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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 31, 1967, Tokyo, Japan By Bob Considine King features Syndicate among the books which will Fol Low in the Wake of William Manchester the death of a president will be one by a first class reporter named Hugh Aynes Aynesworth worked for the Dallas news during the period of the assassination and trial of Jack he did and harder digging on the Story than any other newsman i with the possible exception of Jim Bishop whose the Day president Ken Nedy died will not be published by random House for another two or three Aynesworth was near the Texas school Book depository when Oswald blazed away at the presidential he had seen Jack Ruby minutes earlier at the newspaper he reached the scene of officer tippets Slaughter in time to interview joined the police Chase and watched officers Over Power and arrest Oswald in the Texas he was standing within a few feet of Ruby when the Man lunged for tells All Ward and perforated he had several Long interviews with Marina of also with the assassins Mother and All others connected with the Dallas the Book Aynesworth is writing will not command the astronomical sums paid for Manchester but in some respects it will reflect even Keener and in one Noble respect it will strip from Mark author of the bestselling Rush to judg the last shreds of his posture As an authority on the Kennedy Case and the Warren commission i can Knock Down most of the theories that Lane and his ilk put Forth for the fast Aynesworth Lane came to me after the Assassin i thought he was simply a mixed up Guy who needed help if he was going to write about the so i took him Home pretty gave him about 50 vengeful englishman returns to Japan the ancient Pond by Courtney Browne Harper of begins with the consuming named Kershaw for a missing japanese o a to m its past and its future the Takun at Singapore in and during brutal Terai Camp had Beer commanded by the this vengeful englishman returns to bitter against All a and starts poking around in the dives and dumps of the port of Kobe for Terakis he runs into a Lazy news Paperman named who has settled Down with his japanese mistress who runs a Boomers and buttons by Bill Hughes Pex the Book traces the strategic air command from its begin Ning to the present and projects the role of Sac into the future As during the Kershaw finds that assorted victims of the bar a tiny orphan a a dying willing to offer sympathy and help even when he spurns his seen by the an 18year Veteran of Sac combat Crews and a self taught sergeant Hughes spent More than two years in the preparation of the cartoon the books title refers to the equip ment and people of Sac throughout its 20year it ranges from aircraft that were considered less than Strate to today modern Maeh 2 aircraft bombers and into the future with sophisticated Pushbutton missiles but from clerks to Boom operators Hughes has shown the lighter Side of the serious military command with distinct Ayres is in no humor to help Ker until suddenly it becomes to his own so they set out together on the gradually the clues pile Terai is exposed As a hated by a respectable family whose daughter he had he seems to have left a who has gone t j j s special ordered stars it str Fis bookshop hatred gradually drains and finally it is Ayres who keeps the Hunt so what starts out to be a taut suspense leading to a climactic turns into a tale of wars aftermath in an occupied the avengers character is this happens to be a first and it is a very promising Miles a ballistics test didst ask for anything in but he volunteered that if he Ever made any Money i would be paid handsomely for my investigative he called me his chief investigator in when i saw what he soon twisted the material into i wanted Noth ing further to do with the clincher was when he told a press conference in London that i had stolen the affidavits from the Dallas police station my Book will explain Many things about that so called and go into some other untouched aspects of this including the proposition that Marina Oswald May not be As completely innocent As most clouding chief Justice she i will explain some of the More bizarre discrepancies which appear in the Warren it was Aynesworth who revealed the details and items in Oswalds Aynesworth who was told by Marina Oswald she May have dissuaded her husband from trying to kill Dick his Dallas diary should help Clear some of the Mist from a chapter in masters of Ikebana the masters Book of Ikebana edited by Donald Richie and Meredith Weatherby Biju Tsu slip Pasha if a Reader never gets beyond the picture captions of this exquisite he or she still will learn a lot about one of the worlds most Beautiful and most Complex subjects or the Art of japanese Flower this definitive work covering the history and schools of contains Many amusing anecdotes about its included is one about a 16th Century self made military ruler who a certain Type of familiar to us he May not have known much about Art but he knew what he to please this a local lord who was entertaining him arranged huge Pine branches in a six football vase to produce the effect of a tree in a Large Alcove of the hosts which began As religious became secular in the 15th Flower parties became a popular Pas time for lords and say the to knights tourneys in the aesthetic reputations were made or destroyed by Flower arranging As a Doit yourself there Are Showan Tell chapters on arrange ments representing the three leading schools of illustrations include dozens of mounted plates in colors for which breathtaking is an inadequate humor at work in London men at work by Honor Tracy Straus Giroux to her sixth novel this eng Lish humorist turns her Atten Tion to the London literary her Timothy is an earnestly innocent Young novelist in the Wake of his Best has become More and More to the Rescue come his closest Friend and literary Monty arid his dazzlingly scatter brained together provide the hapless Timothy with a series of interruptions and alarms calculated to burst the Bubble of his trooping to his Pala tial new Suffolk fuggles come Amadeo Frosch of the department of creative writing and Allied pursuits at Salamanca Ken a Man with both a vision and a personal problem his wife whose protest against males in general and her husband in particular takes the form of Honor Tracy shoplifting the penniless wife and infant child in search of a Pat Ron Laura Giffing and the As sorted daughters of Minerva lunch club of san bearing the Eulalia Kropotkin Laurel Crown to bestow on Timothy and an entire Hollywood film the Pace is As crisis Fol lows character becomes Carica Ture and strange events a denouement is carefully prepared Only to become the springboard for some new comic catastrophe from a totally different that the humor is Broad and its tar gets Well worn hardly miss Tracy truly comic making and breaking of a film Star the Symbol by Alvah Bessie random 14 Pacific stars stripes 1967 Smith had just one thing it want she came up from she was an illegitimate child her father disappeared and her Mother went she was Farmed out to Vari Ous Foster none of whom loved she grew up As a movie struck kid determined to become a and she made but All through her life she was singularly bereft of real friends or real this novel is an account of her publicity built Rise to under the stage name of Wanda and her it is a Story of mocking Wanda Oliver gradually becomes the luscious Symbol of fevered sex for millions of her marriages and her affairs make Page one her second marriage is to a pro football her third is to a famous among her affairs there Are episodes with an heroic Pilot and a German film but the irony is that Wanda is Well along inner amorous career before it dawns on her that she is frigid the flamboyant sexpot has no emotional re lease from her Well advertised Advent so of course she becomes increasingly increasingly unable to maintain the Public image that has been created for the end can be nothing but Bessie has told the narrative in three of monologue by the heroine scenes written in the third per and dialogues Between the heroine and her for the Hollywood Back he has used Many of the disillusioning features of the typical Holly Wood the pattern of this Story should Lead to the effect of pathos it should arouse in the Reader a compassionate sympathy for the unfortunate movie helpless in her in some it does arouse that feeling of but there May be some readers who will find its cumulative emotional crises a bit Miles a

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