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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 17, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Newark lament we knew it was coming have Lousy lousier jobs and the Louliest this is How attorney Oliver Lofton sums up the simmering resentment of Newark negro Community Over hous ing jobs and just unadulterated White men Are masters of trick no said Doug in explaining Why he and his friends were were tired of always getting the White pastor of a racially mixed congregation said we knew this was coming for three and we didst do anything about the Bobert Robert pastor of Barnabas episcopal Church in Newark sealed off noted that Newark school Board had had to return several million dollars in Federal funds because of a Lack of programs to use the appropriated for Only one i had an arts and culture program that could have kept from 60 to 200 kids off the he last week i went to the United Community the cites Antipoverty to see what had been done about someone had left it under a Lofton and his staff of 14 Are handling the cases of hundreds jailed in the Burn shooting and Lofton is also the lawyer for cabbie John Smith whose arrest wednesday night on a traffic violation touched off the rioting which has scarred this City of half of them police arrested Smith they he tailgate their patrol car and then tried to pass it on the wrong Smith was released saturday with out bail but he faces a hearing on charges of assaulting two police according to police inspector Ken Neth Smith began cursing and struck the policemen when they told him he was under they beat that Guy said Calvin i saw they stomped on they clubbed they killed is that right assured the cabbie was very much and free on the angry Young men believe and Jones its just another White mans but this time we wont be we Rose we made this City take the father of lounged against a weathered picket Fence on the Edge of Rio torn negro near the towering housing project where his family theres no Leader in this he and his four friends one Guy picks up a and the others just they think it is you its got to this picking on particularly by the Why if we All had guns and his voice Copper strike idles Over new York a an in dust wide strike has idled More than Copper workers in 12 states and virtually shut Down that Cass Public relations director for the Western Divi Sion of the United steelworkers of said the strike affected Over 90 per cent of All Copper production and a sub Stantial portion of Lead and Zinc the big four of the Copper Phelps and Ameri can smelting numerous smaller Western co per producers All were affect Union officials called it an orderly More than 80 per cent of the workers Are with the United steelworkers of which recently merged with the Mill and smelter strikers included railroads continued from Page 1 cents an hour in each of the two years for skilled work the top Union wage is now an railroads have offered an 18 month contract with a 6 per cent wage increase for the entire plus an extra 5 cents an hour for skilled work provided the unions agree to a Job evaluation study to determine who gets the extra weather Usan weather Central Tokyo area sunday night partly Cloudy rain Low mid 70s monday fair High near 90 temperatures july 15 my h l Tokyo 95 78 Taipei 93 75 Chitose 79 63 Manila 88 77 Ita Zuke 86 78 Guam 87 78 Seoul 85 73 Saigon 90 78 Nona 87 79 Bangkok 93 79 Amarillo Des fort Hong Kansas Las clerical and tech Nical Walter Maggiolo of the Feder Al mediation and conciliation service Friday announced the breakdown in Mideast continued from Page 1 Over the and artillery fire boomed across the Suez a Cairo communique claimed that egyptian mig21 Jet fighter pilots shot Down three israeli planes without losing any Arab Israel reported one of its French built Mirage jets was shot Down Over but said the Pilot was rescued and claimed six egyptian planes knocked out of the in dogfights saturday morning and three More in the Israel said one Pilot was Cap tured when he parachuted to the the Cairo broadcast said one egyptian plane was downed but its Pilot it said egyptian forces dealt a heavy blow to israelis trying to Cross the Suez canal at it listed losses by both sides in a series of clashes at port Tewfiq and South of the algerian news Agency said algerian troops took part in saturdays fighting and that four algerians were it was the first report Algeri ans had actually fought since Algiers sent troops to join Arab forces last month before the out break of the sources said the first team of eight French and swedish left Jeru Salem to take their posts along the Suez canal ceasefire both sides apparently were trying to capture new ground and consolidate their positions before the truce teams be came operational sunday in accordance with Security the reports of the renewed heavy fighting came As the five most militant Arab leaders met secretly in Cairo saturday to launch action against huddling with presi Dent Gamal Abdel Nasser were the presidents of Iraq and a spokesman said fight ing had of Pacific stars stripes july 1967 Boeing altered London up British overseas airways Boac says it has completed a program of modifications to strengthen the Tail sections of its 21 Boeing 707 chinese actress Shek Wai and actor fun Chi behind her were among demonstrators outside Hong Kongs government House police announced Friday they had been arrested along with two other red a radio photo police Dodge acid in Hong Kong a communist terrorists knifed three police hurled bombs and acid and set fires As the weekend brought More death and destruction to this tiny British Colony hit by More than two months of red chinese in Spires police shot and killed a suspected bomb then smashed into a communist Union clinic to recover his which other terrorists had carried away and six other chinese were wounded when police opened fire on crowds that attacked police and set fire to automobiles and police found another bomb in Newark continued from Page 1 and said he was thrilled to see the tight he extended a 10 to 6 curfew through the remainder of the the governor put the riot arrest total at More than the idea of the civilian peace crusade grew out of a meeting of negro and White Community leaders with Hughes and mayor Hugh the message the group sought to put across to the negro slum residents was to play it major department stores and Many Newark shops closed for a second not to reopen until business was re ported off 50 per the new Ark Post office remained an embargo on the Sale and Possession of liquor was continued for the in said at a news conference in a National guard armory Here that vicious criminals were responsible for the Lawless Uris id be surprised if More than 3 or 4 per cent of the negro population is he add attorney Oliver who is representing hundreds of those the governor is dead wrong and Newark negroes All Are fed up with broken promises and do nothing attitudes that have existed for so Many years in the cites sprawl ing poverty Lofton blamed the eruption that began with bottle and Rock throwing on brutal White cops and a mayor fused to work with help frustrated but the governor dismissed the charges of police Side the Union police raided two other suspected terrorist in each they found homemade daggers and bottles of five men were fire swept two floors of an 18story shopping Arcade and boarding House in the heart of the tourist area of Kowloon across the Harbor Channel from Hong Kong residents said the fire followed an expo no casualties were report four detectives were wounded in separate attacks by communist three were stabbed and the other injured by a trawler continued from Page 1 South vietnamese shortly after Midnight Friday she was challenged by the de Stroyer the radar picket ship a Swift a the and the coast guard Cutter Point Ori Navy officials said the trawler was steaming at 12 knots straight for South Vietnam coast at the she refused to answer International Call loudspeakers or shots across her two Miles from the trawler fired on the Swift the other Navy Craft moved in and raked the blacked out vessel with five Inch mortars and machine the Navy said there were two explosions aboard the she started burning and then ran up on a Sand bar near the Mouth of the Saky there were no Allied casual ties

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