to a patient aboard Hospital the bags gifts from Home Are donated by people in the us Tofe bags carry get Wells aboard the uss off Vietnam started As a Small project by some Navy wives in san Diego and snowballed into a 12ton Ava Lanche of writing Materi als and grooming aids has resulted in making time pass a Little quicker and a Little More pleasantly for those hospitalized in Navy amphibious operations off a wounded Man who is brought Back to this ships 250bed medical facility is Given what is called a Tripoli tote Courtesy of the Tripoli officers wives club and the residents of Southern California and the Gulf coast who donated the 12 tons of the tote bags Are filled with grooming paperback books and that Are often difficult for the hospitalized servicemen to conveniently of Tripoli tote bags started As a Small project by the officers wives the women found through polling servicemen at the Balboa naval san that tote bag items were hard to come by for those hospitalized in the wives went looking for tote bag con Niel a san was told of the project and mentioned it in his this resulted in Many donations from the Southern California the word got to where the Tripoli was built almost two years Pascagoula citizens started Send ing Learned of the and the Tripoli was flooded with seven tons of material from the Gulf coast this Spring the Tripoli sailed for the Western Pacific with 12 tons of material and nearly 900 tote bags sewed by the wives on june 18 the ship got her first taste of Battle in Vietnam heavy need help in then the radio that platoon Leader is among those listed Asen tire under strength to Start was wiped another platoon led by 2d Gary was almost Rasser rallied his men and personally led a breakout instead of one rank of North vietnamese Between them and he and his men found one of raisers 4 Byron stayed be Side 22yearold lieutenant through the first three ranks of communist in t fourth he fell i glanced around to see where he and i saw him fighting Handt hand with two Nova he killed one by breaking his neck with his Bare and killed the other with his Rasser said when we got through the last i again looked for but he want i thought he had been Rasser an hour Thompson dragged himself into the new he was badly wound the other wounded had Al ready been evaluated by Heli All he had with him when he came in was his Rasser Thompson had already won a Silver Star in a previous Bat Rasser said he is going to recommend him for something a Little higher this from raisers Only four came out of the Battle in according to the battalion i would say we killed at least 259 to 399 of but they did a pretty Good Job of policing up the Arrowhead medal harder to win Washington the army has established new requirements for the Bronze Arrowhead on the Vietnam service ribbon As a result of the heavy use of helicopter operations and the nature of fighting in Viet the Arrowhead indicates participation in a major helicopter or amphibious action under under the old glider landings were included but Heli copter assaults were not men now this is the new criteria awards the Arrowhead to soldiers who a tactical Parachute with the assault Waves on an amphibious or a tactical helicopter the new requirements also say the assault must be of such importance that the army names it a Battle or that tactical elements of at least one other service Are involved and that the forces must be Spear heading a major assault into enemy controlled the army those who take part in hit and run missions Are not As she launched operation Beacon 17 Miles South of a and the tote bags got their first acceptance test As casualties returned to the ships medical in the first three Days of the operation 100 bags were distributed to the wounded and to other Hospital patients who had been transferred to the the sailors and marines made Quick use of the tote bags instead of lying on their backs and gazing at the they were Reading books or writing i am but whats Nice about these said a Marine with his left leg in a is that they have shaving gear in i dont have to lie Here with a today Beard waiting for some one to buy me some shaving Cream and a the Shore party in a Navy amphibious operation usually travels explained Toxey the Tripoli they take very Little personal gear and the casualties that Are brought Back usually dont have any shaving gear or Money to buy it these possessions Are stripped from them and later shipped Back to sometimes this takes several items taken for granted in the United states Are scarce in Morris such things As paperback books seem pretty common in the but out Here its a different Snake bites his shelter a Vietnam Iso All the Snake wanted to do was get in out of the pouring rain and stay dry and like the unfortunately for Lance Daryl the Snake chose plungers pants leg to seek a fir team Leader with e Plueger was among the marines of his platoon Manning an observation Post atop a Mountain overlooking the Khe Phu Loc River the platoon was setting in for its second night on the Rock strewn Mountain up until that time no one had seen any Type of Al though the terrain was a Perrott Home for a heavy coupled with Strong began around 10 the storm apparently drove the Snake to the shelter of plungers Pant when the Marine reached Down to investigate the funny feeling around Rny knee the Snake bit when i got to paralysis had already set in around the knee and Plueger didst even feel me Lance the Teeth Marks to suck out the Ilose italian Jerald the platoon Plueger was later med faced by helicopter despite the heavy rainfall recovered from the poisonous Pacific stars stripes 7 july 19g7

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