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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 7, 1967, Tokyo, JapanThe one that gof away Dong a Vietnam Iso it was their first patrol near Khe Sanh and the men of l co., 26th Marine regt., were ready for anything they thought. Just before dark the third platoon stopped at the Edge of a Clearing. Suddenly they heard a loud crashing noise from a wooded Hill 300 Yards away. Second it. Frank Mccarthy decided not to take any chances. He called for Lance Cpl. Wil Liam Wallace who fired a Light anti tank assault weapon at the area. There was an explosion Fol Lowed by a few seconds of silence. Then out of the smoke strolled the culprit apparently unharmed. Without a backward glance an impassive elephant wandered off into the night. Works 1st time for major be w ejection system a Lifesaver Plesku Vietnam 01 i pulled the lanyard with both hands heard a loud explosion and the next thing i knew i was being lifted out of the cockpit said maj. James c. Holler. After i had cleared the air Craft. I looked up and above me was the most Beautiful Para Chute canopy i have Ever holler 1st air commando so. Operations officer had just become the first Pilot to test the a-1e Yankee escape sys tem in Southeast Asia. The bailout happened recently seven Miles from Plesku air base Over a known hostile environment during a regularly scheduled strike Mission. The ejection system actually an extraction Type system is presently being employed in the a1e aircraft and is a consider Able improvement Over the old Over the Side bailout method previously used. The system is based on a rocket mounted behind the specially designed seat. The rocket is connected to the Parachute by two 10-foot Nylon cords just Forward of the Chute s risers. The Pilot wears a special harness fitted to himself. Upon entry into the aircraft he buckles himself to the. Permanently located Parachute and the sys tem is activated hot after a safety pin is pulled usually by the Crew chief before Takeoff. Upon activation the canopy is blown and the rocket ignites. The rocket then extracts the Pilot from his seat on the end of the two Nylon cords. At rocket burnout the cables Are automatically Cut. This separate the Pilot from the rocket. Another explosive charge is set off in the Parachute itself. Its projectile drags the Chute canopy into the slip Stream deploying it fully and thereby reducing the opening Shock to minimum. Holler said he had experience engine trouble and finally Power failure suspected to be the result of enemy ground fire a about 3,000 feet. A Sailor armed with an m-16 Rifle stands ready As a vietnamese fishing boat comes in for inspection. Frequent checks Are made on fishing boats in the Danang area to Stop smuggling to the Vietcong. Us photo by John Gary Riese stopping pc smugglers Job for Danang outfit Danang Vietnam Pao stopping the Viet Cong sympathizers infiltrators and gun run ners is sometimes harder than fighting Charlie face to face. Harbor Security department at naval support activity Danang has the responsibility of stopping As much infiltration of goods arms and Viet Cong As possible. Their area is Danang Harbor and the surrounding Waters. Setting up a search party in the Harbor takes All available boat with the Crews Well armed. The last sea r c h was nicknamed Flap Flap. It totalled 12 boat Sand Over 60 men. As the vietnamese Junks Casein from fishing they were stopped and checked. One Man would Check id cards one would Check inside the junk and one Man stood watch with a Rifle ready. If a boat looked suspicious a explosive ordnance disposal team checked the Bottom for hid Den arms. A Swift boat was also Avail Able during the operation just in Case help was needed. Chief Boatswain s mate Clif Ford Bryant said everything went off As anticipated. Our boats set up a line and ran the Junks into the Channel for those boats that had people aboard with insufficient id cards were double checked. The per son with the bad id card was taken to naval advisory group for further interrogation. From 1 30 . Until 4 30 . Over 150 fishing boats were stopped and checked. Out of the search came 15 detainees and three boats were turned Over for further checking. Mines and monsoons keep engineers Busy rach Kien Vietnam 10 almost All the supplies needed to support a battalion of the . Army s 9th inf. Div. Come Down eight Miles of Road that connects this base Camp with Highway 4. When the Road began to disintegrate under Monsoon Rains and heavy traffic c. Co., 15ihengineer bn., was called on to keep the vital link problem according to 1st it. Peter Rondiak is to find fill substances that can with stand the traffic. To repair the Road c. Co. Is hauling 1,600 cubic Yards of Rock and laterite some from As far As 40 Miles away. Rondiak explained that graders and bulldozers reshape the Road so it will Drain and the Rock laterite mixture is spread Over the surface. There Are other complications Rondiak says. Every morning the battalion sweeps the Road and they regularly find a couple of s no problem until they miss one and we find it the hard medic teams gifts soap Quan Chien Vietnam 10 the medical civic actions pro Gram Madcap is an integral part of the . Army s 9th inf. Div. Operation Akron in Bien Hoa province near Here. Almost daily medical teams from the 2nd bn., Mechan Zed ,47th inf. Conduct me Caps in the villages and hamlets locate Din the battalion s area of opera Tion along Highway 15. Madcap teams report a Large number of patients suffer ing from skin infections so the medical kits carried by the teams Are stocked with a remedy for infections soap. To help alleviate the ski problems capt. Donald Nase the battalion surgeon for the 2nd/47th, and his Madcap teams distribute soap to the patients and provide instruction sin personal Hygiene techniques designed to reduce infection. A unit to Chu Lai Chu Lai Vietnam 10 task Force Oregon officials announced the the . Army s 258th adjutant general personnel services co. In Chu Lai from Hood Tex. The unit will be assigned to maintain task Force Oregon combat service support personnel records. When my engine did not respond to corrective action said the major i elected to use the new system since my Alti tude had become capt. Edwin 11. Clark 31. Of Chicago the major s Wingman reported pc in the area and made several Low passes to drive them off. He called for More air cover and three More sky raiders were there within minutes. Less than 20 minutes after his bailout the major was aboard an Iiii-43 Huskie Rescue helicopter of detachment 8, 38th aerospace Rescue and recovery so. Also stationed 4it Plesku rangers Chase pc into trap i an Vietnam 10 a hid borne assault by cements of the 2d bn., 16th inf. Rangers flushed a Viet Cong squad into an american ambush less than a mile from the Ranger Kasecamp. After intensive air strikes on the area about 2 � Niles North East of Saigon a and b co. Were lifted in and encountered Light ground fire but no casualties were suffered. As the rangers pushed into the area the Virt Cong Force broke into Small g r o u p a abandoning their base Camji and offering no resistance. We had walked a few Hun dred Yards into the Jun Ile when we came to a Clearinda d pfc. Willie Hughes a member of a co s first platoon. After checking and securing the Clearing for the rest of the company to Cross we started Forward again. That s when i. Noticed something strange a few feet off in the Hughes pointed the spot out to spec. 4 Jamos Goosby. Goosby in turn called his platoon Leader. Investigation disclosed a poncho covering six 50-Pound bags of Rice. Continuing the search an abandoned platoon size enemy base Camp was Dis covered. As the troops swept Back from the Landing one toward their perimeter three separate ambushes from the reconnaissance platoon were waiting for any Viet Cong that might be pushed their Way. Their Vigil Ance paid off when pfc. John Holbrook heard movement in the Bushes. He called his squad Leader spec. 4 James Lyons who set out to investigate. I came to a path running through thick Bamboo when i suddenly noticed a Man walking along it Lyons recalled. We saw each other at about the same time. He threw a grenade at me and i opened up on him with my m1ij. As i hit the dirt i notice two More pc nearby when i recovered from the blast they were gone. I called three men Over and we Check out the area finding a Trail of i be got a feeling someone did t sleep too Well that night mused Holbrook. Pacific stars & stripes 7jfriday, july 7, 19g7

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