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Pacific Stars And Stripes (Newspaper) - July 2, 1967, Tokyo, Japan18 marines rout 100 reds in a for relay station nth Sfa Fues of troops guard chief s Home the Impact of americans on the montagnard culture is clearly shown at this chief s Tomb near the 4th inf. Div. Base Camp in the Highlands. In addition to the carved animals and Birds which normally guard their Graves the villagers carved statues of a doughnut Dolly left and combat soldiers. Usa Khe Sanh Vietnam Iso an 18-Man Marine radio relay station on Hill 950, three Miles from the laotian Border was attacked by nearly 100 North vietnamese troops. Eight hours later Only five marines remained in fighting shape. Yet the fog covered Hill was still theirs and the enemy had retreated leaving 10 dead and wounded behind. Sgt. Richard w. Baskin Wasin charge of the relay station above the Marine outpost of Khe Sanh. At 1 20 . Baskin received word that Khe Sanh was under rocket attack. Baskin alerted Theresa of the men. Seconds later grenades trip flares and Auto Matic weapons fire erupted around the Forward Side of the Peri meter fell within minutes. One radio operator although severely wounded maintained Contact with Khe Sanh for half an 2 . He reported the out Post under minutes later he called air naval lieutenant s French helps is get into a Good scrape maids Roks Binh son Vietnam 10 controlling the big guns of these naval gunfire and the Strong of the air Force Marine elements of the 1st air naval gunfire Liaison co. An Glico bring showers of steel envy along the coastal Region Sef i corps. Armed with map Compass and a High frequency radio the 13-Ma n Liaison team at bin son has the task of directing naval gunfire and air strikes on target. The team primarily sup ports Rok Marine on operations. When i first joined the com Pany i had trouble understand ing the korean marines and get Ting them to understand me said Lance Cpl. Gary s. Fielder. Since i had difficulty wit the language Barrier i decided to learn As much As Many Long evenings with my counterparts i now have working knowledge of the Lan Guage he added. In addition to fire support missions the team handles medevac and resupply making harassing inter diction fire on enemy positions the ships use High explosive mechanical and variable timed illumination shells. Air strike bomb loads Range from frag mentation to napalm. Duc Pho Vietnam to it was it. Denino s French that helped us find Charlie s hide out said 2nd it. Michael Pula ski As he recalled a night an Day Battle. A co., 2nd bn., 35th inf.,fought what was estimated to be at least a reinforced com Pany of Viet Cong. Earlier on the previous Day it. John Denino led his platoon on a sweep through a Small Ham let where he interrogated French speaking vietnamese. The americans Learned that Large Force of pc were hiding in the Hamlet of Thiet Truong just a few Hundred Yards away. We knew that the enemy Shadwell fortified positions since they had been5 there for some time continued Pulaski. We dug in took extra precautions and set up for the set out my listening Post at 11 30, and about an hour late we were hit by a Small Force of a dozen Cong. We fought them off and then relocated our land ing one. It was shortly after 1 . When we got hit time it was really heavy they came As close as20 to 25 Yards hitting us with hand grenades recoilless rifles and automatic the next three and a half hours we blew our Claymore mines Nur cd grenades and emptied magazines of to fight off the both my medics wounded spec. 4 Wesley Fox one four Forward observers took Over As medic. It was t until 4o clock that morning that the cavalry arrived with Theira Mored personnel carriers to secure our la. We really had Charlie on the run when the artillery airstrikes and gun shins swarmed in on his. Position. Fighting continued throughout the Day and we killed 76 pc and captured 22 weapons. All my men did a great s just too Many to men Tion. Pfc. William Davis knew his radio was useless so began distributing am munition. There was spec. 4 Bobby Day a Rifleman who took Over a c h i4i e gunner under intense enemy fire and fought off the human wave. Spec. 4william Bowling organi de the evacuation of the wounded. There was also pfc. David Wyatt who literally lost his boots and fought All night Bare foot. May 20 will Long be remembered by All of us said Pulaski. Hey Charlie get the message Phu Bai Vietnam Iso during an operation a company of the 4th Marine regt. Found a Viet Cong sign Reading we Are