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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan How about a Hal minute Dick West of the untroubled spots serving All the services an authorized publication of the armed published in four editions Dally at Japan by Pacific St trs and Apo for the cinc Pac under operational control of editorial opinions expressed Are not necessarily those of the department of this Page is intended to present various views on issues of the opinions Art not necessarily those of this newspaper Pacific stars and stripes is distributed to authorized personnel in the Pacoma area for 10 cents subscriptions Are monthly or yearly and must be paid in Advance per a 2305 and apr personnel in Vietnam Are authorized papers without charge through their second class postage paid at Post san William editor chief Roy Usa Pic Darcy Liaison officer Gordon general manager Ernest managing editor Bob people paternity Jeffrey chief new York correspondent of the London daily has discovered the High Cost of exploding the population in new his Many readers at Home were the first to but he has kindly let me have a copy of his piece about the Price tag on Jonathan the picture of our taken a few hours after he was Cost seven and Jeff cabled his although it looks something like the wanted posters the Fri puts up in american Post offices the Hospital even Calls it an ident Ikid picture it i have the cheapest thing about having a to Start there was 178 pounds to the the one we i is this years president of a local chapter of the american medical Assoc a youre friends told with that title he could have charged you because my wife is very progressive she went to one of those american do any Duplease colleges she wanted to have the baby the natural that Cost the equivalent of 16 guineas for seven lessons teaching her to Huff and puff in the right places plus another Guinea about for a gramophone record so she could continue her practising at Home every night while Stopwatch in one tried to watch the late night to came the big night and can you guess after All that Money we had paid Considine the when we called him up he was out of town at an emergency medical his answering service at ten minutes past one Oclock that morning my wife met for the first time the our regular doctors who 45 minutes later was to deliver our he strolled into the Hospital Reading the new York he was a Good but he seemed relieved at a Quarter past he Slung his coat Over his shoulder and at least we both get a Good nights and vanished Down the echoing Hospital 4tphe next morning my wife was barely awake when the girl from the Hospital gift shop was at her bedside with photos of our Newborn a Dollar or 12 prints for she told jumbo size enlargements Are plus five Days when i called to collect my wife and infant i was to get my first real taste of american Hospital have you paid the Bill the Ward nurse asked i assured her i although the Bill in fact had not been the Hospital asked me for a sum Large enough to cover whatever it might youll get a they if theres one but the nurse was taking no carrying our infant she accompanied us Down in the not until she had checked with the Hospital cashier did she hand Over the no no commented my today the Hospital finally rendered its there was a refund the biggest item was for whats listed As room and which is 24 pounds 12 shillings a but there is also a charge for use of delivery thirteen pounds 11 shillings and 5 Pence although my wife had no there is a charge All the same of 5 pounds 7 shillings and a Penny for and two unexplained except for the cryptic phrase Laboratory probably the aspirin i asked for one speculated my today our baby birth certificate arrived from City with it was enclosed a note from the Treasury department it urged now is the time to build an education fund for your child Start buying him sayings i feel like writing Back and with what King features Syndicate beware of wishing for anything in because you will get it in Middle it Pacific stars stripes july 1967 Ness with a franchise to License the manufacture of the Heli Coil screw thread inserts Hel Coil is a company whose Rise has helped the famous hat City to Over come its disastrous dependence on the declining Market for mens by making use of the in Between knowledge of langs Hel Coil has successfully penetrated nine countries which Are now manufacturing its Lang thinks he represents the Way of the he has a plan for creating a multiplicity of Small business corporations with foreign Licens ing connections before the com Mittee on Small business of the House of Congress should be for there is that balance of pay ments Gap to be filled in a time when the Kennedy round of reduced tariffs will be making International com petition More exacting for any body who lacks his own connections King features Syndicate John pro american Side Willi the Veteran of a score of journalistic wars since he first challenged Hitler from an editorial Post As editor of peace prizewinner Carl von Ossietzky a Wel Buehne in was in the who now writes and lectures in West said he was engaged in his probably which is to take a american Side in a continent that More and More tends to make anti americanism its All consuming Willi told me about his ses Sions with West German bigwig politicos on the subject of economic com it seems that the germans particularly re sent american Oil american Auto Mobile compe and american makes no sense to for the germans Arent in the Oil their Volkswagen give them an Edge in any for eign car Market and europeans must have Access to american computers if they Are to do Good business on their but it is emotion that counts with the politicos Auto Mobile and computer companies Are and they serve admirably As devils be cause everybody can see since emotions cant be fought it would seem a natural for the to help the Purmell Bailey promote the overseas activities of its smaller Small Ness always gives protective yet 90 per cent of manufacturers have no Export sales May hate business in but they dont hate and patents in thus general motors May be a Devil but nobody knows enough about its hundreds of suppliers to give them so Why not push what the sup pliers have to give the surefire method of push ing this sort of business has been pioneered by Eugene hot dog history we shall begin today with an instant re prise of the history of the hot readers who have been following this thrilling adventure Story will recall that in last weeks chapter the following facts were established hot dog was invented in 1867 by Charlie a Coney pie sales Man who called it a Frankfurt hot dog was invented in 1883 by Anton Ludwig Feucht a Sau Sage Monger who didst Call it the Frankfurter As a sausage was invented in 1852 but the concept of a Frankfurter inside a Bun was not developed until Frankfurter As a Sau Sage originated in the Middle term hot dog was first used by Tad a san Francisco cartoonist who thought the sausage looked like a term hot dog sprang from humorous implications that the sausage was stuffed with dog As much As i would like to drop the subject while everyone still has a Clear Pic Ture of where and How the hot dog was such will not be additional information has unfortunately come to Jett Myers of Ana sent me a clipping from the Louis Post dispatch confirming Louis As the Birthplace of the hot next came the National geographic society with a re port confirming new York As the Birthplace of the hot the does not recognize Coney is lands Feltman As the it gives the credit to an English born concessionaire at the Polo grounds who called his creation red i received from Mike Murphy of Chippewa a clipping which holds that the hot dog was invented in 1852 by a Butcher in i ends my career As a hot dog i am retiring from the Field before i get the inevitable clipping from the soviet Union claiming the hot dog was in vented by a United press International bread of life langs resources and facilities or which began its european operations 15 years it started its Busi several years ago a floating Bridge was opened to traffic across Lake Washington East of to permit the City to expand to the a floating Bridge the critics descended upon and almost laughed it out of they said the water would seep into the massive Concrete and sink the Bridge in the they also predicted that it would break up in rough it just yet the Bridge was so successful that the million Dollar Struc Ture paid off in nine years ahead of the former critics became and now credit the Bridge with the rapid development of the East Shore of Lake Washington As a residential area for the critics of that Bridge became the advocates of the biggest floating Bridge in the world to Cross puget be patient with your critics they often become the Best the ear that Heareth the reproof of life Arideth among the proverbs

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