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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Pacification teams Viets Hope for future cadre Man on Parade chants the tasks the teams have been assigned to carry out in South Vietnam revolutionary development Copley stamped As Champ postman aboard the uss Tripoli this ship left the for postal clerk John Macias of Al want consciously plan Ning any but in the two weeks that operation Beacon Torch was waged 17 Miles South of a Macias had the title world Champion mailman bestowed on him by 7th Fleet amphibious ready special Landing Force fighting a Short Goodhu Mored probably int the worlds but to these combat veterans Hes the Best postman they have seen in a Long he earned his title by simply doing his Job of get Ting the mail every its not quite As simple a Job As it sounds to get mail to the Gator Navy in an operating naval unit May some times go As Long As two weeks without a mail transportation and rapid changing deploy ment schedules often make get Ting the mail through a near in when there is in Beacon letters from Home reached the Fleet every sometimes Macias routine goes some thing like this first he closes out the out going mail and collects then he straps on a pistol and snags a helicopter going to a at the Danang Post office he picks up mail for the dozen or so units operating with the amphibious ready Cial Landing the Job of picking up the units mail can often become one that is tangled in zip different units carry different numerical postal identification numbers and some of these out fits change zip codes As fast As a Chameleon changes but Macias has Seldom let the impossible Rule his each Day he emerges from the mail helicopter surrounded by what he went when Macias returns from Danang he usually has several bundles of the latest airmail editions of Pacific stars and this delivery service has left no one unhappy about keeping abreast with the current but the will admit that he cant please every fighting someone Al ways manages to Corner him at the dinner table and confront him wheres my mail i know someone Back Home is writing Macias if we dont have it and someone is writing the letters must be out Here in the Pacific some voice of information education radio news and weather on the hour unless otherwise indicate july 17 with Chris Pewters Lane Stewart Griffith Corner weather and sports show and weather music devotions weather and sports music Cook world show report weather and sports report Doremus Young sound country music time Ostock world weather and and issues of Law of Money and country music beat from Home show weather and sports that jazz show Channel 2 in Kunsan and Pusan Channel 6 in second division area Channel 12 in Taejon and seventh division area these listings Are subject to Are approximate july 17 in sound theater headlines Billy highlights Oclock report favorite Martian Griffith show an1 about Oclock High headlines detective Skelton hour Oclock report show final to test hour to Light classics to Highway to popular music to music to festival of music voice of America Vunic the following music pro Grams May be heard Dally Over the voice of United nations Seoul at 1100 to Highway to popular music to music to classics to music korean Standard time program contents English feature and cultural program you a question today in the news to Asia news analysis and feature week in review and opinion Roundup press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature to Asia the week in review and opinion Roundup press Roundup alternate weeks and cultural program program and opinion Roundup press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia in the news to South Asia and feature special English Usa concert and music Usa american concert to Middle Asia Only Only recommended frequency 6075 6075 17765 17765 17765 9730 7235 7155 7155 7155 6195 7155 7155 7155 7155 6145 7155 7155 7155 by Derek Maitland Copley news service Vung Vietnam in a training Camp built amid Sand Hills in this former coastal play hundreds of Young men in Black peasant pyjamas Are learning a symphony and a new lesson in divided into symbolic orchestras they learn a total of 98 notes that go together to form 12 different the tunes Are played Over and Over during a 12week training course until they Are mastered then they Are taken out into the provinces where they Are played Over and Over again to residents of govern men secured the orchestras Are teams of 59 Young political cadres who Are being produced in Assembly line urgency at Chi Linh National training Center Here to form the Vanguard of the latest in a lengthy line of pacification the notes they different tasks aimed at help ing the hamlets achieve responsibility and Prosperity spearhead the new life Hamlet program upon which the labor ing pacification administered by the ministry of revolutionary is staking its the Progress of this latest pacification bid is vital also to the advisory the office of civil operations which is now integrated into military control under Gen eral William since pacification began with the abortive strategic Hamlet program under the Ngo Dinh diem government in two main factors have blocked at tempts to secure and develop South Vietnam Ham lets Lack of effective military Security and trained at Chi the two prob lems Are being tackled As last year the training Center turned out full trained this the target is according to oco officials in is enough to Cope with the hamlets earmarked this year for revolutionary on the drawing boards at Chi the cadre training pro Gram is the most sophisticated yet developed and the one Bear ing most Promise of the who has either volunteered or been sent for training by his Village or District changed into Black pyjamas the traditional vietnamese peasant garb for it is the Hamlet the Basic level of vietnamese Socie with whom hell under the constant attention of the Camps founder and i Stocky Nguyen 37yearold former Deputy chief of Binh Dinh province in the Central he goes through the same training Pat Tern developed and used for years by the Viet in other he graduates after 12 weeks capable of wag ing political warfare and adopt ing a combat role at the same competing on a better footing with Viet Cong in his training pro Gram has been expanded to embrace economic development of the a Factor usually ignored by the under the new life Hamlet the trainees learn 98 ways of helping a Hamlet achieve two phases of develop ment covering responsibility and to do each team of 59 men is divided into task forces or cells with specific jobs to to achieve the cadres work to eliminate the South vietnamese cadre trains at Chi Linh h a m 1 e to communist under corruption and hatred and to create a new Community free elections Are held to select responsible leaders and the foundation is Laid for and with All this com the cadres rally the people into a joint struggle against the Viet another six criteria Are undertaken to help the Community onto the Road to economic illiteracy and disease Are land Reform is introduced and Steps taken to form Farmers associations and cooperatives and credit agriculture and handicrafts Are developed into moneymaking Public works initiated and communications hamlets earmarked for new life pacification Are secured by government troops before the political cadres move if the Viet Cong counterattack during the revolutionary development the paramilitary cell of the team is both capable and suitably armed to defend the Hamlet until reinforcements a Earl Bird shows set Camp Korea the the 2nd Folk singing quartet has begun a series of Earl Bird shows for men coming in off Doz v members of the group put on the first morning show recently for a 1st 23rd according to a 1st George he and is commanding 1st John made the arrangements because their men patrol every night and have no other Opportunity for entertain if it is at All Yan Cey we will have the travellers and other division entertainment groups in shows just like this the show had approximately 125 men in the of wami Only had two to hours of sleep after returning to the compound about after All night duty patrolling the they did this Only be cause they wanted Ance at the show was not Man Pacific stars stripes 17 july 1967

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