determined to kill Premier by s the Aid of an interpreter the marines changed the sign to read we to kill Viet Cong they Hope the pc got the message. No bang just sizzle rach Kien Vietnam to of my god. I tripped a this was the single thought of three members of the . Army s 9th inf. Div. As they counted the seconds waiting for a Gren Ade hidden nearby to explode. One of us tripped the wire and i found myself standing on it said pfc. Mark Bateman. But instead of a bang there was just a Sile ". Bateman and Pic. Kenneth Buck and pfc. William Robinso were searching a Village near one with the 3d bn., 39th inf., when the incident occurred. The Trio recalled that before the Booby trap proved to be Adud they were sure that they had had airmen teach thais tricks of tending c141s artillery Down on their last transmission received at 2 50 . Said the arty is doing Good. Keep it marines in Khe Sanh thought the Battle was Over for those on the Hill but they were wrong. At the first shot Baski rallied his men and set up a secondary perimeter. Fighting Tor their lives without outside communications they held off continuous attack that lasted until 4 . When a do in North Vietnam Ese attempted to outflank the marines on the right Baskin Lance Cpl. Richard Castillo and Lance Cpl. Richard c. Green Creot out and opened knocked Down three of the enemy stopping the envelopment. After 4 . The fighting be came sporadic although snip of kept the marines pinned , a former Sipper himself was being fired at from a said to Baskin let me a around and get As he crawled Forward Castillo called Over his shoulder Sarge if he Sticks his head up i la get him right Between the eyes " the sniper did stick his head in and Castillo shot him through the forehead with a chinese made Rifle he had capture earlier. By 0 ., Only one Bunker was still held by the decided it was time to their few remaining grenades the marines charged and captured the position kill ing three More North Vietnam could hear the moaning of enemy wounded retreating own the Hill. Bask set up a and ordered one of the men to Call Khe Sanh on a recovered had been pounding the Hill All night and , none of the de fenders had been hit by their own fire. But jets were on Hthaway to blow the outpost off tha map thinking the outpost had fallen. They were diverted. Choppers were dispatched to evacuate the seriously wound of and bring in reinforcements. Hickam fab Hawaii 01 there is a training project underway at Don Muang Royal thai fab Thailand that May be an air Force first. Headed by . Fred h. Curing a member of the 61st military Airlift Wing the project involves training thai maintenance men in the complexities of the c14-1 Star lifter the work horse of the military Airlift command s Airlift Fleet. At Hickam Lurding is chief of the win g s maintenance training control. In Thailand he Heads a 15-Man team from two Mainland bases Mcchord i Washington and Norton in Cali fornia. Primary Mission of the teams to train maintenance men of the thai airways corp. Nor Mally any necessary maintenance on transiting c141s would be accomplished by the military Airlift command unit at the Sta Tion using Mac men. Such a situation does not exist at do Muang. Instead the aircraft maintenance requirement Ismore economically contracted to thai airways mechanics being trained Are All competent experienced maintenance men but none had the maintenance know How to work on the intricate Star lifter until they were trained by Lurding s team. All team members speak with Pride and enthusiasm when Dis cussing the abilities of their thai counterparts. They Are particularly impressed with the receptive Ness of their Stu dents and the professional manner with which the thai perform any maintenance task. Maine Church aids orphans Hue Vietnam 10 More than 150 Little boys and girls will soon have a new Home will be in the form of a 2 Story orphanage for children Lel homeless by the War. Now under construction it will double As Home and school following its completion within a year. Heading the Effort is a Hue resident to Van Minh who is serving As business manager Andas youth coordinator. Minh is assisted by another vietnamese couple who will serve As Foster parents for the . Army chaplain is also making the orphanage a special missionary project of his Church Back it. Col Wilson l. Lyon of Kennebunk me., has already received $550 toward the project from his parishioners in the United states. Pacific stars & stripes 7 sunday july 2, 1967

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