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Pacific Stars and Stripes (Newspaper) - January 31, 1967, Tokyo, JapanOrphanage turns laundry Marine customers pleased capt. Thomas weeks a member of a Mac detachment advisory team holds an orphan As he chats with sister Superior Florence Kim Long orphanage supervisor. Is by Andrew c. Headland or. Is Vietnam Bureau tue Vietnam staff members of a orphanage Here Are helping pay living and Hospital expenses for 300 children by doing laundry for . Marines. Many of the children cared Forat the Kim Long orphanage Are War orphans. The orphanage inthe compound of a Catholic school established by the French is also Home to 200 elderly persons who assist in laundering Garden ing cooking and other chores. Sister Superior Florence of the order of Saint Paul orphanage supervisor said Confidence has replaced initial doubts she had about the orphanage s going into the laundry business. One of the chief problems ingesting started sister Superior Florence said was seeing that socks and other clothing were re turned to the right problem was soon solved by devising a Labelling and pack aging system. Each Man s Laun dry is now neatly done up i individual plastic bags and mix Seldom , business has be come so Good that the Sisters Are planning to buy additional washing and drying machines. If doing laundry is an indirect Lessing to the orphans it is also satisfying to members of he. other units of the 3d Marine div. To know their patronage i helping to make life a Little better for unfortunate victims of vietnamese Sisters at the orphanage Are instructing children and adults in making toys Handwoven fabrics rugs embroidery and other handicrafts which Are sold on local Market sin Hue and to military buyers. Members of the military assistance command Vietnam Mac det. 5 advisory team headed by it. Col. Neil Mclean do much of their gift shopping atthe orphanage. Team members make weekly visits to the orphanage to offer help. Among assisting units Isth command and control det. Of special forces and the 163d Heli copter co. Danang firemen answer 7,000 Calls saves pilots copter plays fire engine by sp4 Robert jerseys a staff correspondent Danang Vietnam the Swift air Force f-4c phantom Jet had just lifted off the runway Here when the aircraft commander capt. Charles a. Colton saw the warning on his control panel. The Jet had lost All of it Hydraulic Power. Colton immediately notified the rare disease h/fs26g/s Washington a a Tropi Cal disease nicknamed the Viet namese time bomb has stricken26 . Servicemen killing 10, in the War zone since May 1965, the army burgeon general s office reports. The infection sometimes exist sin a dormant soldering state for up to six years or More an then suddenly kills its victim col. Ralph Singer of the preventive Medicine Section said. He said doctors in All army hospitals had been alerted to watch for it among patient with difficult to diagnose symptoms. And by implication he warned civilian doctors to be on the Alert for it among troops re turning to civilian life from Viet Nam. The malady which most commonly attacks the lungs with pneumonia like symptoms also can affect wide areas of the body including the is technically known As Melio Dosis a greek word for distemper of asses because it usually affects animals primarily cattle sheep and horses. The malady is caused by a bacterial germ of the Pes Udomo Nas family one that lives inmost soil primarily in South East Asia. Singer said the infection is no transmissible from Man to Man and therefore cannot result i epidemics. He said the germ can enter the body through an open wound or can be swallowed. Base and was directed to an Are Over the South China sea where he dropped his 500-Pound bomb Sand much of his fuel. It was t Long before he and his Pilot it. Nicolas j. Ide 24, were approaching the Airstrip with difficult and dangerous Landing ahead. As Ide went through an Emer gency Check list Colton lowered a heavy Hook designed to Snag one of two emergency cables Strung across the Landing Craft touched Down at about 160 ., the braking Para Chute had very Little effect. The plane went by the first arresting Cable but the Captain was positive the second Cable would Stop it did t. They shot off the end of the run Way at about 100 Across a Road through one ditch and int another before stopping. Flames began to appear beneath the at the end of the run Way since first Call was an Hh-43helicopter from det. 7 of the 38th aerospace Rescue and recovery so. Chopper piloted by d. Gregory was Over the Jet seconds after it came Forest. The copter dropped a fire sup pression kit and two firemen near the burning Craft. Then returning to the air hovered just above and to the front of the plane blowing the flames Down and away from the cockpit and was first out of the Jet and said the first he knew of the Rescue chopper was when the powerful air blast from its Rotor almost blew him Over. Colton who had to remain in the Craft to shut off various switches Esti mated it took him about 10 seconds to get out. Ide described the work of the Rescue Crew and the kit As pretty Damn by is Vietnam Bureau Danang Vietnam firemen responsible for the Protection of sprawling Danang a and sur rounding installations answered More than 7,000 Calls in 1966. Included were 1,624 emergency aircraft landings 365 air evacuations 51 aircraft ground fires 61incidents involving aircraft land Ings or takeoffs five of which occurred off base 14 building fires and numerous smaller Inci dents. There Are 47 air Force enlisted men and 14 marines in the 366th combat support group stationed Here under the leadership of air Force sgt. Peter Bertram 37,of Orange City Fla. Bertram says the department manpower May be increased to 87 enlisted men As the base s air traffic is expected to double this men work 24-hour shifts and stay in a ready room near the fire equipment when on duty. The ready room is connected tothe Airport s traffic control Tower by a crash phone which rings opposite Side of the Landing of their larger Battles in clude a mile Long pol fire Burn ing within feet of an ammunition storage area and a two Day fight with flames caused by the crash on an american plane in a Village near the base. The group also provides two Man teams to work with the Hh-43 Rescue helicopters of the 38thaerospace Rescue and recovery so. In battling fires aboard air Craft crashed on or near the base. The firemen Wear Asbestos suit Sand attempt to Aid injured Crew men including some returning from Over North Vietnam. Other duties include monthly inspections of the entire base in search of fire hazards and weekly inspections of the pol storage area ammunition storage area Sand the Landing strip. Armor in Viet under study Saigon a a team of .army experts has arrived Here for a Field study that May in doctrine for use of Armor in Vietnam Type wars. Equipment includes four Large i the team of about 75 officers is As soon As the receiver in the Tower is lifted. Bertram says his men can have the fire trucks Roll ing within 30 seconds after being notified. Trucks capable of producing 10,000gallons of fire suppressing foam two smaller trucks each capable of producing from 8,000 to 10,000 Gallons of foam and several smaller vehicles. The Marine corps has based on the a Hh-43 Rescue helicopter from the 38th Aero damaged f4c phantom Jet that crashed shortly space Rescue and recovery so. Hovers Over a after take off at Danang is fanning out across Vietnam to observe the employment of armoured personnel earners an tanks in country that Many . Military men at one time considered unsuited for Armor. Innovations tried out by Amer ican Field commanders Over the past year have been so Success Ful that thinking has begun to Armor experts will spend until March observing Armor inaction. Then they will report their findings to the army s combat developments command. This could result in across the Board change including an in crease in the number of armore personnel carriers and tanks for units tailored for operation i rugged Road Short terrain like that of Southeast Asia. Crash victims Given Homes Danang Vietnam a thirty two pre fabricated ply Wood Homes have been presented to relatives of the victims of a Christmas eve crash of cargo plane that killed 110 Viet namese civilians and injured 27.four crewmen aboard the Fly ing Tiger airlines transport also were killed in the crash. The four engine Turbo Jet plane destroyed 49 Homes and damaged 20 others As it ripped Furrow through the Center of the Hamlet. Pacific stars & stripes l7tuesday, Jan. 31, 1967

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