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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 15, 1967, Tokyo, JapanN the town dear Abby with Al Rickettsia t is extremely difficult to fully de scribe the motion picture doctor the reason doctor Zhivago is a film that is tooling it runs for 3j/� hours and is rather confusing in spots. Yet it is a perfect example of movie making at its very Best. The photography is excellent. Director David lean of Lawrence of Arabia Fame has handled his cast like a concert conductor. And the cast responds with the same emotion packed feelings that a concert conductor expect from his musicians. Author Boris Pasternak s novel doctor Zhivago was suppressed in his native Russia. Mostly because it dealt with revolution and the soviet citizen s disillusion ment with All the red Herrings and All the terrible Vio Lence that goes with fighting for a cause. The film of course could t possibly be filmed i Russia but lean leans in the right direction by choosing countries to work in that would Best depict the obviously wonderful russian Countryside. He focused his camera on Finland Canada and Spain. For a movie that is As Good and As enjoyable As doctor Zhivago it s interesting to note that not one Steiger Julie Sharif member of the cast with the possible exception of Rod Steiger stands out when the whole thing is Over. Omar Sharif is of in the title role Andi can t really think of another actor who might have done better in the role. He s a trifle shallow yet he come across with conviction in a number of very important scenes. Geraldine Chaplin Charlie s daughter is quite acceptable As Sharif s exceptionally understandable wife and Julie Christie is equally Good As the Paramour who has done her Best to love a belligerent student to Courtenay who later becomes a perfect example of every thing she hates. It seems a shame however that Alec guinness was wasted in a role that he could do i m sure in his sleep. As the russian general seeking a relative guinness has Little More to do than stare into the camera and then fade into the background to deliver narration. But add it All up and i la have to admit that doctor Zhivago is one of the Best motion pictures to come out of Hollywood in a Long Long time. It won six Academy awards and As far As i am concerned All of them were Well deserved. At a time when the movie world seems dedicated to mediocrity it s a real pleasure to run across a film that obviously was dedicated to greatness. The fact that they did t really achieve greatness is in the Long run of Little importance. To nit pick would be silly. Robert Bolt who did the screenplay for Lawrence of Arabia did the script for Zhivago and he More than earned his Money. All told if we had More films like this one it would be an absolute pleasure to attend the movies. Doctor Zhivago will be showing soon at your local Heater. Don t miss it but take a Cushion just in Case they Don t have an intermission. Meet you. On the town thump into reality Abby dear Abby after 12 years of marriage and two children i Learned that my husband had a girl Friend. She s a Divorcee and nothing special by anybody s standards. He admitted that it had been going on for two years. Abby we had a Good marriage and a Good sex life so that was t it. I divorced him Loving him and hating him at the same time. Our divorce has been final for Over a year and he has not married the other woman. What s stopping him he s free now. My question Why would a married Man fool around and risk losing a wife who loved him and children who idolized him and then not jump at the Chance to marry the woman who caused it All no name dear no name probably because he did t Ever really want her for a steady diet. Only an appetizer. Some married men Are fascinated with playing they enjoy dreaming planning and verbalizing with somebody else secure in the knowledge that it will never materialize since they re safely married. But when circumstances change and the fantasies become a reality the dream suddenly loses its Appeal. Dear Abby i have a Friend who ingoing to marry a Man who has some negro blood in him. One of his grandparents was a negro i have seen him and his color is not very dark. My Friend is very blonde being of swedish and German descent. She claims their children will be no Darker than her husband. I say there is Al ways a Chance of throwback to one of his Darker ancestors and she could have a Coal Black baby. I know i m right but she s the Type Youcan t Tell anything to so please put your answer in the paper so i can show it to her. Her Friend dear Friend i Hope you will show this to her even though you re wrong be cause you Are. When two individuals marry Only if there is negro ancestry on both sides is the kind of throwback you de scribe possible. The Rule is a child will be no Darker than his darkest Parent. Dear Abby last month my brother married a girl i la Call Yetta. I was one of six bridesmaids. Yetta picked out All the bridesmaids gowns without asking any of the bridesmaids about style or color. All she asked me was what size i wore. I told her a 14, but my dress came in 12, and even with the seams let out it was so tight i could t sit Down in it. Besides it was Green and ican t Wear Green. The bridesmaids hats were like baby bonnets and i looked like a Monkey with my Short hair and that thing on my head. Now comes a Bill for $19.95 for my gown. Abby i had nothing to do with selecting it. Full never Wear it again and i really did Yetta a favor by wearing it. Should i pay i Don t want a family fight but i was under the impression that if the Bride selects the gowns without consulting the bridesmaids she should pay for them. Looked like a Monkey dear looked you should t be expected to pay for the gown but in the inter est of family Harmony pay it. North South deals. Goren on Bridge vulnerable. East north4 a83 v aq7 j 8 7 4 West 4 q742 v 9542 kq6 East 4 j 105v8 a10953a8752 south4 k 9 6 k j 10 6 3 42 a j 94 the bidding East South West Ortli pass 1 pass 2 it pass 3 & pass 3 pass 4 pass pass pass opening Lead King of 4 failure by South to take Steps to anticipate an unfavourable Trump division Cost him his vulnerable four heart contract. West opened the King of Dia monds and continued with the Queen which the Declarer ruffed in his hand. South began draw ing Trump. However when East showed out on the second round discarding a club it became necessary for the Declarer to use up every one of his hearts to exhaust West. East continued Tothrow clubs. Dummy was entered with the Ace of Spades to try the club finesse. When the Queen of clubs lost to the King West returned a Diamond through the Dummy s Jack and since All the Trumps were gone East was Able to Cash three Diamond tricks Handset Declarer Down by two. South surrendered control of the hand when he ruffed the second Diamond. He should have taken Steps to protect himself against a four one division in Trumps by attempting to sever his opponents line of communications diamonds. If one of the defenders does hold four hearts he May have less diamonds than his partner. Observe the effect if the Declarer permits West to hold the second Diamond trick discard ing the six of Spades from his hand. If West continues with the six of diamonds South ruffs and proceeds to draw All the Trump. Now when he crosses Over to the Ace of Spades to take the club finesse West is out of Dia monds and is unable to put his partner in. South wins the re turn and has the rest of the tricks. In All he loses two Dia monds and one club. Since South has to lose Spade trick in any Case it can hardly Cost to give it up Early in order to bettor his Odds. Your Horoscope by Estrellita b l o n d i e \ sir would Vou like to have me a take a picture of a a your dog in Day s to come it will. Become a cherished Possession i Cam make it up in Wallet size it my Dos does t for sunday july 16 sunday will be an excellent period in which to put Over unusual ideas launch new Ven Tures and generally to Advance All worthwhile goals. Favored on the personal Side Romance marriage travel sports another outdoor interests. You have Good reason for optimism now even though your financial status May not change too greatly before next year. The last two weeks in a gust will be Good on the fiscal score but notable Progress along this line will not be evident until the first three months of 19 8, with another excellent 3-Monthcycle beginning on the first of june. For All canc rians the bal Ance of 19 57 will be a period for planning with the future in mind. It will be especially important to manage conservatively during the first week of a gust and throughout september november and december. Best periods for occupational advancements the last two weeks in August the last week of september late december next february and May. A child born on this Clay will be a True humanitarian will loathe injustices of any kind. Pacific stars & stripes j saturday july 15, 19ij7

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