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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - July 2, 1967, Tokyo, Japan Chaplains Corner radio news and weather on the hour unless otherwise indicate july 2 music and weather music and weather music and weather music weather and sports music from Home from Interlochen Lake City Taber Nacle choir hour Chapel service music weather and sports league baseball music in defense music today weather and sports Calls detective musical heritage Carroll Allen weather and sports Ameche time by candlelight july 3 of Midnight Griffith Corner weather and sports music and weather music devotions weather and sports Vagabond pm july 2 Kaleidoscope of sound that jazz weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to july 3 of sound reflections weather and sports regular am programming is aired on pm from 11 to Vunic the following music pro Grams May be heard daily Over the voice of United nations Seoul at 1100 to Highway to popular music to music to Light classics to music to test hour to Light classics to Highway to popular music to music to festival of music to voice of America Channel 2 in Kunsan and Pusin Channel 6 in second division area Channel 12 in Taejon and seventh division area these listings Are subject to Are approximate july 2 in sound Christophers is the life heart is the answer report special Barrum pump show Oclock High College bowl Navy film highlights Oclock report Sullivan Hollywood Palace theater final korean Standard time program contents recommended frequency English feature and cultural program 6075 you a question today 6075 in the news to Asia news analysis and feature 17765 the week in review and opinion Roundup 17765 press Roundup alternate weeks to South Asia news analysis and feature 17765 9730 to Asia 7235 week in review and opinion Roundup 7155 press Roundup alternate weeks 7155 and cultural program 7155 program and opinion Roundup 6195 press Roundup alternate weeks to Asia 7155 7155 in the news to South Asia 7155 7155 and feature special English 6145 Usa 7155 concert and music Usa 7155 concert to Middle Asia 7155 Only Only Soffi birthday of 57sf corps Korea 12 will Mark the Bondsman honoured Seoul 8th 5 Kenneth assigned to the 8th army has been named 8th army special troops Soldier of the month for 50th anniversary of the 51st which has provided major communications support to the i corps group since the present commander is Thomas activated in 1917 As the 5th Telegraph at the unit has earned 22 Campaign streamers in three cd of Viet koreans Seoul South korean defense ministry thurs Day announced the appointment of army Hyun Shik Park As new commander of the White horse now fighting in South Park replaces so Dong who will be reassigned to army Headquarters you listen you will hear him by chaplain Lars Nelson 38th brigade today if be will hear his Harden not your psalm All kinds of sounds and noises Bounce through the ear some originate with the i divid others Are produced by our there must always be the concern that the communication lines Are in order that we May be Able to and give heed the sounds that Are during his visits to the lonely haunts of Walden Henry Thoreau Learned to listen and sounds All but indistinguishable to the human in he made it a practice to listen to the voice of inner in his journal he made this which explains his idiosyncrasies if a Man is out of step with society it does not necessarily mean that he is wrong it May be that he hears the beat of a Distant Are the voices of the crowd in Harmony with inner conscience is the still Small voice of god coming through our actions Are determined by what we in his drama Saint George Bernard Shaw has a scene in which a group of courtiers Are speaking with Why is it that you have been so successful asks it is All very replied i listen for and hear the voices of the when i hear chaplain Lars Nelson their message i carry out their Why dont i hear the demanded the i am King not you you too could hear the explained if you sat in the Meadow at eventide you could hear the Angelus Long after the Bells had ceased their if you prayed with your heart you too could hear the voice of the human being is capable of hearing the voice of but it must be and it must be the communications lines must be kept if be will hear his Harden not your 1 just talked to the Mike the police officer will pull bad Skull but not fatal that joker was Bess hed caught your instead of a Ketchup his wife Bej in a Surprise attack behind a widow Mikean big Bess have overpowered the escaping you folks Are lookin1 at v i an big Bess could lick that the Best Pound our weight in champions j Mike shaking a brides for that Ever cooled a contender if they let us Asa u ill chauffeur Cooky can ride got a favor to 1 dont know if i should even try to drive my car whatever you want yours might be colder than yesterdays potatoes if you haunt taken that Young hoodlum on Bare what we had in mind was could you use Cooky As a waitress shelled right i need girls if they dont know soup from can Start ill have to find a place to you can stay near the with Treuh the Bess f Ive got big its like look Nat a blast but it has to

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